The Plight of Ted Nugent

Were you wondering what the heck Ted Nugent was talking about at the NRA meeting in St. Louis when he said if Obama was reelected, by this time next year he (Mr. Nugent) would be dead or in jail?  Well, Glenn Beck was able to get Ted Nugent to open up about his battle with the commies in the Obama administration. 

It’s an eyeopener to exactly how bad things are under Obama’s communist rule and goes a long way in explaining exactly what Ted Nugent meant by his comments at the NRA meeting in St. Louis.

Please, I implore you to watch this and share it with ALL your friends.  Also, be sure to include Mr. Nugent in your thoughts and prayers.  He will most certainly need divine intervention to stave off these attacks from a pure evil loosed upon America and the world:

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6 Comments on “The Plight of Ted Nugent”

  1. Noreen Says:

    I had no idea all this was happening to him. It seems hopeless to me to fight these criminals. I wouldn’t know what to do, and it doesn’t seem to matter who we vote for:(

  2. tgusa Says:

    Teds getting the twenty dollar whore treatment as opposed to the ten dollar whore treatment the rest of us have been receiving. It will be hard to muster any kind of sympathy when binladens buddies take their revenge on these other terrorists. These jerks will find out that they have absolutely zero friends in the world, not even hookers. In the not too distant future it really does suck to be them.

    • Big Frank Says:

      I agree the facilitators of a revolution are always the first ones to be disposed of, just look back at the purges that ‘Uncle Joe Stalin, Chairman Mao, and A. Hitler perpetrated on those who followed orders with blind obedience, thinking they would be rewarded for their loyalty.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Do your homework. When jihadists get started they have a clear pattern of attacking police stations, schools and teachers. In America fire putter outers and the fish Gestapo are a target too. Stand back and be thankful that you are not one of them and that all you have to do is put up with their **** for a little while longer.

  4. tgusa Says:

    They kill the wrong animals and them lie about it. Shocker.

    From the article;
    “I called my supervisor and said, ‘I just caught a golden eagle and it’s dead,’ ” said Strader. “He said, ‘Did anybody see it?’ I said, ‘Geez, I don’t think so.’
    “He said, ‘If you think nobody saw it, go get a shovel and bury it and don’t say nothing to anybody.’ ”

    Crime doesnt pay, yes, it does.

  5. AgileBulletDodger Says:


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