Ali Mohamed Mohamud Kills His Stepson After Convincing Concerned Neighbor No Harm Would Come to the Boy

Just a sad story all the way around.  

Anyway, not to throw salt in the wound, but here’s a life lesson learned:  If you see a child being chased by some backwards, third-world immigrant with a name like “Ali” or “Muhammad,”  (or any other traditional Muzzy name) best to err on the side of caution and protect the child until the police arrive to deal with it.  Now, I’m not saying that the dhimmified policemen are going to do anything other than just give the child back to the Muzzy, but at least you can sleep at night with a somewhat clear conscience when you discover the poor child is now dead:

‘I don’t want to go back with him’
Neighbor chillingly recalls 10-year-old’s fear of returning home to stepfather, who hours later confessed to police he beat boy to death

Buffalo News

Ten-year-old Abdifatah Mohamud was running for his life down Sycamore Street at about 5 p.m. Tuesday when a concerned neighbor stopped to try to help.

Seeing the boy’s stepfather chasing after him, the neighbor helped the man, Ali Mohamed Mohamud, catch up with the child.

The boy didn’t want to go home with Mohamud.

“I told the boy, ‘Daddy promises nothing is going to happen,'” the neighbor later told The Buffalo News.

“The boy said to me: ‘No, he always says that.'”

Less than six hours later, Abdifatah was dead, brutally beaten, and his stepfather, Ali Mohamed Mohamud, was under arrest.

The boy was tied to a chair with duct tape, a sock stuffed in his mouth, and he was beaten with a stick or blunt object in the basement of their Guilford Street home, near the Broadway Market, authorities said.

The stepfather was angry because the boy, a fifth-grader at the International Preparatory School on Clinton Street, had fallen behind in his homework, law enforcement officials said.

The neighbor, a mother of young children, sobbed as she recalled how she intervened, persuading the boy to go with his stepfather and even driving them back to their house.

“Your daddy says everything will be OK,” the neighbor recalled telling the boy, asking that her name not be published. “I may have been the last person to see that little boy alive.”

During the short ride home, she said, the stepfather offered repeated assurances that Abdifatah would be fine.

“I told the boy, ‘You go home, and if something does happen, you let me know tomorrow morning,'” the neighbor said.

Mohamud, 40, a native of Somalia who has been in the United States for a decade, was charged with second-degree murder. Police investigators were shocked over the viciousness of the beating, according to Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda, who struggled Wednesday to find words to comment on the case.

“Every homicide is bad, but it is particularly hard to deal with for first responders, police and others, when it is a 10-year-old child,” Derenda said. “In talking to investigators, I was told it was one of the most grisly crime scenes that they can remember, and some have been here 40 years.”

Erie County Assistant District Attorney Thomas M. Finnerty, at Mohamud’s arraignment Wednesday, told City Judge Diane Wray that Mohamud admitted beating his stepson to death.

“The defendant admitted he tied up his 10-year-old stepson, admitted that he put a sock in his mouth, put duct tape over the mouth and beat him to death with a stick or similar blunt object,” Finnerty said.

Ferry Fillmore District Police Officer Christopher Fields, responding to a call from the boy’s mother of a missing person, entered 30 Guilford St. at about 10:40 p.m. Tuesday and searched the house.

In the basement, he found the child’s body, partially hidden under a blanket.

Mohamud, a security guard who is employed by U.S. Security Associates and worked at The Buffalo News, fled from the house in a red Subaru Forester and called his work supervisor, asking him to meet him at the newspaper.

The supervisor tried to find out what was wrong during the phone call, but Mohamud refused to say, according to a report the supervisor later filed.

At 11 p.m., the two met at the newspaper, and Mohamud confessed to the killing, according to the supervisor’s report.

“I have a lot of problems and killed one of my kids,” Mohamud told the supervisor, according to his report.

Mohamud had come to The News to remove his possessions from his work locker, the supervisor reported.

Police in the area spotted Mohamud’s vehicle parked near The News building and approached the Scott Street entrance.

The supervisor told police that Mohamud was in the building and led them to him in the locker room. Mohamud then stood up, and police handcuffed him.

At Buffalo Police Headquarters, Mohamud cooperated with Detective Sgt. James Lonergan and provided police with a statement “indicating his involvement in the death of his stepson,” Detective Chief Dennis J. Richards said.

But none of this could comfort the neighbor who had tried to help the boy she spotted running down Sycamore with his school knapsack.

“It wasn’t normal,” the neighbor recounted. “I was trying to pull over, but there was traffic behind me. Then I saw his father on the other side of Sycamore. He was running after him and trying to stop cars to get across the street and catch him.”

When the traffic had finally passed her eastbound car on Sycamore, she swung around and drove up to the stepfather, heading toward Jefferson Avenue.

“I asked, ‘What’s going on?’ and he said his son was running away and he was trying to catch him. He asked if I would give him a ride, and I did. He said he didn’t want anything to happen to him.

“We spotted the boy on Jefferson, and he was trying to jump over a fence. The father got out of the car and held him by the hand. The boy said to me he wanted to go to a family member’s house on Auburn Avenue.

“He said: ‘I don’t want to go back with him.’ He would not sit in the back seat of the car with his father. He said he wanted to sit in [the] front seat next to me. I told him, ‘You come home with me and we’ll wait for your mother, or if you have the phone number, we’ll call your family on Auburn.'”

At that point, the neighbor, an immigrant from Africa like the Mohamuds, said the boy calmed down a little.

By 5:20 p.m., she said, she had pulled up in front of the boy’s house, and the stepfather and boy went inside.

The neighbor sobbed Wednesday recounting the episode.

Mohamud is married to the boy’s mother, Shukri, and both have children from previous relationships for a total of six children, according to police, neighbors and acquaintances.

Richards declined to comment on a motive, but neighbors said the father could be very strict, especially when it came to the youngsters doing their homework.

“The father wanted him to study and study. He told me, ‘I check his homework every night, and his grades are going down,'” said Tariq Butt, whose family watched Abdifatah’s two younger siblings after their brother’s body was discovered.

Butt, an acquaintance of the Mohamud family, said the stepfather had confided in him that he was upset with Abdifatah for falling behind in his homework.

“I always had this feeling that the father was strict,” Butt said, and added that Abdifatah was a well-behaved youngster.

Back on Guilford Street, as neighbors congregated throughout the day to discuss the death, Johnny Alexander, a longtime Guilford resident, offered this explanation for a killing that defied logic:

“You just never know what’s going on in people’s homes.”

Mohamud is scheduled to return to City Court at 2 p.m. Monday for further proceedings. In the meantime, he is being held without bail in the Erie County Holding Center.

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30 Comments on “Ali Mohamed Mohamud Kills His Stepson After Convincing Concerned Neighbor No Harm Would Come to the Boy”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    Classic moon god worship. He owns the child. Therefore, he can murder the child.

    This is another example of attack on American culture.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    Just one more example of the caring and compassion by a practitioner of ‘The Religion Of Peace’. Of course the lunatic liberal establishment will pass this horrific murder off as another ‘tragedy’ due to misunderstandings or ‘cultural’ differences.

    • Sally Says:

      Clearly religion had nothing to do with this tragic murder. Culture and religion are two completely different things.

      • tgusa Says:

        Actually Sally there are religious cultures and non religious cultures. Does Voodoo culture have anything to do with religion? That depends who you ask. Religious cultures follow certain sets of rules and I’m sorry to inform you that there are major differences between religious cultures. It is telling that you took the time to defend a religious culture by attempted distraction. I cant imagine what kind of mom you would make, well, yes I can, its monstrous.

        Almost to a man, every serial killer that has ever preyed upon Americans was a victim of child abuse and primarily by the parents. I suppose its better he killed the kid as the kid probably would have grown up a monster and taken his rage out on other innocent people.

        Islam is a time bomb, the systemic abuse that children suffer leads to what we are seeing. Only now, in the last thirty years have we really seen the truth. In the past the veil of secrecy in Islamic societies obscured the facts. On a bright note, muslims have far surpassed all serial killers throughout time in just a short time. Oh to see what the future holds, but again, we can, its monstrous. You obviously have no problem living in a religious culture such as that. Well you may get your wish as there are very few in the west opposing it. I hope you enjoy it..

      • Sally,

        You forgot the sarcasm tag.


      • Big Frank Says:

        I’m sorry Sally I beg to differ with you but many of the ‘faithful’ are brainwashed since birth , many being illiterate, and ‘programmed by harsh and cruel ‘hard line’ radical Imams it is almost impossible to teach them critical, moderate and compassionate thinking.

  3. Concerned Says:

    This is a tragedy and a heinous crime by an individual it has nothing to do with culture, religion and ethnicity. How many kids get abused molested killed every year here in America no one says it was because of a religion even including priest molestation has nothing to do with religion it’s a personal sickness. If those people were true god fearing individuals whether they are Christians or Muslims they wouldn’t do something like that.
    Please stop the ignorance and the hate and see what it really is.

    • tgusa Says:

      I watched the tapes, over the last ten years. You can watch them too but forget about the main characters and look behind them to what is going on, you know, on the street, in the culture. You can watch a six year old kid smack his sister around for speaking to an American soldier. He prolly learned that on TV huh? A kid is dead and you want us to stop the hate. Too bad it isn’t the hate that killed the kid that you care about. Of course we don’t see a lot of those films, cant have too much exposure and all. Funny thing is, the more the people we are supposed to be helping are filmed just being them the more we dislike them. Aren’t concerned citizens supposed to be concerned about what their fellow citizens are concerned about? I guess not. Wouldn’t ambivalent be a better username than concerned?

      And really, homosexual priests abusing boys, shocker.

      • You know what I find hilarious about these flyby commentators/apologists? They know only the stripped down, genetically modified Islamic seed crop that is used to grow Islam in Dar-al-dawa soil. They don’t know crap about real Islam as practiced in Arabia and other third-world sh@-hole countries.

        Nor do they understand why the abused, decedent child’s age of 10-years-old is of extreme importance in this case and how it is tied to Islam:

        Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-‘As

        The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: Command your children to pray when they become seven years old, and beat them for it (prayer) when they become ten years old; and arrange their beds (to sleep) separately.

        You see, that’s what perked me up when I read the story. The child was 10, and Muhammad said it was okay to start beating your 10-year-old child.

        Sure, I don’t think Muhammad meant to have parents beat their children until they were dead; but, you would think that an all powerful “Allah” would have foreseen the confusion that this would cause in the future for muzzy headed, overzealous followers. Sheesh, even I can foresee trouble in telling an illiterate like Muhammad that it’s okay to beat 10-year-old children without at least setting some limits. How stupid can you get? Oh, wait… Allah picked an illiterate, thieving, murderous, sexual predator to transmit his message… Never mind.

        Anyway, long story short, it is of no surprise to me when a backwards Muzzy takes his Islamic parenting responsibilities too far and ends up killing a 10-year-old stepson—as is most likely the case in this instance.

        After all, Muhammad, that perfect, shining example for Muslims everywhere, said it was okay to beat your 10-year-old child.

        Now, what could possibly go wrong with that?


        • just wondering Says:

          before you say anything or quote anythig u non arabic seapking person dont understand i urge to look further into that saying and research more about what mohamed pbuh meant by beating or i am will to get you a good dictionary not the one u looking at

          • tgusa Says:

            Before you try to lecture us get yourself a dictionary, and take an English class for cryin out loud, please.

          • tgusa Says:

            Your preferred allies in the west are the godless horde, the group your leaders call the great satan. And you have the unmitigated nerve to call yourselves God fearing religious people? Muslims have no moral authority to comment on anything religious., so just stop right there mister.

  4. kaka Says:

    when he kill the the boy the father what gonna do is he gonna run out or the police he will coach him the mother she go work when he kill him i think she be not here right step fathe

  5. islams not for me Says:

    And for those of you who dont think that the family is moslem…

    Feel free to look up about his funeral.

    • Big Frank Says:

      How sickening and depraved, a person ‘trusted as a security guard keeping everything ‘safe’ but his family.

  6. Nuurah Says:

    It make me so sadly is very unbelive so sad it make cry so sorry the mother of boy it is very!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! made to killed ten boy

  7. Nuurah Says:

    it make cry very sadly to hear that i never believe this Oh My Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Khadijah Says:

    He did it on his own. He doesn’t show what Islam or Muslim’s do, He doesn’t rep. Anything! Killin’ a Human for no reason is agaisnt our RELIGION! -Dont get ous Muslim’s messed up please ! Acs ! P.S. I hope the guy suffers in hell !

  9. islams not for me Says:

    Islam as a theocratic system has killed / is killing people.

  10. Big Frank Says:

    If killing is against the ‘Religion Of Peace’ it has become quite evident that many of the ‘faithful followers of the teachings of the prophet’ have somehow strayed from the path of righteousness.

    • zaynab Says:

      big frank i don’t thing u have a religion stoping u from killing someone but for u it is u being in jail so stop , messeding us
      even u don’t have aney sadness for the little boy so all of u stop hate.

  11. You ought to take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the
    net. I most certainly will recommend this site!

  12. hodo Says:

    Ya Allah his a evil He was Only 10 poor child I know what’s his mother might going through:(

  13. Actually ‘jw’ Doctor Bulldog is one of the more knowledgeable people about Arabic on this blog. The rest of us use online translation software.

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