Discrimination Has Its Place

Some interesting points to consider:

Bigotry on the ballot? No, dishonesty in the editorial
by Albert Mohler – via LifeSiteNews.com

May 7, 2012 (AlbertMohler.com) – Many of the nation’s leading newspapers serve as advocacy agents for the normalization of homosexuality and the legalization of same-sex marriage. Leading this charge for some time, The New York Times regularly promotes same-sex marriage in its editorials and news coverage. Even so, the paper’s latest editorial serves as a display of how the argument for homosexual marriage is often pressed with what can only be described as undisguised intellectual dishonesty.

In “Bigotry on the Ballot,” the paper editorialized against Amendment One, the effort to amend the constitution of North Carolina in order to preclude the legal recognition of same-sex marriage. That question will be put before the voters of North Carolina on May 8, and the result will be an important signal of where the nation now stands on the question. No similar effort has yet failed when put before the voters of a state, but polls indicate that the vote in North Carolina may be close.

The editorial begins:

“North Carolina already has a law barring same-sex marriage, but the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature is not satisfied. It devised a measure to enshrine this obvious discrimination in the State Constitution and placed it on the ballot of the state’s May 8 primary election — a test of tolerance versus bigotry that ought to be watched closely nationwide.”

The paper has every right to editorialize as it chooses, and an editorial against Amendment One is no surprise to any informed reader of that paper. But look closely at the language used. The effort to limit marriage to the union of a man and a woman is described as “obvious discrimination.”

That is meant to insinuate that the effort is therefore wrong, and even immoral. But that is just not intellectually honest. Discrimination — even “obvious discrimination” — is not necessarily wrong at all. Indeed, any sane society discriminates at virtually every turn, as do individuals. The law is itself an instrument of comprehensive discrimination. We classify some crimes as misdemeanors and others as felonies. We allow some persons to teach in our schools, but not others. We recognize certain persons as citizens, but not others.

Often, we discriminate on moral terms. No sane person would ask a convicted child molester to be a baby sitter. No sane society would elect a known embezzler as state treasurer. These acts of discrimination are necessary and morally right.

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4 Comments on “Discrimination Has Its Place”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    The issue of gay marriage is going to be around for awhile. Not because we want to appear as the ‘bad guys’ but because we dont want to have to change our religions, society and personal lives to be changed for the benefit of gay men and lesbians.

    • theresa Says:

      I am agaist marriage for gays. i believe they can get a legal union, BUT not a marriage under god.. the bible says marriage is a legal union for man and woman. it is therir choice to give into the ungodly act of woman ans woman and man and man, Yes their genes are 1 off of every one elses BUT they have made the choice. I will totally agree they are mostly very very nice people. but marrige is under god, they can have a legal civil unuin but don’t bring god into a unatural ungodly act. they can have laws to protect them and their relationships,accets,ect.,which is fine with me but i will vote and lobby against a marriage under god! t.w. in wi.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Gays in reality dont need marriage. They can have all the relationships they want without using politics and ‘special interest’ groups.

    But of course thats not the ‘real’ issue. The real issue is to make thier lifestyle choices and festishes into a political party to change America for the worst.

  3. islams not for me Says:

    One last comment from me about this issue.

    The ‘genesis’ of gay marriage started in my home state of Washington.

    For those of you who want to see how this mess started feel free to go to your local library and find the following dvd:

    “For my wife– [videorecording] / Trick Dog Films ; produced by LD Thompson ; written and directed by David Rothmiller. ”

    “United States] : Cinema Libre Studio, c2010. ”

    “Summary: A culturally important documentary film that brings reason and substantive merit to the national dialogue on marriage equality. Faced with tragedy and humiliating discrimination at her partner’s deathbed, Charlene Strong rose to prominence as an advocate for LGBT equality. Her journey inspires on a deep level, bringing a sense of triumph through unimaginable sorrow. ”

    “Subject: Gay couples — Legal status, laws, etc. — Washington (State) — Seattle. ”


    While I feel sorry for Ms. Strong loss. I donot see any real point in gay marriage except to harm others legally.

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