Van Jones: Patriotic Tea Party “Smashing” Down American Institutions

So, Mr. Vanjoneski, what you are saying is that that little Tea Party which you and your ilk originally dismissed as “ineffectual,” “astroturfed,” “of no consequence,” “disorganized,” and “dying” is actually a mighty force to be reckoned with?

Well, now…  Now we know we’re winning because we’ve managed to put the fear of God in a Commie like you, Mr. Vanjoneski.  Thank you!:


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4 Comments on “Van Jones: Patriotic Tea Party “Smashing” Down American Institutions”

  1. tgusa Says:

    “I think that I have already answered the first question adequately. In the present state of affairs I am convinced that we cannot possibly dispense with the trades unions. On the contrary, they are among the most important institutions in the economic life of the nation. Not only are they important in the sphere of social policy but also, and even more so, in the national political sphere. For when the great masses of a nation see their vital needs satisfied through a just trade unionist movement the stamina of the whole nation in its struggle for existence will be enormously reinforced thereby.

    Before everything else, the trades unions are necessary as building stones for the future economic parliament, which will be made up of chambers representing the various professions and occupations.”
    Adolph Hitler: Mein Kampf.

    Nice Flag, look for the union label.

  2. tgusa Says:

    These guys would have us believe that unions in general are under threat. I see little problem with trade unions if they are legitimate trades and there is free choice to join or not and contracts are open to both union and non union bidding. Governmental unions are trying to form an alliance with trade unions by squeezing out non union contractors, fascism. Governmental Unions are important because they provide the essential services to the governmental class as they go about their business of destroying our Republic. Somebody has to clean their bathrooms. Judging by the lack of reading skills I bet the bathrooms are filthy.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    Comrade Jones was out of uniform, he was not wearing his bright red hammer and sickle lapel pin.

  4. Rafael Brom Says:

    If Obama wins election rich people and job creators will run out of country and all taxes will be on shoulders of the “Middle Class”. This is Obama’s plan for the “Middle Class” – Communist Socialism. Go ahead you Liberal morons keep voting for him and you will see what will happen to you and this great country. Communists will not share power with you liberals. You will end up just like all other liberals ended up in all Communist countries – 10 feet underground in secret mass graves.

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