Obama’s War on American Energy Continues Unabated

While we were all distracted yesterday, Obama was stealthily working to continue the destruction of America.

Basically, Obama has rolled back Bush’s lifting of the continental shelf drilling moratorium:

H/T – LonelyConservative

IER Statement on Obama 5-year OCS Leasing Plan
Institute For Energy Research

WASHINGTON, D.C. — IER Senior Vice President Dan Kish released [yesterday] the following statement about the Obama administration’s proposed final plan for development of energy resources on the Outer Continental Shelf:

“President Obama’s offshore charade continues today with the formal announcement of the 2012-2017 leasing plan for the outer continental shelf. With this plan, the administration reinstates the 27 year moratorium that was lifted in 2008, and turns its back on potentially enormous energy resources that could provide jobs and energy security for America. For more than three years, the Obama administration has consistently reversed bipartisan efforts to open America’s vast offshore resources for energy development.

“The president has cancelled lease sales, delayed others, and imposed a unilateral executive embargo on the oil resources that our most promising public lands could provide. With 98 percent of the U.S. offshore currently unleased for energy exploration, Secretary Salazar has finalized this plan to continue the administration’s war against affordable energy. In the end, Americans will pay more for the energy they need.

“While President Obama and Interior Secretary Salazar claim an ‘all of the above’ energy strategy, today’s announced plan continues to give the American people access to a mere fraction of the offshore resources they own. If not for this president and his policies, Americans could access more than 200 years of oil supply under our feet and off our shores.

“Millions of Americans are still looking for jobs. The Gulf Coast economy has yet to recover from President Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling. President Obama has signaled today that he has no regard for our energy future, nor the jobs that a sensible, long-term plan for offshore development would create.”

If that isn’t enough to convince you that Obama is working overtime to destroy America before we kick him out of office, here’s a fairly recently released report on the coal burning power plants which are being systematically shut down by the EPA:

That’s 34.7 Gigawatts of energy America will no longer have!—Over 25 Gigawatts above the EPA’s original estimate of 9.5 Gigawatts.   And, it’s absolutely unfeasible to replace all that lost energy with just solar panels and wind turbines.  

Thanks, Barack!

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7 Comments on “Obama’s War on American Energy Continues Unabated”

  1. boudicabpi Says:

    Reblogged this on Boudica BPI Weblog and commented:
    Anti-energy, anti-American POS.

  2. Questionman Says:

    That is a bunch of bullshit! I won’t deny that race relations have been bad under Obama, but I won’t deny that facts of who the REAL racists are! It ain’t Barack Obama, it’s people like you!

    How is it that a HALF white man caused race relations to be this bad? How is it that a man whose mother was white and he was raised by his white mother and maternal grandparents, is a racist, but
    not that party who calls him a fraud
    not the party who questions his birth certificate when he has answered it over and over.
    not the party who racially insults his wife, his children and him.
    not that party who insults a whole race for voting for him.
    How are they not racist, but Obama is? That is bullshit!

    The response from Republicans and various teabagger groups who were certain the High Court would strike down the law was a repeat of the fallacious assertions during the healthcare reform debate two years ago when they complained of tyranny, government takeover of healthcare, and a Socialist plot to transform America into a European-style system of government. Republicans and their racist supporters in the teabagger movement have made every attempt to delegitimize President Obama and erase his administration’s achievements since January 2009 by promoting conspiracy theories, obstructing legislation, and attempting to repeal legally passed laws promoted by the President.

    Fraud? Obama is Harvard Law School graduate. You need practically a 4.0 cumulative high school gpa to get into Havard with a 32 average ACT score and have a your SAT writing, reading, and math scores in the 700-800’s. To sum up you have to intelligent.

    Do you think 300 million people are idiotic enough to vote for a man who hates the country he’s running for President?

    Obama does not want to destroy America.

    Fieger clearly stated the reality of race relations & perceptions today. The truth hurts or shocks those who run from it: both closet, unaware & open racists. But facing truth is the only way our society can heal from the legacy of racism & oppression. You put a lot on the line to make a public stand for truth & human rights.

    GOP Noise Machine has for years flasley depicted Obama as a lowly, un-American dictator/criminal; as someone unworthy of respect, which is exactly how they treated him, you have the galls to claim Obama is the cause of racism…..
    Obama IS the reason race relations is bad today, but YOU on the racist right are the REAL cause!

    • Well, you have very adroitly rationalized the entire affair to your own satisfaction, haven’t you? However, your deductions are based on complete fallacies; thus, casting you into the category of…moron!

      Well, moron, first of all, in all of your racist, idiotic rantings, you have yet to explain to us how reinstating the drilling moratorium on the continental shelf, along with shutting down power plants all across the nation will help the American economy and produce jobs—which Obama has repeatedly said is priority one! The only one who has ever brought race into this discussion is you, you freakin’ racist!!!

      Secondly, if you had ever read this blog before, you’d know that I’m part black. So, give me a freakin’ break! Obama sucks! Get over it, you race baiting son of a termagant!

      Unlike you, I judge men by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I will not vote for a Marxist moron hellbent on destroying America just because he happens to be blessed with a great tan!

      Also, all your race-baiting is for naught! The American people are sick and tired of idiots like you trying to guilt trip them into voting for Obama, yet again! You’ve overplayed your racism card. Everyone knows it’s a bluff and thus, of no concern to them. You’ve lost. Obama has lost. Face reality; Obama is going down in November!

      Later, buttmunch

      P.S. – I’m NOT a Republican, either, you half-witted imbecile! I’m an Independent! So, go suck eggs!

      • South68 Says:

        Thank you for that reply. Please step away from the koolaid, buddy. Your bizarre Obama mania is going to end up crippling us all more than we already are.

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