Developing: Kentuckian Democrats Send A Firm Message To Obama

Wow!  Forty-two percent of Kentuckian Democrats showed up at the polls today just to vote “Uncommitted” for their Presidential pick! 

I have no doubts that, tonight, Team Obama dropped more than just a few bricks in their shorts!  

One thing we can count on for sure is the LSM going into full on damage control mode to protect their messiah.

Here’s the screen capture from’s live election results:

UPDATE:  Here’s the 411:

Democrats give Obama cold shoulder in Arkansas, Kentucky primaries
by John Gizzi – 05/22/2012 – Human Events

The big story in the primaries Tuesday is not so much about which candidate won or lost on the ballot, but the strong showing in Kentucky’s Democratic presidential primary of a political outsider.  His name is “uncommitted.”

In what could only be called the latest embarrassment to President Barack Obama, a whopping 42 percent of Democratic primary voters in the Bluegrass State took the option of voting for “uncommitted.”  Indeed, as of 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, “uncommitted” was actually defeating the sitting President of the United States in 60 counties.

[…] Obama is facing a string of humiliations from Democratic voters who opt in large numbers for “uncommitted” or fringe candidates who get on the ballot in primary states.

Earlier this month, an incarcerated Texas man named Keith Judd received 41 percent of the vote against Obama in the West Virginia primary.  In Oklahoma, Obama garnered a mediocre 57 percent of the primary vote against unknowns who made the Sooner State ballot.  And in North Carolina last week, “uncommitted” made news by drawing 21 percent of the vote against him.

Tuesday, that figure was doubled in Kentucky.  The embarrassment to the president that is sure to ignite speculation about Obama’s standing within his own party was coupled with results from Arkansas.  There, John Wolfe drew one-third of the primary vote against Obama.


Yeah, must be all those racist, angry Right Wing, Tea Partying Democrats ganging up on Mr. O’perfect and voting against him… I mean, it couldn’t be that Obama just plain sucks as a POTUS, right?  Nope, it has got to be a race thing.  /sarcasm

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3 Comments on “Developing: Kentuckian Democrats Send A Firm Message To Obama”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    All of these reports are a good sign , however we must never let down our guard. The DemocRATS have a way of ‘fixing’ or ‘modifying’ election results. To this day there are many counties and selected districts that have more voters registered than the census reports. Just take a good look at Cook AKA ‘Crook’ county IL and Hudson County NJ where vote early, vote often, the dear departed voting, and the bogus name and address are still in full play. It has been said “it is not who votes. but who counts the votes”.

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