Newsweek: “Hit the Road, Barack”

Are the Newsweek water carriers for Obama disappointed with him, or are they just trying to play the “fair and balanced” card?  

You decide:

More info HERE at NewsBusters.

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6 Comments on “Newsweek: “Hit the Road, Barack””

  1. Yup… Time again to vote for a ‘new’ president but in reality we are voting for just another party to take over the White House and to screw us over.

    Time to for real change. Time to tear down the system and rebuild it.

    • Big Frank Says:

      I could not agree with you more. What choice do we really have between the big government, left leaning, dirty DemocRATS or the ‘good ole’ boys’ network of the checkered pants and country club republicans, who take care of their big business buddies, make all kinds of back room deals, and pass little legislation that benefits ‘We The People’. It reminds me of that line from a rock song ” meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. Sadly I fear we will be fooled again.

  2. pearcy kellogg Says:

    Since Newsweek decided to drop printed copies and go to a strictly an on-line version due to declining subscriptions, I suspect this is just an attempt to get people to notice them.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Have you noticed that leftists have all of a sudden rediscovered the Electoral College? That’s because Obama is going to lose big in many states, landslides. I am certain that Obama will lose the national popular vote and so now the libstream media think it will come down to a state to state electoral college battle but that’s simply not true. This year for the first time ever Ca’s 55 Electoral College votes go to the winner of the NPV.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Barry’s family in Kenya was part of the 10 percent muslim minority. Barry’s dad was not as we have been led to believe an anti colonial Kenyan he was just another ant Kenyan muslim bigot. Barry stated he would stand with the muslims against us and yet, post 9-11, many Americans decided to elect him as president. Perhaps that’s why we are suffering what looks like the wrath of God. Evidently, our representatives have been supporting the muslim minority at the expense of the non muslim majority for decades. US representatives are and have been making a mess of the world that will require millions of deaths to rectify.

    They told me if I didn’t vote for Barry there would be questions as to whether America stands for good or evil and they were right.

  5. tgusa Says:

    If Barry hits the road which road will he travel? He is a disgruntled minority in Kenya, he doesn’t belong in Indonesia and when he came to America as per his book, he avoided anyone who was not part of the American fringe. Barry is literally the man without a people or country. He doesn’t understand the America that we know he methodically and deliberately set out to avoid that type of American.

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