Muslim Santa Claus an “Honor” Killer?

As you might have guessed from the lack of postings this Christmas holiday, I was out of town visiting family and friends.  Anyway, while I was over at my elder sister’s house, I heard of some crazy guy dressing up as Santa Claus and murdering his entire family.   Then, when I heard that his name was Aziz Yazdanpanah, I thought to myself that he might just be a Muslim.  Well, now that I’m back here at home, I did an internet search, and sure enough, he’s a Muzzy who, apparently, didn’t like his daughter dating behind his back and felt that his entire family was conspiring to help her.

Obviously, a Muzzy can’t have any of that!  And, so the “honor” killings commenced.

Also, from reading comments on this story, there seem to be those who think Aziz couldn’t be a devout Muslim and still celebrate Christmas every year.  Well, that’s not quite true.  In the Qur’an, Jesus is regarded as another prophet.  Because of this, there are many Muslims living in the West who have embraced the Christmas Holidays.   So, a Muslim stringing up a few Christmas lights and a decorating a Christmas tree is certainly not unheard of, even in devoutly Muslim households:

H/T – PB-in-AL

Islamic honor killing in Texas: “Santa” who murdered family on Christmas morning was Muslim who didn’t like his daughter dating a non-Muslim

Aziz Yazdanpanah, a Muslim, didn’t like his daughter’s non-Muslim boyfriend and was exhibiting stalker behavior. “She couldn’t date at all until she was a certain age, but when he was going to let her date she couldn’t date anyone outside of their race or religion.”

Again and again we have seen honor killings in which fathers kill daughters who are dating non-Muslims or have supposedly besmirched the family honor by some sexual indiscretion. Lt. Todd Dearing says that motive isn’t important — which is generally only the case when Islam is involved.

“Neighbors horrified at news of family’s slayings in Grapevine,” by Gloria Salinas and Scott Goldstein for the Dallas Morning News, December 26 (thanks to Steve):

GRAPEVINE — Aziz Yazdanpanah seemed to be losing control of his life in recent months — his wife left him, his house was in foreclosure, and his 19-year-old daughter was dating a young man he didn’t like.


Citing public records and interviews with friends and neighbors, media reports Monday identified Yazdanpanah and others who had died: his estranged 55-year-old wife, Fatemeh Rahmati, their 19-year-old daughter, Nona Narges Yazdanpanah, and 15-year-old son, Ali Yazdanpanah.

Friends of the family said Fatemeh Rahmati’s 58-year-old sister, Zohreh Rahmaty, and her husband, Hossein Zarei, 59, and daughter Sahra Zarei, a 22-year-old pre-med student at the University of Texas at Arlington, also were killed.

Grapevine police Lt. Todd Dearing said investigators were working to piece together a timeline of the murders, but they may never know exactly what set off the gunman.


But a more ominous portrait emerged of Yazdanpanah in interviews with some of his daughter’s other classmates.

“She would come to school crying and telling us her dad was crazy,” said Lacie Reed, 18. “He wouldn’t let her wear certain things. He was always taking her phone away, checking her call history and checking her text messages.”

Friends said Nona’s father had installed cameras all around the home so he could watch the family’s comings and goings. Others said he nailed her bedroom window shut so she could not sneak out at night and see her boyfriend.

“She couldn’t date at all until she was a certain age, but when he was going to let her date she couldn’t date anyone outside of their race or religion,” Reed said.

Yiselle Alvarenga, 18, said Nona’s mother and brother seemed to come to her aid when her father punished her.

“He would take her phone away and her mother would give it back to her and her brother would let her use his phone,” Alvarenga said. “She was doing good. She was just excited that her life was going to start and she was going to have control of it.”…

Read this in its entirety over at Jihad Watch.

Also, “Bare Naked Islam” has coverage and lots of photos HERE.

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3 Comments on “Muslim Santa Claus an “Honor” Killer?”

  1. Ronin Says:

    Matthew had it right, we will know them by their fruit. If it talks like a duck, quacks like a duck …

    Minions are not stupid, just evil. He knew the story of a murdered family and a murderer dressed as Santa on Christmas would get massive media coverage. He probably also figured the link to islam would be missed.

    Minions celebrating Christian holidays, not news.

  2. teach5 Says:

    Thank the good Lord he killed himself and saved us all the expense of a media circus ‘trial’. Yet another example of muslims enriching our society.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Well considering that the people who would like to discredit Santa are progressives this guy must have been a progressive. Of course what he feared most was his daughter being perverted by progressivism. So in an attempt to try to justify the two of those opposing issues you can somewhat understand why he went nuts.

    These poor people may not have been Christians but they were martyred celebrating Christ’s birth so I have have to think that they are in Heaven right now. In a hideous twist this monster has saved their souls.
    RIP dear people.

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