UK: Muzzie Parents Sentenced 25 to Life for “Honor Killing” Their Daughter

I’m sure this has absolutely nothing to do with Islam…  /sarcasm:

‘Honor Killing’: Pakistani Parents Found Guilty of Suffocating Teenage Daughter Who Refused Forced Marriage to Her 1st Cousin

Billy Hallowell – The Blaze

LONDON (TheBlaze/AP) — In a startling case, the Pakistani parents of a teenage girl have been found guilty of murdering a daughter who rebelled against a forced marriage to her cousin — a conviction that was clinched with the girl’s younger sister testifying that she saw her parents suffocate her older sibling.

Justice Roderick Evans on Friday sentenced Iftikhar, 52, and Farzana Ahmed, 49, to life for killing their daughter, Shafilea, in 2003. The couple — first cousins from the Pakistani village of Uttam — were ordered to serve a minimum of 25 years in prison.

“She was being squeezed between two cultures – the culture and way of life that she saw around her and wanted to embrace, and the culture and way of life you wanted to impose on her,” Evans said during the sentencing at the Chester Crown Court in northwest England.

In Britain, more than 25 women have been killed in so-called honor killings in the past decade. Families have sometimes lashed out at their children, often believing they have brought them shame by becoming too westernized or by refusing a marriage.

Shafilea was only 10 when she began to rebel against her parents’ strict rules, according to prosecutor Andrew Edis. The young girl would hide make-up, false nails and western clothes at school and then quickly change before her parents picked her up. But it was the last year of her life that proved to be the most traumatic for Shafilea.

During the trial that began in May, jurors were gripped by testimony from Shafilea’s younger sister, Alesha, who said she witnessed the murder when she was 12.

After an argument about Shafilea’s dress, her parents pushed her down on a couch, stuffed a thin white plastic bag into her mouth and held their hands over her mouth and nose until she died, Alesha testified. As she was struggling, her mother said, “just finish it here,” according to Alesha’s testimony.

Although Shafilea’s other siblings contradicted the testimony, the last-minute emergence of a diary convinced jurors. The diaries belonged to a friend of one of Shafilea’s sisters, Mev. In it, the friend relays conversations she had with the sister about the night Shafilea died — details that supported Alesha’s testimony.

“The strong message goes out and should be very clear: if you engage in honor killings — if you engage in forced marriages — you will be caught and brought to justice,” said Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Manchester-based Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim organization.

When Shafilea became a teenager, she became interested in boys — something that spurred punishment from her parents. School officials also alerted social services after Shafilea repeatedly told them of regular beatings and a looming forced marriage. Despite multiple reports to social services, Shafilea’s file was closed in 2002.

In February 2003, she ran away and told council officers she needed emergency accommodation as her parents were trying to force her into an arranged marriage.

Some of Shafilea’s own words also proved compelling to jurors.

In the application form to move out, she said she had suffered from regular domestic violence from the age of 15.

“One parent would hold me whilst the other hit me,” she said.

In was also in 2003 that her parents drugged her and took her to Pakistan against her will to seal the arranged marriage to her cousin, Alesha said.

In protest, Shafilea drank bleach.

When she returned to Britain in May 2003, she was admitted to a hospital because of damage done to her throat.

She was eventually released, but arguments over her clothing continued.

One night, her parents complained she was wearing a T-shirt and wasn’t properly covered up, according to Alesha. Alesha described that after the attack, her siblings ran upstairs and she watched as her father carried Shafilea’s body to the car wrapped in a blanket.

She was reported missing shortly after, with her parents making a teary-eyed media appeal for information leading to their daughter. But police were suspicious – so much so that they bugged the house.

Shafilea’s decomposed remains were eventually discovered in the River Kent in Cumbria in February 2004, but it wasn’t until 2010 that Alesha provided the key testimony.

Last year the government’s Forced Marriage Unit investigated more than 1,400 cases of forced marriages, most of which occur in Muslim communities. Britain is home to more than 1.8 million Muslims, most from Pakistani roots.

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18 Comments on “UK: Muzzie Parents Sentenced 25 to Life for “Honor Killing” Their Daughter”

  1. Noreen Says:

    These things will continue to happen because of political correctness (I hate that phrase). Authority figures refuse to investigate, police refuse to arrest and judges refuse to hand down the same punishments to muslims that the rest of us would surely get. This may be England and I’m glad they’re going to jail but it could have been prevented if the books weren’t closed on this poor girl and it’s happening here as well. We have to fight back!

  2. english rose Says:

    Believe me , these two muzzas will not serve 25 years . They will appeal to the repugnant European court of human rights who will interfere in English law yet again and order that the sentence be reduced. This girl was murdered because She dared to have a mind of her own and because she was westernised. My country ( the UK,not just England) is full pakis who still live as if they are back in that stinking hovel known as Pakistan. This is a classic example of why islamists do not belong in the west

  3. tgusa Says:

    The repuugnant and the revolting, and no, I’m not talking about the judges moral ambivalence. Caught between cultures. (barf)

    Just how much of this cultural filth does the judge think we should tolerate in the name of multiculturalism? Multiculturalism is an excuse for extreme cowardice.

    Children of first-cousin marriages have an increased risk of genetic disorders. After 1400 years how bad does it get?

    Western leadership, The I know nothing and nobody can make me know nothing, brigade.

  4. Big Frank Says:

    Multicultrualism and Political Correctness are nothing more than a pathway to Marxism.

  5. Of course this has nothing to do with islam. Its all cult-ural ya know.

    (Sarc OFF)

    How many kids born of moslems have to die before we start waffle stomping those chuckle heads into accepting Western ways or not coming here (Or the UK) at all!

  6. tgusa Says:

    Western leftists threaten that any analysis, criticism or debate revolving islam and its customs would lead to civil unrest. To any random layman that sounds like a confession that islam is incompatible with our western societies. They want us to find out about islam but yet they don’t want us to find out as it would undoubtedly incite muslims to commit violence. That picture I saw of the Mayor of London stuck on a wire is a terrific emblem for the western left.

    • Big Frank Says:

      In time our liberal and leftist ‘friends’ ,sadly due to the fact that they refuse to even examine the cold hard facts in front of them, will learn the truth the very hard way. Even then they will grovel and say what did we do wrong?

      • tgusa Says:

        Yeah, we’ve all seen the movies, used to be the foreign legions were over there, as it were. I’ll take Tommy Robinson over those wormy looking guys at the EU any day.

  7. Leatherneck Says:

    Islam is not inside the west to be a part of the west. They are here to help change culture. They do their part very well.

    Moon god worshipers make me want to puke.


    To all of you Muzzie aholes: If you don’t wish to assimilate don’t come here, it’s that simple. Since you use your hand instead of toilet paper I don’t want you to touch my dog or my pig !!!!!

  9. english rose Says:

    Yesterday There was an Edl meet a couple of miles from where I live ,to protest against paki paedos who groom young white girls. There were the usual ‘ fascist’,’Nazi’,’racist’ shouts directed at the Edl supporters by misguided ‘ diversity is wonderful’ fanatics. George galloway mp – a wanker who happens to be a Muslim convert- demanded the meeting be banned ,yet has the gall to call the Edl fascist because they express a different opinion. Democracy is the enemy of fascislam.

    • tgusa Says:

      The leftist media is trying to link the Norway maniac with defenders of traditional western values and culture. The maniac was a liberal in the classic meaning of the term. He was disgusted at what he saw as a hijacking of classically defined liberalism. The people he saw as the ones responsible for that, the progressive left, are now trying to link him to our side. There are many more unhappy liberals out there ready to explode.

      We all know that it is the leftist who instigates violence. They plot, they plan, and then they try to blame it on others. It has to have something to do with their demented thought process, there is no other explanation. But anyway, we have to watch out for disgruntled leftists gone wild as well as their anti western progressive hijackers of liberalism who will try to link these nuts with our side. I’m actually surprised that they didn’t try to say it was our fault that these muslims did what they did. I’ll site that as an improvement.

      • english rose Says:

        It has come out the father- a paragon of Muslim values- of this murdered girl, drank and frequently had sex with prostitutes. He also left his wife to marry his first cousin. This poor girl wanted to assimilate and be a normal teenage girl ,they didn’t want her having white friends- obviously the media hasn’t called them racist . Her brother said she deserved what happened to her ; perhaps he was jealous she wasn’t promised to him ?

  10. tgusa Says:

    Western converts, like rabid dogs, they used to be your friend but now they are infected. If I were a copper, I would know darn well who I cannot turn my back on for fear of being hit in the head with flying objects. Of course many of them are remaining silent, for now, but silence does not equate to stupid.

  11. tgusa Says:

    People on the left don’t realize that their leaders have chosen muslims as the number 1 group of hapless helpless oppressed sub sets. To all those fools on the left, see ya later ladies, gays, atheists, etc etc, and on and on. Your names will be wiped from historys slate faster than you can say, knock down those pyramids!

  12. tgusa Says:

    The vast majority of muslims don’t think like us. We do not share common values. More often than not the authorities side with muslim culture, they make excuses, they tell us that this doesn’t represent islam and they abandon girls such as these. The left refuses to accept muslims for what they are while at the same time the left tries to make us into something we are not. You can hear it in what the judge says, he is stunned, no, he refuses to believe, that muslims have different values than he does. Leftists along with their muslim allies have screwed up the entire world. Together they have made Earth a terrible place to live.

    They Kill Their Children For Disobeying Them! To western authorities; Hello! Is there anybody in there?

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