Axelrod Can’t Say We Are Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago ‘Cause He Knows We Aren’t!

I had a major chuckle moment this morning while watching Fox News Sunday.  So, I thought I’d share it with you:

Look, Obama has had almost four years to fix the problem.  It’s obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that he hasn’t fixed a darn thing; truth be told, he’s made it worse!  In a business environment, if his CEO contract were up for renewal, there’s no way a sane Board of Directors would renew it!  

Although my trust in the American public was severely shaken November, 2008, I’m confident that they have seen the light and will not be renewing Obama’s contract.

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6 Comments on “Axelrod Can’t Say We Are Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago ‘Cause He Knows We Aren’t!”

  1. Pete Says:

    Obummer ran on hope and change the first time, well now I have no hope and only a little change in my pocket.

    The smartest thing Mitt can do is force the demorats to end this class warfare that is killing the repusakins. Announce that as president he will raise the top tax rate to what it was under clinton. That’s a 4 lousy % increase. If you make over $400,000 in 2012 dollars as opposed to clinton era $ and can’t afford a 4% tax increase on your adjusted taxes then as far as I’m concerned you don’t deserve to make that much money.

    The demorats will have to shut up or show to the voting public just what hypocrites they are. Defang them, Obummer had a majority in the house and senate and did nothing. The demorats in the senate have not passed a budget since — who remembers back that far.

    The repusakin platform is basically the same as it was decades ago, it stunk then and it stinks now. Go back to the gold standard! are they insane? China has 1.2 TRILLION in US debt, All the gold in fort knox is only 166 BILLION thanks to the value of gold going so high. If Chins turned in 167 Billion in US debt and demanded gold (because we are on the gold standard) hello weimar republic.

    I have never feared for my country as much as I do now, as far as I can see it makes almost no difference if obummer is reelected or mitt is elected, this country will be in a huge pile of guano.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Christ had Judas we have these people. When given control the democrats set about gang raping Americans while eyeing the enslavement of future generations of our children. While crats are gang rapists repubs are just, voyeurs. They like to watch. Through their coalition of the hatful crats will make it impossible for you to provide for yourself. Forget about the American dream, you wont even be allowed to be a sovereign American anymore. They want to make the entire country as poor as they can it is the only way they gain power.

    I am beginning to believe there is collusion going on here. I won’t whine about my predicament but I will say that for the first time in my life I do not look forward to the future, and that’s saying something. I’ve seen good times I’ve seen bad times too but I never seen nothing like these times we have today. If I could say anything to Americans across the country who are not yet in the war zone, run, run for your lives away from these crats in the voting booth as fast as you can! Save yourselves before it becomes too late!

    • Big Frank Says:

      I agree, these poor excuses for members and leaders of political parties, are only out for themselves. What better way to control us then to drive us down into economic slavery and depravity? There will be no need to kick in our doors as in days of old, and seize what little wealth or possessions we have left. Their plan is working perfectly just tax us into submission, and price us out of the necessities for subsistence, making us dependent on the government for even our most basic needs.

      • tgusa Says:

        And wouldn’t it be great if it worked out that way but it doesn’t. The primary way that they go about bringing you to your knees is prohibition. Not prohibition of booze or drugs, no, the ripped are easy to manipulate, after all they’re ripped. No, prohibition on everything else, the nice green lawn is a easy analogy. You have this nice green lawn that is a result of you fertilizing it, watering it, and cutting it. So these people come along and say, lets ban fertilizer as it pollutes the water. Now keep in mind that it is not fertilizer that is contaminating the shoreline, its human runoff. Today, you can see people washing out their trash cans in the gutter even though today the drains have to be painted with, drains to ocean warnings, as if they cared, rofl. We never used to do that, we knew better and back then there were no painted warnings needed, but that’s another story back to the lawn. Besides the signs are all in English and how many people can read that these days? Oops, another story, sorry.

        So your lawn gets a little less green, fertilizer makers and distributors go out of business, jobs are lost tax intake goes down too. So now that they have fixed the non existent fertilizer problem they are now on to other things, for the good of us all. They tell you that you are using too much water on your lawn and with a short supply, and with so much being contaminated and all, they tell you to stop watering your lawn. Soon now your lawn has turned brown and the revenue from the water you are not using goes away. You say to them, I need water and they say there’s not enough. You say, build another reservoir and they look at you and say, were more interested in blowing up dams than creating reservoirs. So now your lawn is dead and they come to you and say, we can no longer afford to take care of the park as a result of less revenue. Compounding the issue, the park needs much more care today as a result of the negligent. There seems to ne a lot of people around that have not respect for what we built here, go figure.

        So that’s a small part, magnify it ten thousand times over just as many issues and you get a place that cannot even take care of basic things because, they don’t have the money! And just think, I haven’t even got to the lawn cutting thingy, its pollutin stuff and its dangerous by golly. Perhaps a sign, do not lick blade, would suffice. I suppose when everything is banned the only thing left to do is get ripped, but then there’s that old manipulation thorn again. This is how you end up with the water company sending you a flyer asking you to conserve water while the electric company is sending you flyers asking you to conserve electricity. They give you tips on how to stay cool without air conditioning, take a cold shower is one of them. I wonder if the water people know what they are doing?

      • tgusa Says:

        All of it reminds me of lines in that Idiocracy movie where the female test subject says to the male test subject, you think Einstein walked around thinking the world was full of dumb****s? The really sad part is today, you don’t have to be an Einstein to feel that way.

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