“Palestinian Authority” Declares Thursday a Day of Celebration for Dead Mass Murderers and Terrorists

I’m sure this has nothing to do with with the religion of peace, else they would all be out there protesting the hideousness of it all:


PA to honor suicide bombers, terrorists
05/30/2012 – Jerusalem Post

IDF will deliver bodies to representatives of PA, which will hold a national rally in honor of “martyrs.”

The Palestinian Authority leadership is planning to honor the remains of Palestinian suicide bombers and terrorists with full military services in Ramallah.

The IDF will deliver the bodies to representatives of the PA on Thursday, PA Minister for Prisoners Affairs, Issa Qaraqi, said.

He said that the PA would hold a “national rally” in the Mukata presidential compound in Ramallah in honor of the “martyrs.” The rally will be attended by PA president Mahmoud Abbas, PLO leaders and families of the Palestinians who were killed in suicide bombings and other terror attacks over the past three decades.

Qaraqi said that after the ceremony the bodies will be sent to their hometowns, where each one will be buried in a military funeral.

He said that 17 bodies whose hometowns were unknown will be buried in a Ramallah cemetery, also in full military funerals.

Another 12 bodies will be transferred for burial in the Gaza Strip, the minister added.

Qaraqi called on Palestinians to consider Thursday a day of celebration for the return of the “martyrs” to their families.

The repatriation of the bodies is part of a goodwill gesture to Abbas.

The list of names includes several suicide bombers who carried out the attacks at Cafe Hillel and the no. 2 bus in Jerusalem.

Israel will also hand over the remains of Hassan Sarahneh, who blew himself up at a hitchhiking post in Ashkelon in 1996, killing a female soldier.

Israel will also transfer the remains of Nasim Ja’bari and Ahmed Qawassmeh, the two suicide bombers who killed 16 people on two buses in Beersheba in 2004.

The list also includes Abdullah Badran, a suicide bomber who killed four Israelis at Tel Aviv’s Stage nightclub in 2005, Hiba Daraghmeh, the female suicide bomber who blew herself up at a mall in Afula in 2003, killing three people, Hassan Abu Said, the Islamic Jihad terrorist who blew himself up at an open-air market in Hadera in 2005, killing five people and Labib Azzam, who in 1995 murdered five Israelis and injured 23 others in Ramat Gan.

In addition, Israel will hand over the remains of the terrorists who carried out the Savoy Hotel attack in 1975, killing eight hostages.

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16 Comments on ““Palestinian Authority” Declares Thursday a Day of Celebration for Dead Mass Murderers and Terrorists”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Don’t forget the richness of cultural exchange Doc, the richness of cultural exchange.

    I have a question for muslims. How is it that one guy can tell another guy to go blow himself up to become a martyr. Is the first guy a prophet? Would you have us believe that the will of God just the whim of man?

    • Cultural exchange? You mean like exchanging pelts for beads and firewater? Yeah, that worked out great!



      • tgusa Says:

        Well I did send that string of heap um big beads to Mz. Liz Warren Peace…

        • For 1/32 of a pelt, I suspect…


          • tgusa Says:

            Mythbusters is now available for streaming on Netflix.


          • 2008 & 2003 only… Grrr! I saw all of those when I had cable. Need 2010,11,12.


          • tgusa Says:

            Call em, I have. The Netflix people are very accommodating and they do listen to what you have to say. Remember when they changed the site and lots of people were angry? I called and told them that the site really stunk but I wouldn’t rush to judgment and assume their ceo was retarded. The eliminating of sortable list options and getting rid of the check box for, show rated and seen titles was idiotic. Well they changed those back. I’ve also called and told them that I got their service for the Streaming, others are catching on and if you don’t get more content I will go elsewhere. I also told them that I am not interested in new stuff right away if ever. If I want stupid Ill just re-watch Idiocracy at Youtube, over and over, LOL.

          • tgusa Says:

            Check out the what’s popular on Netflix list on the home page. You know they are.

          • tgusa Says:

            I put in a call to Netflix for you.

          • Thanks! I appreciate it! I’m not particularly fond of letting them know that I’m using my son’s Netflix account! LOL!


    • tgusa Says:

      What, not one response from our zealous new convert Bulldog blog followers? Is the thrill gone? Ummah?

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    Well, I just changed my reason for drinking today. Now, it is time for a video of terrorists blowing themselves up before they hit the target. In slowmo.

    May I have another bar keep?


  3. Gonzo Says:

    Celebrating dead terrorists.
    Turns out, we do have something in common after all.

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