Boston Muzzy Found Guilty of Following Muhammad’s ‘Beautiful Pattern of Conduct’

Here’s a tip for all you “moderate” Muzzies out there: Flee Islam! Run, don’t walk!:

This updates our previous coverage HERE.

Tarek Mehanna found guilty on all terror charges
By Milton J. Valencia and Martin Finucane – Boston Globe

Tarek Mehanna, the alleged homegrown terror plotter from the leafy Boston suburb of Sudbury, was found guilty today of conspiring to support Al Qaeda, conspiring to kill in a foreign country, and lying to federal agents.

The verdict came with surprising quickness — as the jury entered its second full day of deliberations in the high-profile case of Mehanna, an Egyptian-American who had earned a pharmacy degree from a Boston college.

So much for all that Libtarded propaganda which fallaciously claims that Islamic terrorists are a direct product of a poverty and a poor education!

BTW – Tarek’s father is a professor of medicinal chemistry at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston…

The jury had deliberated for only a total of about 10 hours on Friday, Monday, and today.


Prosecutors alleged that Mehanna traveled to Yemen in 2004 seeking terrorism training, so he could carry out jihad, or holy war, against US soldiers in Iraq.

After failing to find training there, he returned to the United States, determined to help Al Qaeda by translating and distributing propaganda promoting jihad on the Internet, prosecutors alleged.


[Defense lawyers] called Mehanna a budding young scholar committed to his religion, saying he had traveled to Yemen in search of education — to further his studies on Islamic law and on Arabic.

But a series of Mehanna’s former friends testified against him that he had promoted extreme ideology, endorsed the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and once called Osama bin Laden his father. Together, the former friends said, they watched videos glorifying suicide bombings in Iraq.

Several FBI agents also told jurors that a search of Mehanna’s computer uncovered countless documents promoting Al Qaeda, including materials that Mehanna had translated into English, for non-Arabic speakers.

One of those materials was “39 Ways to Make and Participate in Jihad,” a call for Muslims to take action that was written by an Al Qaeda member.


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3 Comments on “Boston Muzzy Found Guilty of Following Muhammad’s ‘Beautiful Pattern of Conduct’”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    Classic moon god worship.

    I profiled him, and he looks just like the enemy.

  2. Thomas Bruce Says:

    People can post a prayer or register a commitment to pray for Tarek Mehanna at

  3. Now that is a worthy ministry…

    Pray a terrorist into the Kingdom of Jesus. The more ex-moslems the better!

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