Obama SAT Scores Lower than GW Bush’s?

Yup, Obama is a product of racially lowered expectations, err, I mean, “Affirmative Action.”

Really, how else can you explain his obvious lack of basic mathematical skills which has saddled us with a debt of $15 trillion and counting ?  The only other guy in the world whose grasp of basic mathematics might be worse than Obama’s is his fatuous suckupper and propaganda meister, Ezra Klein

So, it is of no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention that Obama isn’t as smart as his ego thinks he is.

Of course, I can see where the Breitbart team is going with this article; they want to expose all the Media sycophants who will inevitably come out of the woodwork to protect Obama’s “sacred” records from scrutiny.  If I were the Lame Stream Media, I would tread very carefully when playing stud poker with the folks at Brietbart.  No doubt, they have an ace sitting in the hole:

Exclusive: The Vetting – Did Obama Have Lower SAT Scores Than George W. Bush?

Breitbart – by Charles C. Johnson  <— No.  Not the traitorous Lizard King at LGF.

President Barack Obama is hailed by his supporters and the mainstream media as one of the most brilliant men ever to hold the office. However, his refusal to release his academic records, his admitted deficiencies as a student, and his frequent factual errors–even in his chosen field of constitutional law–have cast doubt upon his supposed genius. Now, Breitbart News has established that Obama’s grades and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores may have been even lower than those of his supposedly less capable predecessor, George W. Bush.

Breitbart News has learned that the transfer class that entered Columbia College in the fall of 1981 with Obama was one of the worst in recent memory, according to Columbia officials at the time.

A Nov. 18, 1981 article in the Columbia Spectator, “Tight Housing Discourages Transfer Applications to CC,” written by student Jeremy Feldman and quoting admissions officials, reported: “On paper at least, the quality of the students accepted [as transfers] has declined along with the number of applicants, the officials say.”

Feldman, quoting Robert Boatti, Assistant Dean of Admissions, as well as the late college Dean Arnold Collery, continued:

Boatti also attributed the drop in transfer application to the College’s policy of requiring transfer students to take courses in its core curriculum and to the limited availability of financial aid for them.

He added a “majority” of the transfers come here from college in the New York area. Many come from community colleges, rather than the nation’s top schools.

“Even the unhappiest people don’t transfer from Harvard,” Boatti said.

In grades and other indicators of academic performance, the crop of transfer applicants “doesn’t stand out the way they did before,” [Dean Arnold] Collery said.

Boatti confirmed Collery’s observations.

Among accepted transfer students, the average combined math and verbal score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test is a 1,100 and their grade-point average at their former schools is about 3.0, Boatti said.

The freshman class at the College had a combined SAT score more than 100 points higher.

Only 450 students applied to transfer to Columbia in 1981 and sixty-seven were admitted, according to the Columbia Spectator, compared to 650 applicants just four years before.

If Obama’s SAT scores were near the average of the transfer students entering Columbia in the fall of 1981, he would have scored significantly lower than George W. Bush, whose combined math and verbal scores were 1206 out of a possible 1600 points (as revealed by the New Yorker in 1999).

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One Comment on “Obama SAT Scores Lower than GW Bush’s?”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    All of the true factors concerning our ‘Dear Leader’ were intentionally ignored , after all he was anointed by a vast number of media personalities, liberal academia, and hailed as the ‘one’ by the MSM. Even a decent and worthy candidate will have an uphill battle against such odds.

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