Libtard Shoots Security Guard at Family Research Council HQ

Interesting that the Left wants to disarm you, but not themselves…

You can bet your sweet patootie that if this had been a security guard for Planned Barrenhood getting shot, Obama and the MSM would be all over it with calls for civil discourse, gun control, yada yada.  However, since it occurred at a Conservative Christian, faith based institution, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

P.S. – The Southern Poverty Law Center labels the FRC  as a hate group.  Wonder if they’ll award the shooter a medal, or something:

Hero DC security guard shot thwarting attack at Family Research Council HQ
AP via NYPost

WASHINGTON — An armed man walked into the Washington headquarters of a conservative Christian lobbying group Wednesday morning and was confronted by a security guard, whom he shot in the arm before the guard and others wrestled him to the ground, authorities said.

The man was taken into custody by the FBI and was being interviewed. Authorities did not identify the man or disclose where he was being interviewed.

Police and FBI officials said it’s too early to know the circumstances of the shooting, which occurred around 10:45 a.m. at the headquarters of the Family Research Council, or whether it was connected to the group’s activities.


The Family Research Council advocates conservative positions on social issues and strongly opposes gay marriage and abortion.

Perkins was an outspoken defender of Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy’s public stand against same-sex marriage, which made the fast-food chain a flashpoint in the nation’s culture wars. The Cathy family foundation has funded the Family Research Council.


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3 Comments on “Libtard Shoots Security Guard at Family Research Council HQ”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Perhaps churches just need to refuse to marry anyone who isn’t Christian and perhaps Christianity needs to hold Christians accountable for upholding their wedding vows. People could then say, we had a church wedding and it would mean something again. The others could have their state sponsored unions, those unions will only last as long as the union lasts. Crats actually believe they are on the verge of a new age enlightenment when in reality the lefts policies will plunge the civilized world into another dark age.

    Going homicidal because normal people don’t want to embrace your mind numbingly stupid definition of Holy Matrimony, almost unbelievable. Was the freak born this way or did something cause him to become the warped individual that he is?

    If Christians really wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the system they could stop registering their marriages with the guvmint altogether.

  2. tgusa Says:

    We have an obligation to make sure our kids don’t grow up in a world where they are completely confused by the so called adults around them. Kids have a right to live in a world where men are allowed to be men and women are allowed to be women. It is a crime to force kids who are not born that way to accept two dads or two moms. It is also hugely selfish, and really, only the totally self absorbed would do such a thing. The selfish self absorbed should not be prohibited from making kids but they should not be allowed to take other peoples kids as some sort of leftist pet or lifestyle symbol.

    Many of these kids will be scarred for life, stigmatized among their peers.The fact remains that heterosexuals were born that way too but it is not heterosexuals that are demanding to live the queer lifestyle it is the queer that is demanding to live the heterosexual lifestyle. The left needs to get out of our lifestyles and allow us to be who we were born to be. Who knew that homosexuality would lead to more and more abuse?

  3. The left-urd has been ID’d…

    Officials: Man criticized group before DC shooting
    Comments (2) | Print | E-mail
    Source: National News
    Originally published: Aug 15, 2012 – 8:49 pm

    Too bad they Feds cant shoot the sucker and save our collective tax money to put his gay supporting self in prison.

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