Obama Agency Helps Pepsi Hide Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Flavor Enhancement Tests

Just something to ponder while you’re sucking down that soft drink:

Obama agency rules Pepsi use of cells derived from aborted fetus ‘ordinary business’
by John-Henry Westen

(LifeSiteNews.com) – The Pepsi Company, which is set to release the new product Pepsi Next in the coming weeks, is facing a more robust boycott as pro-life activists protest the company use of cells derived from an aborted fetus in flavor-enhancing research. But Pepsi has succeeded, with help from the Obama Administration, in keeping its controversial operations from consideration by its shareholders.

In a decision delivered Feb 28th, President Obama’s Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruled that PepsiCo’s use of cells derived from aborted fetal remains in their research and development agreement with Senomyx to produce flavor enhancers falls under “ordinary business operations.”

The letter signed by Attorney Brian Pitko of the SEC Office of Chief Counsel was sent in response to a 36-page document submitted by PepsiCo attorneys in January, 2012.  In that filing, PepsiCo pleaded with the SEC to reject the Shareholder’s Resolution filed in October 2011 that the company “adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements.”

PepsiCo lead attorney George A. Schieren noted that the resolution should be excluded because it “deals with matters related to the company’s ordinary business operations” and that “certain tasks are so fundamental to run a company on a day-to-day basis that they could not be subject to stockholder oversight.”

Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of Children of God for Life, the organization that exposed the PepsiCo-Senomyx collaboration last year was “appalled by the apathy and insensitivity” of both PepsiCo executives and the Obama administration.

“We’re not talking about what kind of pencils PepsiCo wants to use – we are talking about exploiting the remains of an aborted child for profit,” she said. “Using human embryonic kidney (HEK-293) to produce flavor enhancers for their beverages is a far cry from routine operations!”

PepsiCo also requested the resolution be excluded because it “probed too deeply into matters of a complex nature upon which shareholders cannot make an informed judgment.”

“In other words, PepsiCo thinks its stockholders are too stupid to understand what they are doing with the remains of aborted children,” Vinnedge stated. “Well they are about to find out just how smart the public really is when they turn up the heat on the world-wide boycott!”

Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey has proposed a bill SB1418 banning the sale of products that are developed with or contain aborted fetal remains. In the case of Pepsi products, the cells derived from the aborted fetus do not end up in the final product.

“We commend the Senator for his courageous move,” noted Vinnedge. “The public is already saying no thanks to all Pepsi beverages and Pepsi Next is just that – the “next” product to avoid!”

To date, the world-wide boycott has expanded to include Canada, Germany, Poland, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand.

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13 Comments on “Obama Agency Helps Pepsi Hide Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Flavor Enhancement Tests”

  1. J Says:

    I use to like Pepsi, but I switched to Coke a long time ago. With this article, I am not even going to buy Mountain Dew anymore. Anything with Pepsi’s logo is now off my menu list as well, i.e. Taco Bell, KFC, etc.

  2. memaw1942 Says:

    Well, I’ve been a Pepsi consumer from way back, but this has opened my eyes… No more Pepsi products for me. I’m not usually one to put controversial news on my fb page, but today I did!!!

    • memaw1942 Says:

      Well within minutes, the controversy began..and I ended up deleting it from my fb page…. Dr. Bulldog, I don’t know how you handle it all….

      • MeMaw, in the 40+ years I have known you, when it comes to a moral fight, I’ve never seen you back down before. So, why give up so easily now?

        First of all, as a blogger, you learn to not take anything personally; the younger generation has been brainwashed by Libtards since the day they were born. They are overflowing with cognitive dissonance. Therefore, when confronted with moral issues, they WILL get defensive and attempt to rationalize away their “programmed” immorality in anyway they can. If they can’t rationalize, they’ll yell you down in an attempt to make you shut up and go away. It’s just a defense mechanism as they try to cope with a different point of view contrary to their Libtarded programming. It’s also a huge sign that you are winning the debate and challenging them to rethink their programmed perceptions of which they have no legitimate reasoning for. If you shut up, they may never see the fallacies inherent in their programmed viewpoints.

        That which we have seen and heard DECLARE WE UNTO YOU, that YOU also may have FELLOWSHIP with US: and truly OUR FELLOWSHIP IS WITH THE FATHER, and WITH HIS SON Jesus Christ.” – 1 John 1:3

        Secondly, I don’t know why you deleted your FaceBook post. If you have strong moral and religious objections to companies profiting off of the murdering of children, then stick to your guns! An “in-your-face” FaceBook post declaring your abhorrence to the profiting of companies from the murdering of a child is a way to remind your FB friends where you stand on the issue every time they go to your page. It’s YOUR page, not theirs!!!

        If they object, then tell them they are free to post their humanistic morality on their own page! So, what’s the problem? Naturally, you can always send them the ultimate message by “unfriending” them if they get too belligerent.

        Besides, what possible legitimate justification could your FB friends have for helping a company profit off of children who were murdered? Just because a company (Senomyx) has a bunch of employees running around in white lab coats does not make them the final arbitrators of morality! If their moral code is 180 degrees out of phase with our own, what does it profit us to give them our money? After all, if we give them our money, it’s perceived by them to be tacit approval of their immoral business model.

        Remember Primum non nocere in the Hippocratic Oath? “Firstly, DO NO HARM!” Well, the first thing that occurred in this chain of events was the killing of a baby! Did you also know that the Hippocratic Oath addresses abortion?: “I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.” The breakdown began with the medical profession forswearing their moral code of conduct.

        If history has taught us anything on this subject, it has taught us that when “professionals” forswear their morals, a Joseph Mengele looms on the horizon.

        Morality is a personal conviction, whereas “Righteous Morality” is of God. Joseph Mengele believed he was moral in using humans as guinea pigs for his sick experiments because the medical and scientific community, the “professionals,” would ultimately profit from such knowledge. God says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Ask your FB friends which moral code of conduct they follow, God’s, or—like Mengele—their own?; One leads to salvation, the other to damnation. Choose wisely…

        Ultimately, the question is: Should we support the scientific community profiting off of an abortion via our pocketbooks, with each of us becoming as little Mengele financiers in the process, just because the “professionals” say it’s okay? Or, do we hold fast to God’s Righteous Morality and simply refuse to knowingly give money to those who wish to profit by using a murdered baby for flavor tasting? Choose wisely.

        Pepsi (in collusion with Senomyx) could have easily done a taste-test with live children, yet they chose to use an aborted fetal cell line for taste-testing. How crazy is that? Ask your FB friends if a dead baby can describe a flavor better than a live one? Obviously, children who are alive are better at describing whether they like the taste of something or not!

        Using an aborted fetus ((HEK-293) which, by the way, was “electively” killed at the request of the mother) is not only unnecessary in flavor-testing, but is also inferior to having a live child actually describing whether or not a flavor is “yummy” or “yucky.”

        Campbell’s Soup once partnered with Senomyx for flavor testing. When they found out that Senomyx was using an aborted fetal cell line for flavor tasting, they pulled out of the partnership. Apparently, “Mmmm Good,” requires live children who can actually proclaim it. And, I haven’t noticed any impact on the flavor of their soup. So, what’s Pepsi’s excuse for embracing petri dish flavor tasters over live ones?

        And, finally, don’t you want to know how your combative FB friends could possibly justify their answer to the following question?: If, as demonstrated by the fact that a company is using fetal taste cells in product testing, a fetus can taste, what makes you think a fetus doesn’t experience pain as it’s being ripped apart and murdered?


  3. anonymous Says:

    I never knew President Obama had his own personal agency. I thot it was US agency. Oh I forgot it was election season.

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  5. jeannie Says:

    just imagine drinking your own child, a neighbors, a relatives. How can you guys @ Pepsi Co. be sooooo heartless. Im done (.) with Pepsi products, This should boot Obama out of reelection. He lost my vote

  6. Richard Says:

    So let me get this straight. The HEK 293 Cell came from one kidney, from the Netherlands during the 1970s or is there an ongoing process to acquire new cells?
    Just trying to get my head around this.

  7. Story update:

    “Pro-lifers drop boycott after Pepsi disavows use of aborted fetal-cells”

    “By Victor Morton The Washington Times Monday, April 30, 2012 ”


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