Grenade Attack in Belgium Linked to Sentencing in Honor Killing Case?

Just a heads-up:

Sadia Sheikh

Belgian Grenade Attack Could Be Linked to Honor Killing Sentence

By Aaron Goldstein – The American Spectator

Three people have been killed and 75 people have been wounded after a man fired a machine gun and threw grenades outside a courthouse in Liege, Belgium. As of this writing, a two-year old girl is fighting for her life. The man, identified as Nordine Amrani, has also died. It was initially believed that Amrani acted with two other assailants but Belgian authorities say he acted on his own. Apparently, Amrani (who had a lengthy criminal record) had been en route to be questioned by police when he launched the attack.

Belgian authorities also deny it was a terrorist attack. However, yesterday a Belgian court in Mons sentenced four members of a family to prison sentences ranging from five to twenty-five years for the 2007 honor killing of Sadia Sheikh. She was killed after refusing to consent to an arranged marriage with a cousin in Pakistan and instead living with a Belgian man. It was the first time anyone in Belgium had been put on trial for committing an honor killing.

Given the timing of the attack and where it was carried out, this certainly cannot be discounted.

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2 Comments on “Grenade Attack in Belgium Linked to Sentencing in Honor Killing Case?”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Belgian authorities also deny it was a terrorist attack.

    I agree it wasn’t terrorism it was something else and we all know what that something else is.

    BTW, if we don’t support the people who regularly do this kind of stuff , we’re haters.

  2. Ronin Says:

    The link between the murder of the young woman and the crimes today is obvious. Sicker than the acts of senseless violence are the mindless hordes that continue to support the blood cult. Somewhere in hell mohammed is smiling and waiting on them to join him.

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