Rump-Rider Sycophants Removing Chick-fil-a from College Campuses

Nothing like the hypocrisy inherent in the much touted “all-inclusive,” Liberal academic world excluding those who are of a different opinion:

Chick-fil-A’s Christian ties stir college opposition
by Anne Reiner/ – via Baptist Press

BOSTON (BP) — Last week, the student senate at Northeastern University, in Boston, voted to end negotiations to bring fast-food chain Chick-fil-A to campus after students protested over the company’s affiliation with several Christian organizations the students say have an “anti-gay” agenda.

The Atlanta-based company, dogged for months by accusations of homophobia, insists it is “not anti-anybody” but instead simply wants to “graciously serve great food and have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.”

But students from at least 10 campuses aren’t buying it. Incensed over the company’s Christian values, they opposed new franchises and lobbied for the removal of existing restaurants on campuses across the country. Although the furor has generated a lot of media attention, prompting the company’s president to publicly defend its philanthropic affiliations, it’s not likely to hurt Chick-fil-A’s bottom line. With about 1,540 restaurants in 38 states and annual sales figures topping $3 billion, the company still has plenty of fans.

At Northeastern, the student body eagerly embraced Chick-fil-A’s proposal to become a vendor in the student center, until a small group of students complained about the organizations to which the company contributes through its WinShape Foundation. Led by Senior Taylor Cotter, a member of the school’s’ student senate who spent almost a year opposing the company’s interest in coming to campus, the students circulated a petition and gathered 300 signatures — about 1.5 percent of the student body. Despite the relatively small opposition, the school’s student government quickly voted to end negotiations with the company.

School administrators supported the decision, saying the company’s principles contradicted Northeastern’s respect for diversity and support for the gay community: “We are proud of the decision that affirms our university’s commitment to be an inclusive, diverse community that is respectful of all,” college spokeswoman Renata Nyul said in a prepared statement.

ROFLMAO!!!  The hypocrisy runs deep with this one!

Responding with their own written statement, company representatives said they were disappointed over the school’s “hasty” decision: “We are not anti-anybody and Chick-fil-A [has] no agenda, policy or position against anyone as some reports continue to represent.”

Company president Dan Cathy insists Chick-fil-A is not a Christian company, just one founded on biblical principles. But thanks in part to the company’s affiliation with pro-family groups, its frequent presence at large religious rallies and the praise music reverberating from speakers in its restaurants, both fans and detractors often refer to it as one of the country’s most overtly Christian businesses.

Through the WinShape Foundation, started by company founders Truett and Jeannette Cathy, Chick-fil-A donates to several Christian organizations, including The Marriage & Family Legacy Fund, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the National Christian Foundation. According to its statement, Chick-fil-A has given the groups $1,714,199. None of the organizations the company supports has an “anti-gay” agenda, although as Christian groups, they do uphold and support heterosexual marriage, Donald A. Perry, the company’s vice president of corporate public relations, said in his statement.

“I want to assure you that the historical intent of our Foundation and corporate giving have been toward compassion, principally by serving youth and families,” he said. The company gives millions of dollars every year toward education.

Chick-fil-A also has faced opposition at Duke University, Bowling Green University, Florida Gulf Coast University, Gainesville State College, Indiana University South Bend, Mississippi State University, Texas Tech University, the University of North Texas and New York University.

NYU freshman Hillary Dwarkoski, of Santa Monica, Calif., started an online petition asking school officials to close the existing Chick-fil-A location on campus. The petition now includes almost 11,000 signatures.

But not all students oppose the restaurant. In an opinion piece published in The BG News, the Bowling Green University newspaper, student Rob Furia chided school officials over their decision to remove Chick-fil-A from the list of possible replacements for Wendy’s, which previously held a spot in the school’s cafeteria: “It seems the decision was made based largely on faulty assumptions about Chick-fil-A’s charitable work, meaning a hasty conclusion was drawn to avoid association with a company that was unfairly labeled.”

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18 Comments on “Rump-Rider Sycophants Removing Chick-fil-a from College Campuses”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Translation= If you don’t think and believe as we do you are intolerant. So hows it feel to be called intolerant by bigoted confused and childish morons? I feel nothing, nothing!

    Ordinarily I don’t like chicken sammiches but I think I will fight through that dislike and try to start liking them now. Maybe I will just go in and order the dang thing and then throw it away but again, ordinarily I don’t like to waste food. I understand that I will have to do many things that ordinarily I don’t really like to do in this battle against extreme tolerance, ET, or rather racism because that’s what it really is. Yes thinking that all people are or should be the same is racist, intolerant, bigoted, offensive and dictatorial.

    Before queers started this err, well, I don’t think boy-cott is the right name, anyway, before, I didn’t even know that Chick-Fil-A had walk-in places in which to eat, thanks alot ETs!

  2. Noreen Says:

    I think it’s seriously time to start thinking about dividing up the country. The only problem is which coast does the left get?? I think the west because most of them are already there. I’m from Ma. and it would be hard to leave this coast but I see no other solution:) These people want nothing short of mind control/facism. Does anyone think they would go willingly?? Maybe an island? Cuba? Maybe we can take all the Mexican illegals who actually want to work for a better life and trade??

    • tgusa Says:

      You might be right on dividing the country. However, the east coast states are far more leftist than the west. We won’t get anywhere arguing over coasts, it’s the so called progressive inspired communism. When it comes to a choice between Ma or Ca I say neither. I have said that same thing to other people but of course they had to find out for themselves. Many of my neighbors are veterans and if you want to split up the country I think we could win the civil war that would ensue. Now in the worst case scenario your coast loses, will you be asking for our assistance?

    • tgusa Says:

      I recently heard that all the oil wells that had run dry and were capped twenty or so years ago out here are all full to the brim once again, but of course the media does not want that reported.

  3. Noreen Says:

    Yes!! I love this coast:))) I grew up on Cape Cod ( a more conservative area) and I’ve always thought because of California, Oregon and Wash. state that the west was more liberal. Unfortunately Ma. is a university state with Camb. & Boston being overrun by students who seem to get there crap in the paper and on television more than the natives. Shut up and go home I say. When I went to college we laughed at those people, well until grad school which I had to quit. Ok I’m rambling.. Anyway I’m not trying to pick a fight, that’s just more division I say we ship them all of to another country that way both of our beautiful coasts win.

    • tgusa Says:

      You have the right idea and you are not rambling imo.
      I was born in Groton, Ma. but I have been back to the east coast numerous time since.

      I may not be there but I’m with you.

    • tgusa Says:

      BTW, would you like to take Chicago cause if you don’t take it we will have to, lol.

  4. Noreen Says:

    Oh I was thinking we could send them all to Chicago!!! And Detroit! Where do you live now???

    • tgusa Says:

      Not far from Camp Pendleton. I have been wanting to move for several decades now as my area has gone from semi rural farming country to suburban and now into a sort of metropolis. I’m feeling closed in and I don’t like it however I cannot decide just where to go. Let me know for sure where you want to send the progs so I can strike that off my list.

      • Noreen Says:

        Lolol that’s the reason I moved from the cape. Well that and to go to school:) I think we’ll send them to Detroit if there is no objection?? Has anyone seen Detroit lately?? They can see first hand what progressive ideas and morals have done, no waiting!! And there’s always Dearbornistan! Tg you can come vacation here any time:)))

        • tgusa Says:

          Thank you very much kind lady.
          And yes I have seen Detroit and nature is reclaiming the city brick by crumbling brick. We could label it America’s first really green city.

          One thing I will always love and remember about your neck of the woods is the little patches of snow that remain on the rocks offshore above the tideline during wintertime. You can’t get that kind of a view just anywhere.

  5. I can sympathize Noreen. Im from the Seattle area and we have just as many libs here as CA or MA.


    Guess I better move to Manila…

  6. tgusa Says:

    While NYC on the east coast has had the greatest amount of coverage (hype) on the west coast the action has been in Oakland. The corporate prog media has these incidents blown way out of proportion. The media does not want the left hand knowing what’s going on with the right hand and vise versa. It’s an era of media divide and attempted conquest but its all fakery, occutard nonsense on another front.

    All of this reminds me of a movie circa 1981, My Dinner With Andre, not really a very good movie, mostly boring nonsense much as we would hear today but there was one part where Andre says, what if the new version of the concentration camp is NYC, where the inmates have built their own prison and they all stand around admiring their creation. Andre also talks about friends of his, primarily one particular scientist going off the grid, not reading newspapers or magazines and such, 1981!

    But at least most of us can say, we’re not Portland!
    No offense to Americans in Portland.
    I’m sure there are some.

  7. Big Frank Says:

    IMHO it’s just more PC (i.e. Marxist) whining fueled by the left.

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