Obama Signs Agreement With Karzai for 12 More Years of U.S. Human Targets in Afghanistan!

Just freakin’ crazy!  I’m absolutely livid about this!!! 

It’s not good enough for Obama to have implemented his Kumbayah warfare tactics wherein soldiers have simply given up shooting back at hostile forces because of all the legal BS they know they will have to go through once they get back to their military base.  It’s not good enough for Obama to have killed, in less than three-and-a-half years,  2 ¼ times the number of U.S. soldiers Bush did in over 7 years in Afghanistan. 

No, that’s not good enough!

Now, he wants to continue our presence in Afghanistan until 2024!!!

WTF!?!   Why? 

We have ousted the oppressive Taliban government and installed a “nicer” mini-Taliban government.  Check.

We have severely limited the ability of terrorists to use Afghanistan as a safe haven from which to operate.  Check.

And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I could have sworn bin Laden was *reportedly* killed last year.  Check. 

Mission freakin’ accomplished! 

Now, time for our brave men and women to COME HOME!!!

We aren’t going to accomplish anything else of monumental significance in Afghanistan no matter how long our military stays there.  And, if we are “nation building,” we don’t need a large military presence in Afghanistan; that stage of the game is over.  What we need now are the diplomats.  Yup, send in the diplomats and politicians!  They can freakin’ nation build all they want.  Have at it!

Nope…  The only reason to keep our military in Afghanistan at this point in the game is if you want to use them as human targets. 

Yup.  12 more years for muzzies to bone up on their shooting and bomb making skills…

Obama’s Afghan trip: 14,000 miles for brief remarks lacking one crucial word


Now, someone could suggest that had the current commander-in-chief done something, anything in the way of leadership, to explain and sell his hardline, erase-al-Qaeda stand, public support would be stronger. Had Obama made even 10% of the pretend, cross-country effort he invested in selling his DOA Buffet Rule, more Americans might have been more patient.

But Obama didn’t. In fact, Tuesday night’s speech from Kabul emphasizing withdrawal was his first substantive statement in eleven (11!) months. Nothing to the nation from its leader on an ongoing war for nearly one year, while finding time for 124 campaign fundraiser speeches, more golf games and vacations.


One little-noticed provision of the agreement Obama and Karzai signed Tuesday, however, is that American troops will remain in Afghanistan for not one, not two, not even three more years. They will be there for 12 more years, until 2024, helping. So, John McCain was correct after all about lengthy U.S. troop stationings.

In his speech last night the president noted the more than a half-million Americans who’ve served in Afghanistan. But in remarks that Obama wanted focused on an optimistic end to the conflict, he failed to mention the 1,957 Americans who’ve died there since 2001, 68% of them during his presidency. And 93 in the last 122 days.

Nor, as it turns out, could the politically-inclined president of the United States find room anywhere among his 1,556 words for the seven letters that could make his surges and all those sacrifices seem more worthwhile: “victory.”

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4 Comments on “Obama Signs Agreement With Karzai for 12 More Years of U.S. Human Targets in Afghanistan!”

  1. AgileBulletDodger Says:

    I say we let Obama go to Afghanistan, put him in front of our teams who are checking for IED’s but ensure he follows his own policies and not let him have any weapons so as not to agitate them and make sure he also has no protection because we don’t want to give them the impression we don’t trust them. Problem solved.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    This entire electioneering caper is nothing more then an empty agreement which will cost many more precious US lives and waste more billions of dollars. Only the Afghan people can change their country, it’s their choice. Either they remain as a 7th century religious concentration camp or choose the path to some sort of modernity. Years back our diplomats and military ‘brain trust’ refused to arm the tribesmen that wanted to eliminate the Taliban. It’s their turf let them fight it ou.t

    • Pete Says:

      The entire middle east is a 7th century concentration camp (very nice analogy, I’m sorry I didn’t think of that) peopled by brainwashed zombies.

      The first thing President Romney should do in his 2nd day in office is call up karzai tell him all his bank accounts have been frozen and the US is in the process of getting all our stolen money back, all US troops will be out of country in 1 week, all and any agreements with the US are null and void and have a nice day.

      • Big Frank Says:

        Thank you for the complement, Upon observing the behavior of the masses in the ME and far E , these illiterate and semi literate brainwashed since birth zombies , have only one mindset pounded into their skulls by depraved and warped Imams who interpret the teachings of the prophet to suit their powerful hold on the masses. The rules are changed at their whim and enforcement and on the spot punishment is meted out by the brutal ‘religious police’. All of this under the guise of a civil government.

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