Islam’s Got No Talent

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the community of “Liberal” female singers—like Madonna or Lady Gaga—to speak out in protest of Islamic fundamentalism.

But, liberal female singers certainly do rag on Christianity, now don’t they?:

Saudi ‘Got Talent,’ but no women or music

Agence France-Presse – via Vancouver Sun

RIYADH – A Saudi city known for its ultra-conservatism has created its own version of the “Arabs Got Talent” television reality show, but with no music and women banned from taking part.

Instead, competitors will be permitted to perform religious chants, recite poems and engage in sports events.

The contest is being held north of the capital in the city of Buraydah, known as a centre for Wahhabism, a strict interpretation of Islam that is followed in the desert kingdom, Al-Hayat daily reported on Sunday.

“Buraydah’s Got Talent” is the title of the contest which will abide by the strict rules of segregation between the sexes, meaning it is not open to women.

Music, singing and dancing are strict no-nos, despite being staples in “Britain’s Got Talent” and similar talent competitions that have become a global viewing phenomenon with national versions televised in 32 countries.


Any thoughts on what a Muzzy talent show—which bars women and song—might look like?

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4 Comments on “Islam’s Got No Talent”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Madonna, Gaga, oh brother. Their fans remind me of the horde of girls who attended Elvis Presley concerts. You can rate these poor performers by amount of time they spend showing their young fans their tits. Git yer junk out of our faces, please.

    Islam to western performers, stone ya later dummies. Cultural icons, no matter how insignificant have to be eliminated.

  2. tgusa Says:

    In the wake of the sexual revolution Hollywood went bat**** crazy. During the 70s Hollywood thought that we all wanted to see other people having sex. It didn’t matter if the movie had nothing to do with sex, it didn’t make any difference that many of the performers were revolting and would make you sick to your stomach if you dared to watch, they were going to, do it. It was the beginning of the in your pants performer. Its one reason why I have a tough time watching movies from that era, you never know when this obsession will rear its ugly head. I paid to see a movie, if I want skin I’ll hit the beach for crying out loud.

  3. “Any thoughts on what a Muzzy talent show—which bars women and song—might look like?”

    Yeah… Boring…


  4. Chris Says:

    No doubt goats and camels would figure in somehow…

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