Colin Powell Still Undecided on Obama or Romney

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Yes, I remember Mr. Powell’s turncoat endorsement of Obama in 2008, but I thought surely by now he would have seen the error of his way. Apparently not, however…

Well, be that as it may, here’s a rough draft of a letter I’m writing to him. Please feel free to add any suggestions in the comments section for consideration to be included in the letter:

Dear Mr. Powell,

It has been argued that you represent the very definition of what a patriot and a hero is. Yet, you stabbed your country in the back by supporting Obama in 2008. Naturally, the American people can forgive you for your temporary lapse of judgment; many Americans themselves were deceived by the media narrative in 2008—and, it didn’t help that a mealymouthed politician like John McCain was thrust upon them as the only other reasonable candidate from which to choose.   Mistakes were made.   But, now we know better!

However, after more than three years of a continual assault on our liberties and rights—freedoms which you personally fought for, I might add—you still have not made your mind up about Obama? What is wrong with you? Do you really agree with Obama’s communist policies, his elitist attitude, his continual bypassing of legislative and judicial processes via the EPA and other Federal agencies in order to push his Agenda 21 driven ideologies onto the American people, etc., etc.?

I could go on and on all day long, but I won’t waste your valuable time. Suffice to say I wish you to consider and meditate upon one thing above all else; your boys and girls who are dying in Afghanistan as a direct result of Obama’s “Kumbayah” warfare policies and tactics:

Yes, war is Hell – But, stupidity, no matter how you try to parse it, is still stupidity. Attempting to play nice in a combat situation only accomplishes one thing; getting oneself killed. How many more of your children—our children, my children—are you willing to allow Obama to sacrifice in the name of his fatuously idealistic Kumbayah warfare tactics?

A “yes” vote for Obama in this upcoming election is a mandate for Obama to continue his psychotic and deleterious policies.

Is this what you really wish for America?

With my utmost respects,

Dr. Bulldog

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4 Comments on “Colin Powell Still Undecided on Obama or Romney”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Reagan came along and began to restore the faith in military leadership that many Americans lost as a result of the poor leadership of the Vietnam War. After Reagan we began to see a return to the sos. Mr. Powell really should have known better. Of course if Colin has a learning disability I am willing to give him a pass.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    Are they kidding us? Colon Bowel can’t make up his mind,. To think that some folks thought he would run for the Presidency. We are lucky as a nation he did not.

  3. tgusa Says:

    What have I done?

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