Abortion Doctor, Ashutosh Virmani, A Major Donor to Democrats

Was there ever any doubt? 

Now, remind me which party is the REAL party of racists?

Yup.  The DemonRats; still keeping blacks and minorities down on the plantation:

Abortion Doc Who Kills “Ugly Black Babies,” a Democrat Donor

by Steven Ertelt – LifeNews.com

The abortion practitioner who is getting national attention for telling pro-life advocates that his abortions help rid the world of “ugly, black babies” turns out to be a prominent Democratic Party donor.

“The doctor in the video, apparently, is an active political donor, giving almost all his money to Democrats,” notes Tim Carney, of the Washington Examiner.

Ashutosh Virmani is a frequent Democratic Party contribute, according to a web site that tracks federal political donations.


Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, is alerting people to a video that shows abortion practitioner Ashutosh Ron Virmani referring to the black children that he kills as “ugly black babies.”

“Let me see one of you adopt one of those ugly black babies,” she says.

“Excuse me? It’s all too obvious that he has a particular disgust for black babies and therefore has no problems killing them,” Gardner responds.


Various studies, including a 2011 Life Dynamics survey called, “Racial Targeting and Population Control,” have shown that Planned Parenthood, as well as other independent abortion facilities in America, target both African American and Hispanic communities by making sure their clinics are located in minority-dominated neighborhoods.


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8 Comments on “Abortion Doctor, Ashutosh Virmani, A Major Donor to Democrats”

  1. tgusa Says:

    I have said it time and again that the democrats are a collection of groups who do not share any common values. This is the direct result of the multi cultural clan, different cultures have different values, who knew? With people like this making decisions for the country it is easy to see why our country is a super giant mess. The compassionate Indian doctor, the Mexican environmentalist, crat women and gays for islam, the African, American, the anti commerce democrats for jobs and so forth.

    The democrat party is the party of special needs groups, they don’t like the disabled or the ugly as these people take resources that could be used on the special needs groups within their party.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Multi culturalism is prog-speak for racial politics. Barry was elected for one reason only, he was black. But alas, we are the racists, to oppose race based politics is to be a racist. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

    IMO, they are free to practice any culture they want, it’s a nice country if they can keep it.

    • Big Frank Says:

      How true, as I have said many times” multi culturalism and political correctness are the pathway to Marxism”.

      • tgusa Says:

        Yes, the question is, can they make America dumb enough to accept Marxism? Marxism hasn’t even been an easy sell to people in some of the dumber parts of the world. Even in its home, the east, the illiterate masses have had to be killed into accepting it. Even the somewhat educated Germans had major difficulty implementing Marxism, it never worked, East Germany was a running joke.One would think that Marxists would have had enough of us liberty loving Americans. True liberty loving westerners always outwit Marxists, because, its not that hard. Lots of morons are needed to take the pathway to Marxism, which explains a lot, heck, splains just about everything.

      • tgusa Says:

        The pathway from Marxism.

        Barry probably doesn’t realize the wall ever existed nor what its function was, to keep people in.
        The Berlin Wall is the most famous but people were risking their lives from one end to the other of the barb wire fences along the iron curtain.

        • Big Frank Says:

          How true, for the past 10 years I have visited and traveled in eastern Europe , the only folks who long for the bygone years of the communist era are the politically connected hard line commies. Those ‘loyal’ party lapdogs who toed the line and made everyday life a living hell for others.

  3. Wow! That is quite powerful! Truly shows what there agenda is.

  4. tgusa Says:

    I heard he is considering becoming a dem-0-care pediatrician, I guess its either that or working with the disabled.

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