Sepele, Nigeria: “Enraged Youths” Attack Muslims; Injure 50+

No, you didn’t read that headline wrong.

Considering that  Nigerian Muzzies killed at least 17 Christians last night during a gathering for 5 fellow Christians also killed by the Muzzies, and the annual Christmas bombings in Nigeria alone have killed over 65 Christians these past two Christmases, I have mixed emotions about this incident.  After all, Christians are called upon to love their neighbors and to turn the other cheek.  Along with that,  we are further compelled to keep in mind that revenge is not ours to partake in, but God’s.    

However, considering that the very lives of Nigerian Christians are in direct peril as long as they refuse to comply with Islamists’ demands that they leave Nigeria or die, it certainly can be argued to an extent that they are merely taking an active role defending themselves.  In fact, the Christian Association of Nigeria has declared the Christmas bombings a “declaration of war.”

I don’t know.  Like I said, I have mixed emotions about this incident.  Maybe I’m not being very “Christlike,” but at what point does one run out of cheeks to turn?:

Over 50 injured as angry youths attack Muslims in Sapele
January 6, 2012 · In News
By Emma Amaize and Godwin Oghre

SAPELE- ENRAGED youths, numbering over 2,000, armed with battleaxes, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons went on rampage, Friday, sacking and inflicting injuries on over 50 Muslims at the Hausa quarters, Sapele in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State.

A northern security guard was shot dead in a separate incident by a gang of armed robbers that attacked a school in Sapele on Thursday.

Vanguard gathered that the youths  were incensed by the uninhibited attacks on churches and killing of Christians in the northern part of the country by the Islamic Boko Haram sect.

Two of the persons suspected to have carried out the onslaught were, however, arrested by the police in Sapele.

There was pandemonium following the  attack on Muslims, who were  ordered to vacate the town in their own interest since Boko Haram members had also issued ultimatum to Christians to leave the north.

Secretary of a Muslim Media group in Sapele, Sadiq Oniyesaneyene Musa who spoke to Vanguard on the attacks by Sapele youths said, “We are disturbed by this attack on Muslims in Sapele and the order that all Muslims in Sapele should return to the north. I am a Muslim and an Itsekiri from Delta state, where do they want me to go to, this is my homeland”.

Musa said the youths besieged Muslims in the town very close to the mosque that was bombed, last year, and injured a lot of faithful.

“We called the director of the State Security Service, SSS, Asaba and the Area Commander and they responded. The Joint Task Force, JTF, on the Niger-Delta also deployed soldiers to take care of the situation”, he said.

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8 Comments on “Sepele, Nigeria: “Enraged Youths” Attack Muslims; Injure 50+”

  1. tgusa Says:

    In a sane world good foreign policy would include helping these people to fight back, the traditional role of the Green Berets. Once upon a time the Green Berets would go in and establish a relationship built on trust and respect and then train and equip the locals to fight back against their murderous totalitarian tormenters. Of course right now we don’t even know which side we are on. Take a step back and ask yourself, how does what I am doing now reflect on me in the future?

    You have to be careful who you make friends with as the leftists will hold it against you later and use it to erode your image. That’s one reason we see the leftists in support of the support for these murderous totalitarian tormenters. It Will Go On Your Permanent Record! They will make certain of it! So be careful

  2. a12iggymom Says:

    ‘turn the other check’ is a myth used by the left to critisize christians who stand up to them…unfortunately ministers have also fallen under this myth. The phrase was used as a preaching tool when christians were critisized over their faith by non-believers. Unlike moslums who spread their faith/government by the sword, christians are specifically told not to do that. Jesus also said he “I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword” (Gospel of Matthew 10:34), we as christians are not supposed to be sheep and run from a fight for faith.

    • Pete Says:

      Just as the moslems were shocked when western europe responded to their invasions of the christian middle east with the crusades so to, the people of Nepal sent shock waves through out islam when they responded to moslem terrorism.

      Two terrorist dramas began in Iraq on the same day, Aug. 19, 2004, when jihadists separately seized 12 Nepalese workers and 2 French reporters. Although their fates may end differently – the former were murdered and the latter remain alive in captivity – it is striking how similarly impotent both victim populations felt and how differently they responded.

      In the Nepalese case, a group of cooks, janitors, laundry attendants, and other laborers had just crossed the border from Jordan into Iraq when it was kidnapped by Ansar al-Sunna, a violent Islamist group. On Aug. 31, an Islamist website showed a four-minute video of their executions.

      Nepalese responded to this atrocity by venting their anger by assaulting the Muslim minority in Nepal. Hundreds of infuriated young men surrounded Katmandu’s one mosque on Aug. 31 and heaved rocks at it. Violence escalated the next day, with five thousand demonstrators taking to the street, yelling slogans like “We want revenge,” “Punish the Muslims,” and “Down with Islam.” Some attacked the mosque, broke into it, ransacked it, and set fire to it. Hundreds of Korans were thrown onto the street, and were burned. Rioters also looted other identifiably Muslim targets in the capital city, including embassies and airline bureaus belonging to Muslim-majority countries. A Muslim-owned television station and the homes of individual Muslims came under attack. Mobs even sacked the agencies that recruit Nepalese to work in the Middle East.

      The violence ended when armored cars and army trucks enforced a shoot-on-sight curfew, leaving two protesters dead and 50 injured, plus 33 police injured, and doing an estimated US $20 million in property damage.
      Returning to recent events: the “abhorrent” Nepalese violence reflected an instinct for self-preservation – hit me and I will hit you back harder. In contrast, the sophisticated French reaction was supine – hit me and I will beg you to stop. If history is a guide, the Nepalese thereby made a repetition of atrocities against themselves
      less likely. And the French made such a repetition more likely.

  3. No doubt that this type of attack is shocking to moslems. But it isn’t a suprise when those same moslems are blinded by thier demonic god to attack Christians.

    Christians of whatever sect that are attacked by those moslems have every right to defend themselves. And I suspect that more will be forced to attack and kill those who support thier enemies. Not because it is right according to Scripture but because they are tired of moslems attacking them, abusing them and worse.

  4. PB-in-AL Says:

    “I am a Muslim and an Itsekiri from Delta state, where do they want me to go to, this is my homeland” – I’m sure Christians who are from the north part of Nigeria are saying the same thing about the ultimatum handed to them… But no one has heard their side of the story.

  5. Leatherneck Says:

    Not all Christians are Amish.

    It is too bad the enemy has to die before they understand that.


  6. Big Frank Says:

    It is Quite possible that much of the financial ‘support’ and arms that the radical Islamist fiends in Nigeria originates from the wallets of our ‘friends’, in the ME. They put their piety above politics, stability, and compassion for others. The only solution for the Christians to send more bullets and fewer bibles. What good does it do to send bibles and missionaries when the Christian population is shrinking due to ‘religious cleansing’?

    • Ronin Says:

      Our own military is filled with Christians with combat experience. A few of them might be encouraged to take leave and visit Nigeria. While in country they could offer up a few tips.

      Unlike the top brass, the ground pounders just had ten years to learn the truth about islam. As they go up in rank and become part of the decision making process, it will be increasingly hard for the state department to hide its failures. Just sayin is all.

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