Obama Channels His Inner Gerald Ford; Trips While Walking Onto Stage

I’m sure Saturday Night Live—as they mercilessly did with President Ford—will immediately incorporate Obama’s stumble into their act.  /sarcasm:

You see, it’s not like this is an isolated incident. He has done it before, it’s just the Lame Stream Media and Saturday Night Live give him a free pass all the time:

Still not convinced that Obama is worthy of a Chevy Chase-type pratfall impersonation?  Well, here’s another one.  It happens fairly quick, but the video replays it in slow motion for endless amusement.  As you can see, Obama hits the deck fairly hard; yet, nary a comedian has even dared to incorporate Obama’s clumsiness into their act:

For an additional chuckle, I thought I’d include Obama’s head bump on the Air Force One helicopter:

Pure comedy gold!!! So, where is a Chevy Chase when you need him? In the bag, that’s where!

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5 Comments on “Obama Channels His Inner Gerald Ford; Trips While Walking Onto Stage”

  1. The Muzzie Terminator Says:

    B.O. began tripping the moment that he took office! As for Saturday Night Live, I see NOTHING funny about this fraud!

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  3. Noreen Says:

    I hear this is what happens when you’re high or brain damaged.

  4. marine4evrrr Says:

    Why, he coulda BROKE HIS NECK!
    (Loooong sigh.)

  5. Big Frank Says:

    After all ‘Her Righteousness’ the famous Ms. ‘O’ anointed him on national TV. Being that he is ‘The One’, he can do no wrong.

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