Thoughts on Obama’s Executive Privilege Stunt in the Fast and Furious Investigation – UPDATED

I have been busy this morning reading all the buzz on Obama’s use of an Executive Privilege granting Eric Holder immunity from producing documents as requested by Darrell Issa.

A few thoughts I’d like to share and bounce around with you:

1)  If anything, Obama’s use of Executive Privilege directly implicates him in the Fast and Furious plot to implement more gun control legislation.  Bad move, Obama.

2)  The same media complexes which criticized G.W. Bush’s use of Executive Privileges and led the charge to impeach Nixon for his attempt to “cover up” the Watergate break in,  is now inculcating Obama’s use of an Executive Privilege with cries of,  “Well, Bush did it, too!”  Who says the media isn’t biased?

3)  Back in 2007, Obama heavily criticized G.W. Bush for using Executive Privileges.   My, my…how the tables have turned!

4)  Given Obama’s Executive Privilege order granting immunity to Eric Holder, how’s that Transparency in Government working out for you Libtards?

UPDATE: Today’s “Contempt Vote” has taken a break for lunch.  I think the best overall speech given on the House floor was from Trey Gowdy of South Carolina.  He does his State and Country proud! 

Right now, the only *video* of it I can find on YouTube is an audio only version.  I’m fairly confident Darrell Issa’s Oversight and Reform YouTube channel will make the video available in the near future.  Until then, here is the audio only version:

UPDATE 2:  As promised, here is the video of Trey Gowdy’s speech on the House floor:

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4 Comments on “Thoughts on Obama’s Executive Privilege Stunt in the Fast and Furious Investigation – UPDATED”

  1. Marine4Ever Says:

    On your Point 1 (as with the rest)… EXACTLY!
    Now, let’s see if there’s anybody up there in their ivory towers that have the gonads to go after the little goat herder, Obimbo.

    • Big Frank Says:

      The devious dirtbags in the MSM as usual have given this major scandal scant or light coverage. Not to worry our ‘Dear Leader’ will throw some of his administration bozos ‘under the bus’, the buck will never stop with him.

  2. The Muzzie Terminator Says:


    Let’s hope it’s sooner than later. Anyway I see it “later” will probably be too late! Should this happen it must be before November 6.

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