Snail Mail From ‘Just Curious’

Dear Dr. Bulldog and Ronin,

If not the President, who has control of making sure “justice” is being served on those who are a “threat” to him?

Take these for example:

Tony Rezko and Governor Blagojevich incarcerated:  Was the opportunity for the truth of the President’s involvement made available to them?  Scapegoats?

Deaths of:  47-year-old Donald Young after revealing a homosexual relationship;   24-year-old Lt. Quarles Harris, Jr., found dead in his car with a bullet wound to his head, when investigating passport; now death of Andrew Breitbart after announcing he would reveal communist activity.

How many more I and others are not aware of?  Coincidence?  I don’t believe so.  Radical Islam?  We know how they operate, and they have received special favors and rights along with the decent Muslim people.  Is it a corrupt organization making sure truths are squelched?  I can’t conceive a deranged individual is on a crusade.  So, who is it?  And, why?

Why did the President sign bill HR-347 on a Friday, March 9th? Trying to avoid the news cycle, perhaps?  Now it threatens free speech in meetings and protects him from criticism, making a citizen liable for arrest and jailed as a felon.  Did citizens hear of this?

Are we now to feel we are the next victim if we speak out against our leaders who betray us?  Can I be the next victim for questioning what the rest of our country’s citizens should be asking?  Is the United States of America coming under the rule of a dictator?

Is the old saying, “Curiosity killed the cat,” a reality now?


Just Curious

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2 Comments on “Snail Mail From ‘Just Curious’”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    Flashback to the administration of Big Brother Bill C, a number of folks in Little Rock and DC came to room temperature under the strangest or mysterious circumstances. Of course the MSM and many investigative agencies gave Bill and Madame Hillary a pass. Our ‘Dear Leader seems to have the same ‘Teflon’ coating or shield.

  2. tgusa Says:

    People don’t call them the bomb throwing left for the heck of it. 14 dead and 300 plus injured in Thailand courtesy of the bomb throwing left. The left says, tolerate homicide, but if one of theirs gets killed it’s a tragedy worthy of suspending peoples rights! There’s no getting along with these people and frankly, Id rather be dead than live with them. Times are a changing and he threat of death just isn’t what it used to be. Someone needs to call them out and ask them, do you support a peaceful settlement, a two state solution or would you rather murder your way into power?

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