Obama’s Re-election Campaign Disconnected: Says Americans Don’t Blame Obama for High Gas Prices

Unreal!  This is one of those “let them eat cake” moments:

Obama campaign: Consumers ‘don’t blame’ the president for gas prices
By Ben Geman – 03/02/12 – The Hill

A top official with President Obama’s reelection campaign expressed confidence Friday that consumers won’t punish Obama politically for rising gas prices and touted “significant accomplishments” on energy, including tougher auto mileage rules.

“They don’t blame the president. They understand what’s going on with the global marketplace,” said Stephanie Cutter, the president’s deputy campaign manager, on MSNBC. “But they also acknowledge that we have to do everything we can to make sure that America is independent and not tied to foreign oil and they appreciate what the president has done.”

Republicans on Capitol Hill and on the campaign trail have increasingly attacked the White House over gasoline prices amid the recent run-up. Obama’s energy record was already under fire over the bankruptcy of the Energy Department-backed solar company Solyndra.


Republicans in Congress and on the stump say the White House is keeping too many areas off-limits to drilling, including the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and want faster permitting for drillers on public lands and in Gulf of Mexico areas where development is already authorized.

They have also taken aim at Obama’s rejection of a cross-border permit for the Keystone XL pipeline that would bring Canadian oil sands to Gulf Coast refineries.


Gasoline has increasingly become the stuff of election-year battles even though policymakers have few options, especially in the near term, to substantially affect prices at the pump, which are tethered to crude oil prices set on global markets.

That’s a load of BS.  Behold, the average price for a barrel of oil on the world market before and after Bush lifted the moratorium on oil exploration along the Eastern and Western Continental shelves:

A new Pew Research Center-Washington Post poll shows that 18 percent of adults surveyed say President Obama is most to blame for rising gasoline costs. The poll generally showed that the public spreads blame among a number of parties and causes.


While you might think that 18 percent is insignificant, when you look at the overall poll from Pew Research, out of an infinite number of possibilities, Obama is the number one “entity” being blamed for high gas prices:

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6 Comments on “Obama’s Re-election Campaign Disconnected: Says Americans Don’t Blame Obama for High Gas Prices”

  1. Ciccio Says:

    There are a few things most people never consider when talking about oil prices. Firstly, very little oil comes from OPEC, most US oil is local, Canadian or Mexican. The only thing all supplies have in common is that it comes from the major oil companies in the world. Oil companies work on a margin of 2-10% on the cost of crude. Ask yourself if the oil companies want to see a price of $20 a barrel or a price of $200.

  2. Pete Says:

    Sometimes my friends call me a radical, that might be true BUT we need a radical idea now and green energy is not the answer. We are in desperate times, some might say we are facing a national disaster.

    Most of the oil we get in the US comes from federal and state lands and within the offshore US boundaries. Whose oil is it? Mobile, exxon or any of the other oil companies that drill it, or is it the property of the people of the US?

    Nationalize the oil and coal industry, not mobile or exxon or the other companies, they have interests outside the US, but the oil and coal under federal lands. The government builds 3 or 4 new state of the art refineries, when they are on line start retrofitting the others. Build 2 or 3 refineries that turn coal into fuel. Pass a law that any new car sold in the US after 2013 must have a flex fuel engine. Buy up gas stations and turn them into government gas stations selling regular gas at $2.50 a gallon.

    The difference between drilling the oil, refining it and putting it in your gas tank and the $2.50 a gallon would go into the US treasury to pay down the US debt also any oil we did not use internally we could sell on the open market at market prices, NONE of it would go to congress. Actually the president should state if anyone in congress tries to pass a law to allow them to take any of this money they should be charged, tried and convicted of high treason.

    If Steven Chu is correct and the obummer administration pushes gas prices up to hit the levels in western Europe, we will have a DEPRESSION coupled with RUN AWAY INFLATION. Americans will be crossing the southern border in droves to get jobs in Mexico because the peso will be worth more than the dollar.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    The Kool Aid drinkers may not blame our ‘Dear Leader’, however his so called ‘energy policy’ seems to be lacking any common sense. The statements uttered by his underlings suggest that the administration wants us to pay European prices for oil.

  4. tgusa Says:

    He and they are hurting middle America, the average citizen and it is on purpose. DC politicians drive around in caravans of armored limos, how much does that cost us? Democrats hate Americans, they don’t want us to be able to afford anything. I say that at the stores I go to, I don’t buy much as I cannot afford it after filling my tank. My predication is one way or another they are going to lose their jobs, lifestyles and quite possibly their lives. As is said, you don’t know what you got till its gone. Crats have bought votes for decades now but soon the money will run out and when it does we won’t have to lift a finger as these crats will be eliminated by those that they tried to buy off. You cannot hand out money while simultaneously declaring war on money making opportunities. It is a fatal flaw in their plan.

    Salesmen approach me all the time asking, would I like to buy this or that? I always say, no I’m going green and buying stuff just isn’t green at all. You should see the looks I get. They want me to be green, just not that green and so, no green for them!

    • Big Frank Says:

      You have hit the nail on the head. For years the pompous blowhards and poor excuses for ‘representatives’ mostly DemocRATS in NJ have chosen our tax dollars as their drug of choice. The more we send to DC or Trenton NJ the more they ‘need’. They rake it in and throw a few bucks back at us, to ensure reelection and boast “look at all we have done for you”. Hence the reason that the federal and state treasuries have been pillaged and are empty.

      • tgusa Says:

        They may have to call in the Guard but guess who that is? Whoops! I suppose that at that point even militia will be a welcome sight for them. LOL.

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