It’s Brett Kimberlin Day!

In case you were not aware of it, Brett Kimberlin is a “home-grown” terrorist who went on a 6-day bombing spree in Indiana back in 1978.  The media dubbed him, “The Speedway Bomber.”  He was soon arrested and jailed.  He used his jail time to become a lawyer and then started harassing all the witnesses against him by suing them.  Had he stopped there, he would have just become another footnote in history.  However, he has some major Lefturd leanings and has taken it upon himself to intimidate and harass bloggers who are on the Right. 

Breitbart and his associates were the brunt of many attacks.

Of course, we on the Right are not going to sit idly by while this attack dog of the Left hunts us all down!   Lee Stranahan has set the ball rolling and designated today as Brett Kimberlin Day in which all of us bloggers would blog about Brett Kimberlin.  I, personally, have never had any interaction—that I am aware of—with Mr. Kimberlin.   However, there are others out there who have some crazy stories to tell!   I woke up early this morning specifically to have some time to read the articles and even I am impressed by the sheer number of bloggers who have been harassed and intimidated by Mr. Kimberlin!  Not only is the guy a Lefturd “h8r,” he is absolutely certifiable and needs to be committed ASAP before he gets someone else killed!

Anyway, there’s an intense piece over at Patterico’s Pontifications which I implore you to read in order to get a taste of his tactics and also his known associates:    CLICK HERE 

– Dr. Bulldog

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3 Comments on “It’s Brett Kimberlin Day!”

  1. I’m suprised the lefties havent rounded that nutter up and sent him to a long term ‘care’ facility. But then again… They are more than happy to have nutters like him along with the ‘peta’ patrols, ‘elfs’ as thier criminal arm.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Hi, my name is Charles Manson and Id like to report a crime…

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