Empowered by Obama, Rump-Riders & their LUVrs Take 2 Twitter 2 H8 on Traditionalists

No doubt these are the same morons who fully support Obama’s anti-bullying efforts.

NOTE:  I had to do a LOT of editing to tone these tweets down for our readers because the Left likes to throw out the F-bomb like a televangelist loves to throw out “Amens.” 

Maybe the Left should get their own mouths under control before pretentiously pointing fingers (THE finger? ). 

As someone once said, “Every time you point a finger at someone, there’s always three fingers pointing back to you…” 

No H8? Gay marriage supporters to opponents: kill yourselves
Posted May 10, 2012 by Twitchy Staff

if you not f***ing with obama for supporting gay marrige kill yourself ! love is love ♥

As we all know, embracing Barack Obama’s latest position on same-sex marriage is the height of tolerance and virtue. So what better way to show solidarity with the president’s (r)evolving support of gay marriage than wishing opponents would off themselves?

Note that “love is love” is a recurring phrase in these tweets. Tell us, are you feeling the love?

Everybody that said y’all aren’t voting for Obama bc he believes in gay marriage kill yourself, he believes that love is love not gay mrrge!

you’re not a fan of Obama anymore because he wants to legalize gay marriage? here, take this gun & kill yourself.

b*tch, go f***in kill yourself “@AnnCoulter: OBAMA AND BIDEN ARE GETTING MARRIED??????”

RT @RegularBrown People talking about the not gonna vote for Obama cause he supports gay marriage.. Please kill yourself

To anyone who just said “Obama declared a war on marriage” – kill yourself. That’s not a joke. Please kill yourself. Thanks.

If you’re opposed to gay marriage, kill yourself, you’re a bad person

Da F***.?! If Same Sex Marriage Offends You , Then Kill Yourself. Ppl Should Marry Who They Want. If You Aint Gay It Shouldnt Even Matter !

LOL @ North Carolina. Against gay marriage? Kill yourself. Bullet right in the mouth. Take some of that bigotry out of the gene pool.

“We’re not anti gay, we’re pro marriage ” omg kill yourself b*tch

If you don’t think gay marriage should be legal. Go kill yourself, you small minded bigot.

I hate julia gillard ! shes hates gay marriage ! go die stupid hoe ! love is love

f*** everyone who doesn’t support gay marriage. go die you ignorant f***s

I fully support gay marriage. If you don’t like it you can kindly f*** off and die a slow and painful death. Love is love motherf***ers.

Everybody against gay marriage can suck the phatest d***& die quick!!!! F*** off!

RT if your for gay marriage. DIE, if your not !

I don’t give a sh*t if you’re a Christian, Catholic, or even a Nazi; if you don’t support gay marriage you can f*** off and die.

“That person should die” my response to critics of @BarackObama s statement today… or anyone against gay marriage….

Whatever happened to “No H8″? Oh, that’s right, the tolerance thugs have always been cool with hateful language as long as it’s directed at “pansy asses” who hold different views.

Recall the way Prop. 8 supporters were treated in 2010:

Prop. 8 supporters and donors have been hounded, threatened, blacklisted, beaten, and forced to resign from their jobs for exercising their political free speech.

And once again, the “catch more flies with venom” school of persuasion is on full display.

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4 Comments on “Empowered by Obama, Rump-Riders & their LUVrs Take 2 Twitter 2 H8 on Traditionalists”

  1. theskepticalchristian1971 Says:

    Wow! So thats the great ‘tolerance’ of the left.

  2. theskepticalchristian1971 Says:

    Since Im not for the ‘progay’ propaganda…

    1 Im gonna live and not ‘kil myself’.

    2 Im gonna watch the progay morons eat thier words as those whom they support slowly die from disease and worse.

    3 Im gonna watch society slide into worse sin and it will get so bad that the lefties will abort all thier support for ‘gay love’. And I will simply laugh at all thier efforts to save society from thier own idiocy.

    4 Im gonna vote out all supporters of the progay agenda and those who support such stupidity.

    5 I will speak out agianst the spiritual, societal, social suicide that the progay idiots are supporting.

    gay marriage = suicide

  3. pbittle Says:

    Hypocrisy in full bloom… So is this the “gay spring”?


    Hey Faggots:

    Keep your sick, filthy sex habits to yourselves. Your blood is so contaminated that it’s unfit for donation and your life expectancy is shortened by murder and disease. Also stay out of the military. I had to share a small space with one of you perverts for 2 years. He finally killed himself which you should also consider doing!

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