Contemporary of Barack Obama at Harvard Wants Britain to Become More Sharia Compliant

Can you say, “eruditus stupidus?”:

UK Barrister Wants Shari`ah Tribunals
OnIslam & Newspapers – Monday, 16 January 2012

CAIRO – A leading British barrister at Harvard Law School wants Britain to become more Shari`ah-literate, saying that Islamic teachings are compatible with human rights legislations that can serve the whole community.

“It’s very important that they be acknowledged and allowed to exist,” Sadakat Kadri, a barrister and contemporary of Barack Obama at Harvard Law School, told The Guardian on Monday, January 16.

“So long as they’re voluntary, which is crucial, it’s in everyone’s interests these things be transparent and publicly accessible.

“If you don’t have open tribunals, they’re going to happen anyway, but behind closed doors,” he added.Kadri confirmed that the 1400-year-old Islamic law is compatible with the human rights legislations.

The Harvard professor said that “Shari`ah courts”, such as the Muslim arbitration tribunal, could serve “the community as a whole.”

This aim could be reached by putting Shari`ah laws on a transparent, public footing to be more widely accessible to those who want to use or know about these laws, he said.

Making his point clear, Kadri sets out the history of Shari`ah in a new book, Heaven and Earth, to be published next week.

The book describes the slow development of Shari`ah law, which is derived directly from the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him)’s Sunnah, in the centuries after the Prophet’s death.

“I’m not a theologian,” said Kadri.

“But this is my interpretation of Islamic history. There’s a mistaken belief that Islamic law is a vast unchanging body of rules – 1,400 years of Muslim history shows that little could be further from the truth.

“It’s really important that the Muslim community engage with its actual history, as well as idealized traditions. If that’s to take root, critical engagement with the past among young Muslims will be crucially important.”

In Islam, Shari`ah governs all issues in Muslims’ lives from daily prayers to fasting and from, marriage and inheritance to financial disputes.

The Islamic rulings, however, do not apply on non-Muslims, even if in a dispute with non-Muslims.

Uh…  Yeah, tell that to the numerous Christians who have been put to death under Sharia Law for proselytizing and/or “blasphemy.”


The leading British barrister said that misconceptions about Islam and Muslims following the 7/7 attacks helped spread rumors about a claimed violent nature of Shari`ah.

“After 7/7 people were saying the Shari`ah is all about violence, it’s all about chopping people’s hands off, it’s all about stoning adulterers to death. Others said it’s nothing to do with that, Islam is a religion of peace,” Kadri said.

“Clearly both of those things were true at a certain level, but very early on I just realized no one had a clue what Shari`ah said about this or that.”

Britain is home to a sizable Muslim minority of nearly 2 million who have taken full brunt of anti-terror laws since the 7/7 attacks.

They have repeatedly complained of maltreatment by police for no apparent reason other than being Muslim.

Kadri’s call was earlier echoed by Rowan Williams, archbishop of Canterbury, in 2008 when he suggested that Shari`ah law should be more widely adopted.

Under the Arbitration Act 1996, the rulings of religious bodies, including the Muslim arbitration tribunal, already have legal force in disputes involving matters such as inheritance and divorce.

Barrister Kadri said that many of the punishments associated in people’s minds with Shari`ah law have only been applied very recently.

“I try to show how it’s only really in the last 40 years, since Colonel Gaddafi in Libya, but more especially since the Iranian revolution in 1979 that the idea of enforcing Islamic rules through national laws has come to the fore,” he said.

“Before 1973, it was only Saudi Arabia which actually did that.”

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6 Comments on “Contemporary of Barack Obama at Harvard Wants Britain to Become More Sharia Compliant”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Talk about lowering the bar. This bug should be kicked out of western society and he will be in due time. The line in the sand has been drawn but this bug has no side any longer. He’s on a suicide mission. He probably ignores the status of women in islam because women have generally ignored him. Yes, he is probably very bitter.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    May I suggest that this obviously brainwashed dimwit, don a ‘dirty nightshirt’ and migrate forthwith to one of those ‘enchanting’ ‘Islamic Paradises’ and hang out with the Sharia compliant brethren. Once there he can wallow in the essence of Islam, and not be distracted or hampered by any of those dreadful Western conveniences, freedoms, or personal liberty. IMHO these lunatic leftists have a perverted fascination with Islam and Sharia Law, due to the fact they are both about control and submission.

  3. He is similar to these braindead drones…

    “Court Oklahoma can’t enforce Sharia law ban”
    “By Robert Boczkiewicz | Reuters – 15 hrs ago.”

    Liberals who think that a theocratic law like sharia wont change thier lives for the worse and create even more problems for multiple religions are smoking too much mary-wanna-ka.

    Its time to change the world. Let sharia run in places when islams have high populations and lets see who turns out for the better.

    Im believing the Western way of life is far better than anything islam has to offer. Period.

  4. Big Frank Says:

    There can be only one set of laws for the USA, The Constitution State, County, and Municipal ordinances permitted under States Rights. Pres. A Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address “a house divided against cannot stand”. That’s good enough for me.

  5. PB-in-AL Says:

    If this guy is such a “leader” in barristering, why’s he here and not in England? I agree with the comments above that this fellow needs to live under sharia law for a while himself, and represent a few of those “not applicable” people who seem to get sharia “mistakenly” applied, you know like Egyptian Copts.

    “If you don’t have open tribunals, they’ll happen behind closed doors.” – So with that particular logic, they should just accept clitorectomies and other female genital mutilation… you know, it’ll just happen behind closed doors anyhow….

    “…critical engagement with the past…” – based on what I’ve seen and read, in islam this is called heresy and apostasy. There is no “critical” analysis, in either sense of the word critical.

    “Britain is home to a sizable Muslim minority of nearly 2 million who have taken full brunt of anti-terror laws since the 7/7 attacks. // They have repeatedly complained of maltreatment by police for no apparent reason other than being Muslim.” – OK, complained does not equate to actual mistreatment. How many “no-go” areas are there now where the British police dare not go?! What, exactly, is the “full brunt” of those laws? Are they the same sort of laws that muslims claim the “full brunt” of here in the USA, like the Patriot Act, the implementation of the TSA, the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security?! Yeah, pull the other one.

  6. Gonzo Says:

    The fact that he is likely muslim may have the most to do with his apparent dementia regarding islam. However, I also wonder how much he was paid by some org such as CAIR.

    I think a check of his finances are in order, and if he received any monetary inducement from any non-indicted link to terrorism, (like CAIR), then he should charged with attempting to induce mass hysteria.

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