EnvironMENTALism Gone Wild: ‘Entrepreneur’ in Chile Arrested for Removing Ice From Glacier

When you get right down to the core of it, it’s just freakin’ ice!  And, despite what the AGW mob would have you believe, the Earth can always make more:

Glacier thief arrested in Chile
Police hold man on suspicion of stealing five tonnes of ice from a glacier in Patagonia to sell as designer ice cubes for cocktails
– Rory Carroll, Latin America correspondent – guardian.co.uk

Climate change sceptics have acquired a new explanation for why glaciers are retreating: it’s not global warming, it’s theft.

Uh…  Nope.  No bias whatsoever in that sentence!  /sarcasm

Police in Chile have arrested a man on suspicion of stealing five tonnes of ice from the Jorge Montt glacier in the Patagonia region to sell as designer ice cubes in bars and restaurants.

Local media reported that last Friday police intercepted a refrigerated truck with an estimated £3,900 worth of illicit ice allegedly bound for whiskies, rums and cocktails in the capital Santiago.

Authorities have accused the driver of theft and are considering adding violation of national monuments to the charge sheet.

Scientists say Jorge Montt, part of the Bernardo O’Higgins national park, is retreating by half a mile a year, making it one of the world’s fastest shrinking glaciers.

Environmentalists have cited it as evidence that man-made climate change is warming the planet. Sceptics have cited other explanations for retreating glaciers, but theft – until now – was not one of them. It may be the only case in which both sides agree human activity was to blame.

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2 Comments on “EnvironMENTALism Gone Wild: ‘Entrepreneur’ in Chile Arrested for Removing Ice From Glacier”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Enviro-loons bitterly cling to the hope that every day on Earth will be beautiful sunny day. Not too hot and not too cold, just right, like goldielocks. The natural forces of our raging planet grind down and fundamentally change the landscape but libtards think that they are, mother Natures boss.

    • tgusa Says:

      If other libtard policies are any indication of the probable result of leftist enviro policy I suggest we all put our money in blankets.

      Besides, I don’t think nature will take it the way we have. I suspect nature will fight back as nature has more sense than the above average leftist loon. Nature can spot an un-natural disaster.

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