Year Zero

Happy Year Zero. 2012, (the former name) is our last chance to save what freedoms are left in the USA and for each of us to decide-freedom or slavery, rights over comfort, stand fast or cave. This is the year that determines if America will remain a symbol of freedom or morph into a symbol of oppression.

I have a few bets with my military and law enforcement friends that the 2012 elections will never happen. Or they will happen but massive voter fraud will make them meaningless. In order to understand why I feel that way you must first take a quick look back at all the drama, corruption and attacks that our nation has endured under the current regime: The non stimulating stimulus, High unemployment, Inflation, Control of the media, Bailouts, Scandals, Fast and Furious, Control of the occupy movement, Ignorance of the threat posed by hard line Muslims in the USA including ignoring their stated reasons to attack fellow Americans, Connections to Arab uprisings over old allies, Support for Islamic supremacy organizations inside the USA, Global warming pushed with no scientific backers or evidence, Support to U.N. programs to build global controls over, firearms, media, limit freedom of speech and religion, Support for unions over workers, Failures of foreign policy, Green jobs, Missing bailout money, Questionable birth certificates, Agenda driven Judges, Homosexual rights over the majority vote, senior officials dismissing the constitution over their own agendas.

I will admit that was a shortlist and I could have written pages to support each of those and more. What is more important is the pattern. Each of those categories works within the system to bring us to our knees.

History has proven that governments with absolute power absolutely protect that power while craving even more. I simply see parallels with other historical regimes that chose a crack down on dissenters over a peaceful transition of power. I expect our current regime to do no less than crack down on dissenters. I would be shocked but happy to be wrong on this but I am predicting that some yet to be named national disaster will suddenly appear and force the USA to “postpone” the 2012 election. Why? Because Obama cannot win and I do not think that he will just walk away. Our ruling elite might be corrupt and incompetent but they are not stupid, they understand the people are starting to scrutinize their actions and they do not like what they see. Not only is our president worried but so are the rest of our loving leaders, the congress and possibly most activist judges should all be refreshing their resumes. With elections comes an out with the old and in with the new hope for the future. That is not a future our leadership wants to see.

The simple fact that most of the categories listed above, blasted through the blogs and occasionally the media are often ignored by politicians and candidates is enough to convince me that both major parties are full of people wanting nothing more than total control of American power and wealth. In short, finding an honest politician working to protect individual rights over personal agenda is rare.

For the sake of clarity, I will admit that I trust most of the republican old guard almost as much as I would trust a pedophile to hold a sleepover with young children and not harm even one. I see most career politicians as a little bit lower than a senior Taliban leader when it comes to personal honor and character. I did not want anyone to think I was only condemning the Democrats. I am condemning the old guard; all of them have the same interest in protecting their power.

I should also mention that I am stating to suspect that protestor violence, flash mob attacks and systematic arson are also connected. It may even be practice for the upcoming national emergency. I realize that many of you are saying wow, old Ronin hit the bottle hard last night but I stopped drinking sometime back and have thought this through. Just as all the categories of systematic attacks are linked to crush our rights and freedoms it is likely that all or most of the social disorder is also linked to protect the regimes goal of controlling the majority.

To suspend or postpone an election will require something that makes voting a danger to the individual voter. Using Occams razor, violence would work, as would a massive use of voter fraud as a back up plan. Which leads us back to our individual choice. If I am wrong, you move on with your life and vote the candidate of your choice and make fun of me afterwards. If I am right, you have to decide to allow total control or to show your personal displeasure through some act.

Now, since I never advocate violence, I will just stop for a minute and let you decide what if anything you could or would do if the election process were suspended. Right now, my goal is just to have you consider the parallels of those in power with the actions committed by regimes faced with similar threats to their existence. In almost all cases, the government’s response was a massive crackdown and less freedom, not more. Let us all hope for the best but start planning for a worst-case scenario. Happy Year Zero.

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27 Comments on “Year Zero”

  1. 1muslimummah Says:

    Happy New Year Year Zero or whatever the day is which has been designed to put us all in the state of mind of giving up or on the edge of our seat in hopelessness in the first place.

    How else would they get people to embrace the level of control you’re referring to unless they can devise a plan where everyone’s expecting the world to end anyway? The mentality will be “hey, they might have total control over us but at least the world didn’t end like we expected. Could be worse right?” WRONG.

    They will have forgotten their rights and you, my friend, are correct on about 99% of what you’ve written but your compartmentalized way of thinking has me a bit surprised. These rights being taken away will take place not just in America. This is a global agenda. If it weren’t, people could simply leave America and pursue their freedoms elsewhere.

    Politics seem to be important to people in America as though whoever they “elect” will reverse an over two hundred year agenda but let’s get one thing straight, Obama is not Muslim. True Muslims know why.

    So to think there’s some insider agenda to institute Sharia law within America couldn’t be any farther from the truth. In fact, despite popular belief, Sharia law wouldn’t stand for such injustices which, as you predict, will occur in the near future.

    For instance, in Sharia law, CHARGING INTEREST IS ILLEGAL. Do you know that interest, alone, is what keeps these big banks making the majority of their profits? PEOPLE ARE ALREADY SLAVES due to their DEBT CAUSED BY INTEREST. And yet they fear Islam and Sharia law because the money machine tells them to.

    I am not advocating Sharia law here and do not know all the ramifications of Sharia law (note to myself to start learning more) but my point here is that some of the major fundamentals would solve many of our problems like lying, stealing, cheating, etc. People then turn to the Middle East and say “then why is there so much turmoil in the Middle East?”

    It is because man always wants to be higher than God and go astray and start adding things here and taking away things there and so on and so forth until the God-given law is no longer recognizable. It happens in most every Christian’s, Muslim’s, Jew’s, etc. life. We know bits and pieces about our religions because of years of morphing but if we really went back to the fundamentals of ALL OF OUR RELIGIONS, we would see that there are many things we should be and not be doing in regards to our fundamental beliefs. This is the struggle AROUND THE WORLD and not just in the Middle East.

    Ironic even how many people bash Sharia law and talk of stoning and cutting off hands, etc., as barbaric, but yet they’ll be quick to say they’d kill someone in a heartbeat if they caught them on their property trying to steal something or would even kill someone if they caught them sleeping with their husband or wife or trying to harm their children or property. I’m just saying there are real double standards when it comes to Islamic slandering and Sharia law.

    I too believe there are major events unfolding because Islamic scholars have been saying so for years but trust me they could care less about the year 2012 and America, my friend, is but a middle stepping stone for the power to shift to Israel.

    Contrary to popular belief again, true Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and the like, STAND TOGETHER. Only we understand that ALL MANKIND are God’s creation and to kill, murder and oppress another man is to abuse God’s precious creation.

    I do not advocate violence either but oppressing Muslims will be this global agenda’s greatest challenge.

  2. I do appreciate your opinions Ronin.

    I too and many others no longer care for the status quo politicans either republican or democrat.

    Its time to change the system from within or die trying.

    Meanwhile we should prepare as families, friends, and groups with food, water, materials, weapons and knowledge. For the day when we will have to build our own fences or fortified cities agianst the minons.

    The minions of liberalsim, leftist politics, chinese communists, moslems etc.

    • Ronin Says:

      Politicians are arrogant enough to believe that our success in life is because of them. Reality is they have the power to make our lives worse but rarely better. They will also suffer a loss of personal wealth and power when the damage they have done passes the point of no return.

      As you mentioned we all had best start preparing for a total collapse. You also need to think through what actions to take if you are cut off from your supplies. With civil strife, you have to expect population shifts. We could easily be forced to move or flee.

      No a very rosy picture for the new year but it is better to be a little paranoid than caught without a plan and hope.

  3. Chris Says:

    Yes, there might be an impulse to suspend voting in the event of a national disaster. This has never happened in the history of the U.S., so citizens must be braced ahead of time to fiercely oppose such an initiative. Governments and citizens often behave foolishly when faced with an unexpected crisis. So, let’s talk about possible impending crises and prepare for them. Our elected officials are so paralyzed right now by competing self-interests and ideological differences, they couldn’t respond rationally to a thunder-storm. Wake up, leaders!

    • Ronin Says:


      My worry is that it will be a man made disaster but they could certainly blame a “natural” one. Our “leaders” cannot possibly be as incompetent as they seem this all has to be part of a larger plan. The simple fact they dwell on small crisis’s while ignoring the larger issues that could topple their so called rivals is reason enough to suspect fraud as a policy.

      I have said it before and will always say to vote against incumbents.

    • tgusa Says:

      We already have a national disaster called Obama. The American Titanic, O is the current captain but the crew remains the same. For the most part they are treating the rest of us as steerage class passengers. They prefer us locked below and unable to reach lifeboats.

      Academics in rebellion and in a loose coalition with the morons that they have created. Ivy League lawyers for anarchy, educated beyond their intellect. They walk around confused, they become angrier, they all bite the hand that feeds them. I’m thinking that the safest place might be that base, err, camp, they want to create for us. Even one thousand years ago this would be called the age of the idiot. We’ve all heard of the stone age, the bronze age, well, welcome to the idiot age.

      I can read about the past, I am able to watch pre WWII movies and see similarities but I am somewhat limited to my own life experiences. I recently watched The 300 again and I realized that although it is not a particularly great movie I began to feel a sort of kinship with the ancient Greeks.

      On a bright note, the current crew began to believe that 2008 was 1968. Well if they thought that it was 1968 then, it is 1980 now. It as if we have lived more than a decade within just a few years. Things are moving fast and politicians need to keep up or step out of the way. It is 1980, in 2012, going on 479 or 1938. So I suppose year zero is appropriate, right back at square one.

  4. tom Says:

    It is happening everywhere. The real ‘people’ are discovering that all their ‘leaders’ have sold them down the drain for personal profit. Vote EVERY incumbent OUT of office. Every single one that has more than one term, vote them OUT. It couldn’t get worse. It could get better. It never will with these permanent pols in place.

  5. PB-in-AL Says:

    Here’s an interesting headline from CNN this morning:

    Police Probe Reports of Attack on Islamic Center

    Couple that with the current administration’s support of the OIC-pushed UN referendum on “anti-defamation of religion (read: islam)”. Ronin, you just might have some good points, old boy.

    Then there’s the media’s ignoring of TWO Christmas day islamic “honor” murders, one in Texas, one in London…

    Someone has a big sack-full of water they’re carrying for somebody else… I’m just sayin’…

    • PB-in-AL Says:

      BTW, what’re the odds that some member of said “islamic center” is the perpetrator? I’m not casting aspersions here, just going on history. If we remember the “assault” on an islamic center in Australia a couple of years ago… with the imam caught on tape doing his own self-assault, then blaming it on “islamophobes”. Caught on his OWN security cameras!! And, if I recall, there was one somewhere up in the upper midwest in the last year where the one who did the deed was actually a member of that islamic group (center, community, mosque, whatever)? (I’m a bit fuzzy on the details, I’m sure I could find it if I bothered to look)

  6. seen it comin Says:

    You are incorrect –

    YEAR ZERO is 2013, not 2012

    What we do this year (2012) WILL DEFINE what 2013 will become

    OH, and I’m NOT WORRIED about these pikers, cause there are enough folks awake and have been for AT LEAST the past four years – here’s proof

    militia killing the ‘borg myth’ with numbers…

    and yes, I concur – no election or major fraud

    Big O can’t win

    I lean towards no election – and NO PRECEDENT? after 9/11 the NYC mayors race was postponed for a month…

    i been sayin this since 2009 – once those fooled wake up, he doesn’t have a chance at re-election

    • Ronin Says:

      I did consider the math but decided that year zero was appropriate because the USA as we know it starts or ends now. No matter how this plays out, year one starts after the next election.

      I am betting that many patriots have spent countless hours discussing methods of passive resistance, active resistance and the pros and cons of both. Americans will resist socialism, that is a given. What will make us better at it than any other group in history is our nature. We are slow to awaken and a force to be reckoned with once awake.

      I have spoken with people that admitted to having a tripwire. For one it was gun registration at a national level and for others it was a national call for a new constitution. That last one I have seen hinted at by senior political party members. The fact that people discuss such things should not surprise anyone.

      In the end, the people that think they have divided the people have failed because “we the people” want freedom and will fight to maintain it. They can pay for red-light cameras and sensors for highways to monitor what they see as potential trouble makers but “we the people” put them in, we monitor and maintain them, we have the records for what properties they own, we guard their gated communities, we fix their automobiles, we keep their secrets. Someone can put their locations and their secrets out at any time. They own a lot of stuff but we the people are necessary for them to keep it. What they think they can control is only their ignorance and ego. Once the people with the power realize they really have only what is given them, they will get increasingly desperate to control it. We are at that point now.

      If it comes to a choice between our freedom and slavery to our political masters, I would have to bet that the masters would fall quicker than a politician can lie. I would love to see a peaceful transition and a return of our rights through the voting process but the American in me has to remain ever vigilant.

  7. boudicabpi Says:

    If America continues to sleep, it may not wake up. If it does it will see that the nightmare is real. Sad, very sad.By then it may be too late.
    Bob A.

  8. Pete Says:

    A real specialist at tossing out straw-men to try and confuse those who know little or nothing about islam. Yet many of these people are turning to Robert Spencer, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Geert Wilders to learn and your straw-men will be destroyed as the truth prevails.

    Of course, while much of the world has never heard of the doctrines of Kithman or al-Taqiyya. Certainly you are aware of the words of Imam Jafar Sadiq, the sixth Imam of Shi’a Islam who clearly disagrees with you about the reprehensibility of lying. In fact, he even states that Allah will dishonor anyone who tells the truth about certain elements of Islam: Islam’s goal — as stated in its own scriptures, and proclaimed by its religious leaders when speaking in Arabic — is world conquest.

    According to Muslim tradition, the entire globe will one day bend the knee to Allah and join the Universal Caliphate. Those who resist will be killed or enslaved.

    The thing is, our approach to this whole fictitious Islam and its fictitious Jihad rests on the assumption that if we right the wrongs, moderate the behaviors and fix the problems that the Jihadis say have roused them to attack us, all will be well. The fact of the matter, though, is that whatever they may say are their reasons to unbelievers, they tell an entirely different tale to fellow Muslims. The reason we are under attack has nothing to do with what we have or have not done but has everything to do with who we are: Infidels.

    We are told again and again by ‘experts’ and ‘talking heads’ that Islam is the religion of peace, and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace. Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the spectra of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam. The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history.It is the fanatics who march. It is the fanatics who wage any one of 50 shooting wars worldwide. It is the fanatics who systematically slaughter Christian or tribal groups throughout Africa and are gradually taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave. It is the fanatics who bomb, behead, murder, or honor kill. It is the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque. It is the fanatics who zealously spread the stoning and hanging of rape victims and homosexuals.

    After much pondering I believe4 the following points about Islam are indisputable:

    1. Politics. Few Muslim natons are real democracies. In the Arab heartland, the count is zero. An exceptionally high proportion of Muslim nations, the highest proportion of any major bloc of countries, are politically pathological, having failed to acheive an internal stability that rest on anything other than brute force. They are also prone to external aggression, directly or by proxy, much of it serving no discernable interest.

    2. Economics. The Muslim world is impoverished and backward economically if one ignores oil, a windfall that they did not create. Worse still, even the oil states cannot produce their own oil but rely on foreign expertise and labor.

    3.Societies. Most Muslim societies are backwards in terms of basic social indicators like education and the status of women. Civil society is stunted and rife with corruption. Alienation is widespread.

    4. Culture. The culture of the Muslim world is not admired by outsiders, either in it’s high or popular versions. Foreign students do not flock to it’s universities. It’s ideals do not resonate for others. Other people do not “dream” of being like them.

    At some point one wonders if Islam itself is behind the problems of Islamic countries. After all, Christianity teaches peace. Buddhism teaches peace. Judaism and Hinduism teach peace. But what a religion teaches and what its adherents do are not always the same thing. And people of all religions have done rotten things in the name of the religion. And yet, and yet, we still do not see this today on a regular basis from Jews or Christians or Buddhists or Hindus, the way we do from Muslims. We do not see, practically every day, all over the world, Jews and Christians and Buddhists and Hindus committing violent acts, or plotting them, and saying they’re doing it all for their God but we do from Muslims.

  9. What 1muslim doesnt understand is that those who are skeptics of islam do so from reading the quran, hadiths, sunnah etc. Even islams ‘holy’ law the sharia are posted online or in book form.

    As much as I dont want to say it…

    1muslim is ignorant of thier own religion / system. And thier constant liberalized defense of thier beliefs donot mesh with the reality of whats going on in the world.

  10. Leatherneck Says:

    My go bags are good to go. How about yours?

    • tgusa Says:

      I have several plans and one of them is 99% foolproof. But I can’t discuss it or too many others will clog the way. I won’t even tell my group until an hour before I hit the road, zero hour. The hardest part will be getting through the massive jam of people going the other way. Some are bound to become suspicious so I’ll need to work on my acting skills a bit more in the meantime. Perhaps I’ll just pretend to be some official official on official business. Official of what? Nothing in particular. Perhaps I’ll say we’re team of researchers on our way to investigate reports of a crack in the world, that outta do it.

  11. tgusa Says:

    Our elected officials have me thinking a lot about dog food lately. I couldn’t tell you why.

  12. CavMom Says:

    There is a definite reason the the government saw fit to include appropriate wording in NDAA that allows for the confinement of United States citizens. I do not feel for a moment that it is a coincidence that FEMA has requested bids for Nationwide FEMA camps to be erected within 72 hours, as needed.

    They will create some sort of mess and then declare martial law. We will then be systematically picked up for the “safety of the nation.”

    I do not fear thugs or hungry mobs near as much as the actions of the government. I just pray that our LEO and Military remember their oaths when asked to illegally detain US citizens.

  13. Tdmaker Says:

    This blog is full of contradictions and paranoia…some of believe catastrophic events by our government should have us all running out and stocking up on supplies. You are probably the same people running scared on Jan 1 of 2000!
    You all blame Obama and even mention Pelosi, but no where do u call out Boehner and his crew. over and over u all clarify how you don’t trust the republicans either but u give them a free pass. Your against education and especially the Ivy league-but ill bet u all you will go Sprint to vote for that RINO Romney who is Harvard educated and a Mormon!
    I can’t believe I stumbled upon this blog for the paranoid Muslim haters who r experts in conspiracy theories. go vote like minions (as u say) this fall for the same ole crap u dispose but aren’t smart enough to realize the GOP has your thinking mind. There’s not a single free thinker on this blog…and at least one of you follows that idiot limbaugh.
    I’ll come back Jan 1, for laughs to see which of you is still waiting for your catastrophic event! good night tinfoil heads!

  14. islams not for me Says:

    And the latest dhimmi award goes to tdmaker…

    Ill let Dr Bulldog or Ronin address your comment in thier usual ways… as for myself.

    I prepared for 2000 and Im preparing for whatever comes next. But thats ok. Your a typical ignorant ‘free thinker’ that sucks off the guv teet believing in the same old lunacy that the good ole US guv will save your sorry ass.

    As for limb-booger I cant stand that liberal freak. Niether do I care for the leftist crapzola on the radio or tv news. You do realize that ole ‘limb’ is not a ‘neocon’ but a democrap like yourself.

    As for romney.. Nope I wont be voting for him either. Mostly because he is a LSD-er ER I mean LDS-er and a flip flopper like your god obummer.

  15. islams not for me Says:

    Why thank you tdmaker for your leftist opinion.

    What is your problem with being prepared when the US guv has frequently failed?

    I can’t speak for my fellow commentors on this blog but I do know that both parties are corrupted and its high time to make changes for the future survival of the USA. Of course you reject such ideas because you seem to part of that system.

    We have every right to question Theocracy. This includes islam that you ally yourself with. After all if you were a actual ‘atheist’ / ‘free thinker you would be as skeptical of them as we are. But of course you nothing more than another silly liberal trying to obtain peace through trolling.

    I won’t vote for romney because of his flip flopping and LSD ER LDS faith. Niether do I consider limb-aurrrggghhhh to be a conservative voice on the radio or online. Hes just another closeted liberal in the entertainment business.

    Your god obama has already started piss poor changes in American politics and is no better than the bush’s.

  16. guest Says:

    Why congress sucks so much? 1) 435 congress men for a population of 311 million, is the incredibly thinned out representation of 1 to 700,000. 2) lobbying think tanks are allowed to have a very intimate relationship with the 435 house representative whereas the regular people have no practical contact surface to mention. 3) A whopping 220 millionaires (47%) in congress compared to 1.1/311 or 0.4% in the general population they represent. — the three reasons the congress sucks. Wiki quote: “Under Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution, seats in the House of Representatives are apportioned among the states by population, as determined by the census conducted every ten years” — great idea, but the representation is very diluted and concentrated at the same time, but taking leverage away from people, and giving it to entities that should not have it.

    • Big Frank Says:

      Thank you Guest, IMHO add to that ‘thin representation’ the fact that once crossing the Beltway our ‘esteemed’ Representatives and also our Senators are wined, dined, and pocket lined by the horde of lobbyists that infest the inner reaches of the Beltway, completely forgetting why they were sent there and for whom they work.

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