Joe Biden Just Can’t Help Himself

Another day, another Biden gaffe!

Today, Biden regressed back to the 20th century:

“Folks, where’s it written we cannot lead the world in the 20th century in making automobiles?”  – Joe Biden (Virginia – 8/15/12)

Joe, put down that crack pipe!

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3 Comments on “Joe Biden Just Can’t Help Himself”

  1. AgileBulletDodger Says:

    I get an even bigger kick out of ol’ Joe if I read his transcripts using my best (late) Chris Farley voice and follow it up with “… in a van down by the river”

  2. Noreen Says:

    He’s right! In the 20th. century we did lead the world:)) We pretty much led the world in everything before he and Obama came along!

  3. Big Frank Says:

    Dumb like a fox Joe ‘Plugs Biden’ ,our ‘Dear leader’s” very own ‘court jester’ is grabbing all of the attention from the lame MSM, meanwhile our ‘Dear Leader’ and his Socialist/Marxist cabal amid all of these intentional distractions, go merrily on their way looting the treasury, wrecking the economy, and trashing the Constitution.

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