Egypt: Christian on Trial for ‘Insulting Islam’ with Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary of State, William Burns (Chief Assistant to Hillary Clinton), is busily sucking up to Egypt’s terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.   Of course, I’m fairly positive that the following topic never came up in discussions:

Coptic Christian on trial over Mickey Mouse cartoon

by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post

A Coptic Christian who is a billionaire telecommunications mogul is on trial in Egypt over allegations of “blasphemy and insulting Islam”.

Naguib Sawiris posted a cartoon of a bearded Mickey Mouse alongside a veiled Minnie Mouse. If convicted, Sawiris could face a year in prison.

“This is a religious agenda being acted out,” said Dr Carl Moeller of Open Doors, a ministry that focuses on supporting persecuted Christians.

“It was never socially popular to do what he did,” said Moeller, who added that putting Sawiris on trial for expressing an unpopular religious opinion was “problematic.”

Kamal Nawash, founder of the Free Muslims Coalition, said it would be “a very sad day for Islam and rational people if Naguib Sawiris is actually tried for ‘insulting’ Islam”.

For many onlookers, including Fr. Bishoy Andrawes of St. Mark Coptic Church in Washington DC, this is yet further proof that Christians have it worse now than when dictator President Hosni Mubarak was in power.

Andrawes, who was raised in Egypt, said that the situation in Egypt was worse because of the lack of proper police protection and the efforts to advance Sharia law, or Islamic law, by powerful political groups like the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“As of now, they are making their intentions clear,” said Andrawes.

“Things will get a lot worse as the Muslim Brotherhood and their Salafii associates control the government.”

Andrawes noted that since the ousting of Mubarak, efforts by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood have included imposing a special tax on Copts for not converting to Islam.

Outside of Egypt, Andrawes said that Coptic Christians were taking these developments “with considerable sadness and anger”, with a fear that Egypt will experience an exodus of Christians similar to that of Iraq.

“The main and necessary first step is to ensure that the new constitution protects all minorities. If it is left in the hands of the new government, representing the Muslim majority, it will not do that,” said Andrawes.

Nawash of Free Muslims Coalition believes that although the current government of Egypt “probably opposes discrimination,” it is “too weak to vigorously defend the rights of any segment of the population, including Christians.”

“It is yet too early to conclude what is the status of religion and political freedom in Egypt,” remarked Nawash.

“However, it does not appear that it will be any better than it was under Mubarak which will be terrible for the future of Egypt.”

Persecution of Coptic Christian in Egypt is nothing new, as sporadic violence occurred under the Mubarak regime. Since the overthrow of Mubarak, however, observers have been troubled by the rising tide of anti-Christian violence in the country. Last October, several Coptic Christians were killed in clashes with the military over the rights of the religious minority.

In the case of Sawiris, however, another factor besides being a Copt may have played a role. Sawiris is also head of the Free Egyptians political party, a secular political group.

“No doubt, it’s political,” said Moeller, who noted that given the blur of religion and politics in Egypt the two issues overlapped in this incident.

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9 Comments on “Egypt: Christian on Trial for ‘Insulting Islam’ with Mickey Mouse Cartoon”

  1. Ronin Says:

    Islam insults itself

  2. infidelkaffir Says:

    But it is true….this is how they WOULD look under and islamic regime……so what’s the problem…???

  3. And this is why we need ot protect ourselves from sharia laws and not pull bull$#**…

  4. Pete Says:

    The Islamic world is running a protection racket against the entire Western world. We are supposed to stay in line and pay up, or we can get hurt.

    The part of Guido and his tommy gun is played by the “Muslim street”, that amorphous mass of people in the Middle East, South Asia, and more recently the working class neighborhoods of Europe. When the word about the latest outrage against Islamic dignity goes out through the mosques on Friday, the faithful are predictably offended, and they take to the streets to loot and burn whatever is required of them by the imams.

    So don’t get out of line. Don’t interfere with the Muslims, don’t neglect to pay the “insurance premiums”, and above all don’t diss the Prophet or his cult.

    • Big Frank Says:

      Pete, you are 100% correct, IMHO the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ are practicing the ultra double standard, no one can dare even question anything pertaining to Islam, however they fell free to murder, maim, rape, torture, destroy, defame, curse, and loot the Infidels and their property.

  5. tnr Says:

    Islamic scholar [ lol ] issues threats to Coptic business tycoon or Muslim Mickey & Minnie

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