Muzzy Crowd ‘Stones’ Christians in Dearbornistan While Pusilanimous Cops Bow to Sharia

More interfaith dialogue from the Religion of piss & vinegar.  The astounding part isn’t the Muzzy crowd throwing bottles, eggs, whatever at the Christians; the astounding part is that the cops are so Sharia whipped, they go after the Christian victims and not the Muzzy perpetrators:

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13 Comments on “Muzzy Crowd ‘Stones’ Christians in Dearbornistan While Pusilanimous Cops Bow to Sharia”

  1. marine4evrrr Says:

    They bring bottles and eggs; I bring my trailer load of feral hogs and let ’em loose. Guess who wins?

  2. The Muzzie Terminator Says:


    Now that would really be something to see! Make sure the feral hogs haven’t eaten for awhile but I don’t have to tell YOU that!

  3. Big Frank Says:

    No surprise here, the feckless groveling, lapdogs, lackeys, and apologists of Islam, have prostituted themselves to the inbred mutants of the ‘Religion Of Peace’. These poor excuses for public officials must really be hard up for votes. In the future these poor excuses for law enforcement will find themselves fighting this uncouth rabble, who will grow up t be more then just rioters and fill the state prison.

  4. Big Frank Says:

    These totally subservient, poor excuse for ‘law enforcement’ have brought shame onto heir profession. Had Christians or any other group attacked a Muslim group peacefully demonstrating and exercising their rights of free speech and expression, these ‘Keystone Cops’ would have used tear gas and night sticks to control the situation, Followed by butt kissing and hand wringing by the left leaning liberals in the MSM. We would see the reports on every cable ‘news’ outlet played 24/7 ad nauseam.

      • Big Frank Says:

        The action taken by the ‘balless’ police in Dearborn MI is IMHO parallel to the action taken by the police in the UK against the EDL controlling their every move with massive ranks of police and arresting their leadership on bogus charges. While at the same time allowing the most radical Islamofascist hate mongers spew their anti western and diatribe venom at will.

  5. How interesting that msolems can have thier ‘dahwah’ booth in the faire and can throw around thier propaganda but Christians or other groups cant give thier messages to a supposedly “Americanized” group whose god and prophet are counter to the Christians message.

    Also telling how most Christian groups dont resort to violence when thier enemies speak against them. Just goes to show you whose better.

  6. marine4evrrr Says:

    Damn. I wish I’d said that.

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