Drinking With Bob: The Ron Paul Delegate Debacle

Look, I’m not particularly enamored with Ron Paul, either, but what the GOP is doing to him, along with the voters who voted for him, is outright criminal!!!

More proof that your vote doesn’t matter to the Washington elites; they’re going to do what they’re going to do:

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12 Comments on “Drinking With Bob: The Ron Paul Delegate Debacle”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    As usual Bob is right on the money. The good ole’ boys ‘checkered pants’ and ‘country club’ republicans fear any change. They are too busy serving their Big Busine$$ buddies, being wined, dined, and pocket lined by the horde of lobbyi$t$ that infest the inner reaches of the beltway, to do anything useful such as pass legislation that would actually benefit ‘We The People’. They are so used to operating in a business as usual mode that going back to the Constitution and shrinking the size government scares the crap out of them as much as it does the DemocRATS.

    • Yup, that’s why they are going after Todd Akin here in Missouri! He’s a strong Conservative, and they know it! They hate the Tea Party Republicans and, Todd Akin would only add to those numbers in Washington D.C.

      They are so terrified that the Tea Party Republicans will shrink the size of government and go back to the Constitution that they are willing to throw away their one and only sure bet for the Senate in November! Of course, they have now set themselves up for the DemonRats to keep the Senate. Morons!


      P.S. – Full disclosure: I voted for Sarah Steelman in the Senate Primaries. Todd Akin was last on my list. However, ALL the candidates were excellent Conservatives. I wish the Presidential Primaries had been that way!

      • Big Frank Says:

        Cheers Doc, I always encourage more folks to read the ‘Tea’ leaves, and get a grasp of what is really going on.

  2. tgusa Says:

    The Tea party is the one union that DC hates. The only stuff these pols want is our blood and our money. I’m becoming an independent after this election but I cannot see myself voting for democrats, ever. Sorry, don’t hate myself enough to do that.

    Democrat supporters have wished for hurricane Isaac to wash away the republican party convention, and now the thing is headed for New Orleans!

    • Big Frank Says:

      The DemocRAT party of today even has upset many of the old time die hard loyal party members, many are appalled with the operation, behavior, and the rather gutter content of the adds especially on a national level.

      • tgusa Says:

        Libs are getting angry because everyone thinks they are dumb-heads.

      • tgusa Says:

        We need to ask these dems why is it that every time their supporters hit the street in so called protest the entire police dept needs to be mobilized. The police need not even show up at a TEA party event. It is costing us enormous sums of money to police these dem mobs, err protesters. These really are not protests, a protest is when you organize to meet at a park or something, gathering to protest your grievance. Disrupting other peoples gatherings is not protesting, the only reason the dems do that is only embarrassing people would show up at the park.

        • Big Frank Says:

          I agree, these thugs, dupes, and ‘useful idiots’ that the DemocRATS employ are the ‘Brownshirts’ and muscle of the ultra leftist movement, they go way beyond the limits of free speech and expression into using the threat of or actual violence. As usual the lead rabble-rousers, and demagogues are no where to be found when the mob turns to violence, and is dealt with by the law enforcement agencies. They leave their ‘comrades behind ‘ to shed blood for the good of the movement, and to satisfy the blood lust of the MSM. As always ‘if it bleeds it leads, and if it burns it earns.

          • tgusa Says:

            Yes, the brown-shirts were a product of WWI and its aftermath, one could say that they were toughened up in that environment. In comparison to those brown-shirts our leftists are candy ****s.

            Here is an interesting link,

            Also, I watched a program at Netflix you might find educational, The Goebbels Experiment(2005), straight out of Goebbels personal diaries. Very, as leftists like to say, enlightening.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    It was sad to see the Ron Paul and conservative delegates brushed off and treated as lepers at the RNC convention. All because the fools changed the rules. Conservatives have much to contribute to the party and the nation. IMHO the mainstream Republicans are cutting off a growing area of support.. When they phone me and ask for donations, I bluntly tell them no one dime until I see evidence of real thrift, austerity, less government, and a return to the Constitution.

    • tgusa Says:

      You can watch any particular speaker on demand if you have a Roku. It’s free, here’s how.

    • tgusa Says:

      The dork media are talking about the low ratings of the convention on cable and broadcast networks. What is their major malfunction, we no longer have to put up with their games, wasting our valuable time as there are other outlets we can utilize in the 21st century. Time is a terrible thing to waste. Their model is outdated, a product of a bygone era. Talk about bitter clingers. The more they are marginalized the more insulting they become.

      We are witnessing the end of tv medias influence on elections and politics, it is a collective ritual suicide. Believe it or not, they will have one last chance to makes fools of themselves while wasting our time, they will be moderating upcoming debates. Yes, lobotomized republicans actually agreed to this. I would find it a lot easier to support republicans if they weren’t so danged stupid.

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