Muslim child bride kept locked in toilet for 5 months.

The apologists will quickly explain this was “cultural” and not related to islam. They will get the “cult” part right. The problem with islam has always been muslims, ignore what they say and watch what they do. Some idiot will quickly ignore the suffering of children like the victim of this crime and praise islam.

Over the years we have ran thousands of stories of muslims murdering, raping and torturing children in the name of islam and in every country that has an islamic infestation. The common denominator is not cultural it is islamic.

The pedophile mohammed set the example for all his minions by raping, torturing and murdering children. Old Mo’s crimes should have exposed his evil cult for what it was but instead his modern minions think that enough blood will somehow cleanse the world of his crimes and make things better. That might be true unless you have a problem with molesting children.

27 Dec 11, AFP
Police in Afghanistan say they have rescued a teenage wife locked up in a toilet for more than five months for defying her in-laws, who tried to force her into prostitution.
-Islamic family values are touted as better than western values. Reality is simple, anyone that claims the title of muslim while ignoring the crimes committed under that same title bares some responsibility for these crimes. While islamic women praise islam they also encourage more children to be molested in the name of the pedophile mohammed.

Afghan police say Pari Gul, 15, was found Monday locked in a windowless room in the basement of her husband’s house in northeastern Baghlan province after her parents reported her disappearance to the police, Agence France-Presse reported.
-Someone looking for her is encouraging.

The news service quotes district police chief Fazel Rahman as saying: “She was beaten, her fingernails were removed and her arm was broken.”

Three women, including the teenager’s mother-in-law, had been arrested, but her husband had fled the area, Rahman added.
-Good pious muslims.

Officials say Gul, from the northern province of Badakhshan, was married when she was 14 years old, despite Afghan laws setting the marriage age for girls at 16.
-I wonder what the afghan equivalent of a banjo is?

As is the case with most marriages in the country, according to VOA, Gul’s marriage was not officially registered at a court.
-Any good muslim knows that sharia law is the only law that counts, why bother with secular courts?

The officials said Gul was locked away about two months after the wedding, but Gul said the torture began right after she was married. During this time, her parents were unable to contact her, she said.
-The cult recruits westerners the same way, establish new identity with an islamic name, force new rules of conduct and separation from friends and family. Oh yeah, violence is also common.

The director of the women’s affairs department in Baghlan province, Rahima Zarifi, told VOA Gul was severely tortured both physically and mentally.
-Ask any vet of any of the islamic vs everyone else wars and you will hear stories of child abuse by pious muslims.

According to the AFP, the case “highlights how women continue to suffer in Afghanistan despite the billions of dollars of international aid that has poured into the country during the decade-long war.”
-What it highlights is abuse is built into islam. Women and children the world over suffer because of a long dead twisted freak and pervert (old mo) and his modern followers. The AFP lost any credibility it had by twisting this into a lack of aid problem while ignoring the problems with islam.

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24 Comments on “Muslim child bride kept locked in toilet for 5 months.”

  1. PB-in-AL Says:

    Ah, yes, the “religion of peace” strikes again…

    Here’s a little tidbit that happened on Christmas Day in Dallas… islamic “honor” shows its evil head… again.


  2. Big Frank Says:

    Expect no less from a religious culture trapped in the 7th century, fortified by 1400 + years of brainwashing since birth. IMHO there are two faces of Islam the one that the lackeys, lapdogs and apologists in the MSM and the political class parade around like any other religion trying to force a sense of legitimacy upon us, and the wretched evil and 7th century religious concentration camps cleverly disguised as nations with civil governments throughout the Muslim world. These are horrid place where the Imams change the rules at their whim and the sadistic so-called religious police mete out brutal punishment for even minor and perceived infractions of ‘religious law’.

  3. 1MuslimUmmah Says:

    This can be summed up quickly. Replace Islam and Muslims in this story with America and Americans and tell me it doesn’t read the same. Difference is Muslims like myself know that there are good and bad Americans and good and bad Muslims. What you think you know about our beloved Prophet PBUH is what you choose to see. You’re blind and your words of ignorance proves it. My words here and every other post I’ve made prove the peace of Islam while yours are filled with nothing but hate, lies, violence, and bigotry. But we’re the bad guys. Keep telling yourself that.

    • Ronin Says:

      The moral equivalency card? That is all you got. The “difference” here is nothing. It took less than three hours for you to prove my point; you showed up and immediately ignored the blight of hundreds of millions of abused islamic children the world over because the pedophile mohammed told you it was ok.

      Your evil koran tells us that the pedophile mohammed raped a child of nine, slept with male children, abused women and built his cult around violence. The pedophile mohammed’s murders rapes and all his other crimes are written for us all to enjoy. Simply pointing out that islamic minions continue his reign of terror and abuse, is not hate, it is disgust.

      Your words here only prove me right. Swapping names and other distractions, does not explain the women arrested for adultery because they were raped, the children sold into slavery, the respected imams with young children as brides. American’s do not commit those types of evil acts acts and received praise for them, only muslims do that. No, we know what islam is because we can see it, we know what you are because you refuse to see it and yet praise it.

      • 1MuslimUmmah Says:

        Funny how u say Americans aren’t praised for raping, murdering, lying, cheating, and stealing let alone mass adultery, consumerism, fraud, waste and abuse. Let’s look at rap stars, heroes like scarface, and shows like Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Wife swap, and oh yeah. To catch a predator. A show that’s had plenty of VOLUNTEERS who unknowingly appear to have sex with minors as young as 9 or 10 years old ranging from school teachers, judges, pastors, and even a Rabbi! But people aren’t profiting and capitalizing on all of this filth right? You really are blind. You blame Islam for the worlds problems. What about Americas problems. Muslims make up less than 1% of the US population so how is wandering Islam going to help our nations problems???

        Oh don’t be surprised. I’m more American than you will ever be. True Muslims do believe in Freedom unlike you claiming to be American but only aim to oppress. And don’t say Muslims don’t because I am Muslim and I do. I have family of many different faiths, friends with none, and of course Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

        In Islam we say we are all either Brothers in Faith or Equals in Humanity.

        I even respect your views regardless of how misguided they are. Nonetheless they are your views and you are free to think as you wish. I only wish your views were based more on the pursuit of truth than on hate. But history repeats itself and I’m sure 60 or 70 years ago there was a Jew in Germany writing a similar letter to a Nazi scribe. Today one could never think to offend a Jew so perhaps it is only beneficial for this cycle to continue full swing. Persecute away.

        Oh yeah and blame our Prophet PBUH for your persecution. I’m sure the Nazis had their own lies to persuade the masses.


        • Ronin Says:

          People under the influence of evil often attempt to cover their guilt by pointing out the wrongs committed by others. That distraction gives them a personal sense of righteousness and justification. You are guilty of that. I watch none of those shows because they disgust me. I have much better uses for my time. Even if all of them have massive following (which I doubt) it is not the same as the systematic abuse praised by and encouraged by islam. Americans might do those things but they are condemned for them and prosecuted. The fact that a show like to catch a predator exists should cause you to ask why no islamic country has an equivalent. Equally, senior respected imams should be called out for having child brides and ignoring the abuses of their communities.

          You mistake freedom with morals. Having the freedom of speech allows me to point out the weaknesses built into a cult like islam, having a higher moral character allows me to not act like one of your cult members Accusing me of being hateful and intolerant while ignoring your personal insults and accusations of persecution showed the weakness of your own counter argument. Your personal blindness does not surprise me, as you are just the latest of thousands of cult members that have stopped by here over the years. Search our archives and you will find a list of all the excuses used by muslims, nothing you have said is new.

          You cannot respect my views and condemn me for having them. You have yet to prove a single statement of mine as incorrect and yet you attempt to draw a moral equivalency between us. Keep searching the archives and you will find out that we do not make up anything, we simply show the way people act and add commentary. Before we continue this little chat, I would ask that you find a mirror and stare deeply into it. Ask yourself who is the real intolerant person, you might be surprised at the answer.

          I do not teach hate and intolerance, I expose it. Islam is not the single focus of this blog. If you want to change my mind about islam then I will offer this as the fastest method. Expose the intolerance inside your community. Stop assisting evil and start fighting it. Trust me, if islam changes, we will notice. Try and protect yourself if you accept my challenge, some of your cult members will violently oppose any efforts to expose islamic practices.

        • tgusa Says:

          ”Let’s look at rap stars, heroes like scarface, and shows like Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Wife swap, and oh yeah. To catch a predator.”

          You are mistaking the unpopular pop culture America for the the majority of America. All of this stuff that you site is a liberal America creation and most, if not all of it is a copy of someone elses work from some other time.

          How many Americans in this country of 300 million watch these so called entertainment shows? A few million, possibliy. Scarface is not an original creation and the character of the original was defiantly not a hero. It is the liberal progressive pig that tried to make a hero out of a pig.

          The difference between us a you is you make excuses and continue to follow while we condemn and refuse to follow. There are many more devout islamic followers than there are devout American entertainment watchers. You accuse us of condemning all muslims/muslimas but at the same time you have no problem doing the same right back at us. Where do you stand because right now you are all over the road.

          ”Let’s look at rap stars, heroes like scarface, and shows like Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Wife swap, and oh yeah. To catch a predator.”

          And they all vote and support the progressive pig and so do most muslims in America.


  4. So much for ‘honor’ is abusing the muslima the best thing moslems do? Appearently so…

  5. Despite the anger of 1musim… he hates to see that his ‘beloved’ theocracy is in the news and the news that is reported is either…

    muslima abuse
    jihaid attacks
    Or other ‘cultrual’ flaws….

    This of course means that islam is not perfect and has as many fatal flaws as other man made systems.

    • Ronin Says:

      Anger is as islamic as gets, the pedophile mohammed ordered the cult to attack anyone that exposes islam. You have seen thousands of these minions try the same excuses, you know the pattern as well as I do. We should make a game of guessing how long the new ones will stay around.


  6. Lastly allow me to make one last point…

    islams Theocracy takes away Freedom as we Americans know it and 1muslim is not as American as he or she thinks…


    Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State
    By Samuel Shahid

    This is just one of many articles that diuscuss what our rights under islam actually are and disproves the claims of msolems including 1muslimummah…

    All we have to do is to read up on sharia laws and take note that our rights as non muslims = s***… Too bad 1muslim won’t accept that.

    • 1MuslimUmmah Says:

      So what you’re saying is, the Patriot Act and the bill which just passed in December which allows for the indefinite detainment of AMERICANS WITHOUT TRIAL is aimed at giving you more rights and freedom? I’m not angry I’m disappointed really. Americans won’t open their eyes until it is too late, if ever, and they will long for a belief which over a billion men, women, and children have known to be true. Dead or alive, we know there is only one god.

      A famous Muslim once said: If my enemy exiles me that is time for me to contemplate in the creation of Allah SWT, if my enemy throws me in jail that is time for me to make praise to Allah SWT, if they kill me I become a Shaheed (martyr) so what can my enemy do to me?

      Point here is that whether Muslim in America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Mexico, Canada, and elsewhere, Muslims will ALWAYS have a direct connection with Allah SWT. So whether the earth burns and gets struck by a meteor tomorrow, our intentions were good. Were yours?

      And you are right. Muslims are as vulnerable to worldly desires as anyone. Sorry to inform you but MUSLIMS ARE HUMAN and so your analogy in comparing Islam to every other man made system is almost correct but where you’re wrong is that every other man-made system has failed whereas many men have failed the system of Islam.

      I don’t know all there is to know about Islam or Sharia law. I don’t know every law in America either. Does that make me less American or less Muslim? Do you know every law of America? How about the latest ones in the name of security?

      You have far more to worry about than Islam my friend. Don’t worry though, we will be here for mankind always. For truth, peace, justice, honor, wisdom, righteousness. Though many stray, including myself at times, I know how I feel about Islam and being a Muslim. Nothing is more eye opening than the Quran. It has made me realize a higher level of truth, power, and wisdom has existed all along and as a child, this was never taught to me.

      But again, I’m not angry. I’m disappointed that’s all.

      • Ronin Says:

        Let me chime in here. I am sure that islam’s not for me will have much to say but I will also comment

        I noticed that once again you ignore the crimes of islam and just practice your tired old lines. You simply refuse to see how your ruling class of clerics and scholars use the name of islam to punish and control.

        By glossing over the crimes built into your system you are in effect helping oppress your own, I hope that you at least feel guilty for contributing to so much pain. I often point out that the vast majority of islam’s victims are muslims. Doing less would be intellectually dishonest.

        I found it funny that you quote a famous muslim over a wise one, that was probably an oversight but a telling one. It did serve your purpose to praise suicide in the name of your cult but that is such a minor crime compared to others that I wonder why you felt the need.

        Since you mentioned intensions, I thought I would point out another weakness in your drive to white wash the cult of islam. You should be asking not why this site and the others exist but instead focus on the obvious. We have been here for years, unpaid, unrepentant and focused. Thousands like you have attacked us, threatened us, lied to us and used ever apologist excuse there is and yet we are still here. If we wait long enough another of your kind shows up and the process begins again. Strangely, not a one of them ever offered to pay us off, I guess threats are cheaper.

        What laws are enforced in the name of America is common ground for us. Our freedoms are under attack as much as yours are. I think we can both agree the current ruling elite have way overstepped their authority to enrich themselves.

        Muslims in America face persecution not from bloggers like us but from other groups working the system for themselves. Your list of potential allies gets shorter every time a pious muslim commits another crime while praising allah. They are your real enemy, expose and condemn them and help your people.

        Most of us actually have no problem with islam, we just refuse to cover up what it is. Your cult is a minor distraction in a busted system of haves and have nots. If another oppressive ideology rises up, I will condemn it as well, will you? Practice your ideology all you wish, I will be right here. What you see as persecution I see as correcting the record. We simply point out what the media refuses to acknowledge.

        If you spent as much times rooting out the evil inside your own group as you do here, you would have no need for taqiyya and islam might actually change for the better.

        • 1muslimummah Says:

          Well put. I do believe that every faith, religion, system of operation, government, and the like all have their flaws. What I do know, however, is that as a Muslim, I have never had the slightest though or intention of hurting any other human being in the name of Islam. I know, for myself, that Islam has taught me to grow, learn, love, abstain from adultery, drugs, and alcohol. I know that Islam teaches that interest is wrong which is no surprise to anyone who lives in any type of advanced society. As a global society we have become slaves to our debt which will ultimately be used to control every move we make.

          Out of all of the evil things you speak about Islam, as a Muslim, having never experienced them, have to speak from experience. Every Muslim I have met has been hospitable, kind, GIVING, and 100% respectful to my family and I. More than I can say about the majority of others I have met and encountered.

          FROM EXPERIENCE, Islam has never once, tried to convince me to do anything violent, unjust, immoral, or wrong.

          FROM EXPERIENCE, Islam has taught me not to believe simply based on faith or trust but to LEARN, SEEK TRUE WISDOM, and KNOWLEDGE.

          FROM EXPERIENCE, Islam has taught me to get down on my knees and place my forehead on the ground lower than even my backside in utmost humility and humbleness to the One and Only Creator.

          FROM EXPERIENCE, I have become a better person in every way possible, when submitting to the will of Allah SWT.

          I am fully aware of every angle of attack the majority of Muslim haters have on Islam and I do my research in order to defend these accusations claimed as truth but when it comes down to it,


          So where does that leave us. With two different views. You will continue to attack Islam for whatever reason (although you say you are just attempting to expose the truth but if that were true, you would let your readers know that there are good Muslims who do reject any harm to men, women, or children, animals, and even nature).

          But never be misguided because Islam believes in justice and if it means defending by taking up arms, well than that is just as American as America itself can get. But oh yeah, this is your world so anything Islam does is evil and cultish and anything whoever you support does, is good and righteous. Understandable. I am here writing on your blog for whatever reason.

          I should be conversing with other Muslims elsewhere instead of trying to show your readers that Muslims come from every walk of life and every country, speak every language, and many, well educated. I do, however, have faith in America and its people for the same exact reason.

          Unfortunately, among all populations, there are those who will always have a hatred in their heart and so their only comfort is releasing that hatred onto others through slander, lies, blindness, and misrepresentation.

          Sure you only want everyone to see the truth about Islam. Keep telling yourself that. Am I not Muslim?

          You will never receive a threat from me. Very unnecessary and completely counter-productive.

          No. Instead I’ll hit the books.

          You’re actually capable of having a respectable and intellectual conversation when you’re not wasting your time trying to bring down your fellow mankind.

          Much more beneficial.

  7. Am back… Had a few things to do today. Family, work etc.

  8. Ah… so that’s where you stand 1muslim.

    Your offended with the patroit act because the US Guv is monitioring what you muslims do online and in your individual lives.

    Now why is that 1muslim? IF your fellow moslems support jihad and sharia laws. Those 2 subjects who when used as warfare against non muslims like myself is it really suprising?

    As I have argued with you before. Islam = Theocracy.

    How has a islamic theocracy helped non muslims like me? So far its not working well for non muslims in pakistan, afganistan and egypt. And thats just 3 examples that have ended up destroying non muslim religious or other communities.

    And yet you sit there and CLAIM to be a American and a moslem and yet you KNOW that islam can never be liberalized enough to simply support a Gov that has fought and killed off over 100,000+ (a guess) mujahedeen in multiple countries.

    mujahedeen that are moslems like you.

    No I am not wasting my breath calling you a jihadist. You have actually been smart enough to not ally with such fools.

  9. My intentions 1 muslim?

    To research islam.

    To find evidence of moslem claims.

    To disprove the claims of moslems.

    To test moslem claims using history, information and more.

    And so far 1muslim I can find no evidence that back up moslem history, claims, theology or doctrines.

    As far as I have researched 1muslim. Your claim of “For truth, peace, justice, honor, wisdom, righteousness”…

    Islam is untrue…
    islam has no peace. Look at Sunni and shiite…
    islam has justice for moslems only not non muslims.
    islams honor ends up costing people thier lives.
    islams wisdom is man made not from God.
    Islams righteousness is based off of ‘good works’ or earning your way to ‘paradise’.

  10. tnr Says:

    A video given to the BBC shows the extent of the injuries suffered by the 15 year-old Afghan child bride who was locked up and tortured by her husband.

  11. Nadia Says:

    You say that the Quran says that the Prophet (PBUH) raped his wife that she was 9 years old. There is no such verse that says she was 9 years old. Yes there are down right horrible Muslims like there are down right horrible people in any faith you point your finger at.

    Those that CLAIM to be Muslim do these horrendous acts there is no justifying or explaining away. It happened. Is it okay or normal? Heck no. But to put people that follow the faith in the same category is appalling. These things occur because ignorant individuals follow pre-islamic cultural norms. These things tend to happen more in impoverished poor communities where the majority of the population is uneducated and or secluded from civilization in a sense.

    There is a law as you have posted here that puts a minimum but clearly folks are ignoring it for some stupid reason that I as a Muslim can not understand. Where is the love and compassion of a marriage when the wife is treated like a war prisoner in her own home? These individuals are not true Muslims they are sad pathetic excuses of humans.

    Rapists, child molesters, murders do not reside in one cultural group more than another. Child rape numbers are high regardless of the criminal’s racial or religious background.

  12. I am not sure why Ronin said in the ‘quran’ muhammad raped aisha.

    Aishas story is actually in the hadiths.

    But I digress…

    moslems seem to have higher molestation & rape rates in their home countries because of their cult-ural norms mistreating women.

    Something that muslimas should revolt at…

    • Big Frank Says:

      It is no secret that most ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ treat their women and children like cattle and chattel.

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