11-yr-old Pro-Life Girl Brought to Tears by Pro-Abortion Activists Outside DNC Convention

Apparently, the Pro-Abortionists were upset that they missed her before she was born:

Pro-Abortion Democrats Scream at 11-Year-Old Pro-Life Girl at Convention

by Bryan Kemper | Charlotte, NC | LifeNews.com

I want you to meet my friend and fellow abortion abolitionist, 11-year-old Zoe Griffin. In a world when grown adults ignore, deny or just don’t care about the abortion holocaust that has claimed over 55 Million of Zoe’s generation, she is willing to take a stand no matter what people think. Zoe joined her mother and friends to lay thousands of roses outside the site of the democratic convention and pray for the babies, the politicians and this generation.

While Zoe was praying, pro-abortion activists who claim to stand up for women began to belittle and scream at Zoe for her stand for life. What is so sad is that one of the women who did this to Zoe, Sunsara Taylor, is a well know anti-porn activist who claims to be against the degradation of women. I guess just not 11-year-olds who believe that women should not be dehumanized by the abortion industry. Sunsara Taylor’s Blog http://sunsara.blogspot.com

I could write a lot about this and how much I am sickened by what happened, but I wanted to let Zoe tell you in her own words how what happened and why she will never quit being a Stand True Activist. Praise God for young women like Zoe, she is why this is the generation who will abolish abortion.

Here is Zoe’s account:

“Hi, I’m Zoe. Something happened Friday night that a friend wanted me to blog about. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter or anything like that so I’m borrowing my mom’s page for now.

“What happened was a pro-life rally. We had showed up when only 4 people were there. I guess we were supposed to get there early. As more and more people came, a car arrived. A woman came out and opened the trunk. There were 3,300 carnations in the back of that car. We started to unload and unwrap the flowers. Lily, Bella, and I started to write pro-life statements with chalk on the sidewalks when some pro-abortionists came.
They were holding signs and chanting: “A baby’s not a baby till it comes out, that’s what birthdays are all about!” They were blowing whistles and jumping around acting like 5-year-old children. I was so sad that these people were so blinded I started crying. Then we started laying down the flowers all across the sidewalk. When we finished, the line of carnations was probably a mile long. A pro-life woman let me hold a crucifix that she had. I started clutching it close to my heart. My knees were shaking, so were my hands.

“The pro-abortionists turned to us and started pointing at different people, saying, “You’re a person! You’re a person! Fetuses are not!” Then the woman saw me crying and said,” You are making this girl cry with your bull____”. I couldn’t stand any more of those lies. They pushed it too far. In the highest-pitched voice I have ever spoken in, I screamed, “THEY ARE NOT THE ONES MAKING ME CRY! YOU ARE! WITH YOUR DARK HEARTS, YOUR DARK MINDS TURNED AGAINST GOD!” My mom ran over to me, put her hand on my shoulder, and calmed me down. Then she went up to them and said, “HOW DARE YOU ATTACK A CHILD LIKE THAT!” While she was yelling, pro-lifers came over to me to calm me down. My whole body was shaking. Our friend, Mrs. McKinney, took me, Jack, and Bella to a CVS that was nearby. We got water and chips and went back. I sat down on a bench when a man from the Charlotte Observer came over to me and started interviewing me. Once he was done, a man came over and gave us ice cream. While I was eating, the pro-abortionists left. Then we started to clean up.

“On the way home I felt sorry that I yelled at those people. I told my mom, and she said, “Do you know why you feel that way? It’s because you have a heart. You have a conscience, and you know what’s right and what’s wrong. Those people attacked you like that because they don’t have a heart.”

I will never, ever forget what happened last night. I had a dream that night that they all converted to pro-life activists. I hope that dream becomes a reality.”

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15 Comments on “11-yr-old Pro-Life Girl Brought to Tears by Pro-Abortion Activists Outside DNC Convention”

  1. As a Dad of 3. Each of the ‘fetuses’ as called by the pro-abortionist industry that grew inside thier Mother, My Wife were people BEFORE they were born.

    Am sorry Zoe that you were hurt by those leftist idiots!

    May God avenge the innocent blood on all unrepentant abortionists and thier medical allies!

  2. tgusa Says:

    Democrats like to say that if those two white guys are elected women wont be able to get abortions, it will bee back to 1910 for American women. Democrats and their allies would like females to believe it’s the pasty white guy who has kept em down. On the other hand, if women decide to vote for democrats eventually they will end up in a burka. Yeah, as soon as the dark age brothers gain more numbers here democrats will toss women under the bus. No doubt white guys will be behind that too, rofl.

    The coming years will see the first and greatest test of American women since gaining the same rights as men. Rights must be fought for and defended. Sadly, failure is not an option as there will be no retests allowed. Its do or die not do or do over.

  3. I am a father who has been blessed with 5 beautiful children because I don’t consider children “IT’s” That is all I hear from men and women that no longer want responsibility for their actions and want a way out of their less than 30 min oops emotional moment. This is one of my past statements of what I hear all the time from people that don’t want to have a child but want Eros…. “I” don’t want IT. “I” can’t afford to raise IT. “I” can’t handle IT right now. IT will mess up “my” career. “I” don’t want give IT up for adoption. Are you crazy IT will ruin “me.” “I” can’t have IT now it’s not the right time!!….. ME, MY, I why? Well he made me feel good. He told me he loved me. I can’t handle “IT” right now. “OH MY GOD NO!” I don’t want IT…. A child is not a possession. It is not your body to get rid of. It took 2 to make/conceive “IT” not one. You are suppose to be the safest place for the child to grow in. The loving nurturing mother but, you decided to not fill that role by making a child an “IT” Easy to be Pro Abortion when you make the child an “IT” right….??? These are some of the statements a scared woman makes. I wonder what the scared fathers are saying? The same things. Don’t expect much but, will pray for the minds of people that they will really Agape uncondition love again and stop just having Eros for each other. Sexual passion uncontrolled will always want a way out of responsibility. Abortion is a way out and always starts not wanting “IT”

    • Pete Says:

      I may be a conservative with some liberal ideas but I have to agree with you. RESPONSIBILITY – virtually no one takes responsibility for their actions any more. Now I believe there are some instances when abortion is necessary, BUT as a method of contraception, NO. There are dozens of methods of contraception, from the rhythm method (you know what you call people who practice the rhythm method? – parents) to absence (100% effective).

      When I was in college I went to bed with a number of young ladies, before I put johnson in I always asked, “are you using some kind of contraception?” If she immediately said yes, I’m using “whatever” then in went johnson. If she hesitated or said no, I reached for my pants and out came my friend mr. trojan.

      I had no problem using one – getting one sometimes was a problem, you had to ask the pharmacist for a box. NOW they are right there in the food stores just grab one. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, my nephew (who has 3 children without the benefit of marriage to their mothers) tells me that’s so old fashion. I think it’s past time PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY came back into fashion and not just with sex.

  4. Brie Says:

    This is the type of stuff that just sickens me at the pro-life movement – and many pro-lifers feel this way. What 11 year old girl should be at an event involving abortion? What 11 year old should even be mentally dwelling on these things let alone participating? My neighbors daughter just turned 8 years old and spent a week with relatives in Alabama – and a girl that I know that plays with dolls came back talking about abortion politics? Where are your heads at! If you are going to be pro-life how about being pro-life for the living, for your own children, and preserve the ever shorter childhood they seem to have by letting them be children and letting their minds be filled with childish things. You claim to protect the innocent but you are robbing the innocence of your own children. One thing can be said for pro-choice women – they don’t appear to involve their children in their politics, granted you may disagree with their politics, but they appear to be better parents by not having their children hold up signs at rallies.

    • Thats because ‘pro-choicers’ donot have kids…

      sarc off

    • Brice Says:

      I took my daughter to a prayer vigil. She didn’t hold a sign. She picked up the crucifix for comfort, of her own will. We’re not at a rally and she’s not holding up a sign. And you must be kidding me about pro-choicers not slapping a slogan on their kids. Planned Parenthood and NARAL are actively shaping our schools’ ‘health’ curricula. I pray in public with my children. Pro-aborts attack us. You attack us. We pray for you.

  5. Kelly Kafir Says:

    Don’t give up, girl! My husband used to be pro abortion until he saw the Bodies exhibit and saw “fetuses”. He realized that ” a person’s a person, no matter how small”… We can change them…

  6. Leatherneck Says:

    Moloch worship is but one part of the New Age. We are neck deep in it now, and are going to pay with more strange storms, earthquakes, and social upheaval… I think it started when I was in second grade, and school prayer was removed.

    I was worried then, there might be trouble ahead, but as a child I did not understand how evil would gain across the planet that we are in such a situation we find ourselves in today.

    Even so, not my will, but G-d’s will be done.

  7. Big Frank Says:

    What country! We save the Whales, the Seals,. the Dogs and the Cats, and prosecute folks for animal cruelty , and yet permit the murder of the unborn.

    • tgusa Says:

      Who the heck is this we Big Frank?
      If you are a white male counterrevolutionary crusader Big Frank you can rest easy as you are the one who is being accused of wanting to outlaw abortion. You have been singled out as the greatest threat to baby killers that exists today, you are the enemy. Besides, they can abort their children but they cannot pin it on us, we haven’t kilt any babies! It really doesn’t matter what we want we have been elected! Alright!

      Our country has come to a crossroad. We have a great divide that cannot ever be bridged. The left has gone wild with death threats. It was never about Reagan or Bush or now Romney, it is us that they really hate, and that makes me proud.

      Also, I heard that OWS has now been classified as right wing extremists by the southern poverty liberal communists. Welcome to the jungle boys and girls.

    • tgusa Says:

      What progs refer to as traditional American culture or whites men’s culture is the culture that they reject. It’s the culture of men, and women, who have rallied to defend the USA and its, traditional values. It just so happens that whites are the majority within the culture. It is the culture that stomped out the totalitarian aggression of both the Imperial Japanese and the Natsies at the same time. The only reason the multiculturalist, aka balkanist left, has a country is because we of the traditional culture have allowed it to exist among us. If we gave the left what they wanted ithey would fall apart like wet toilet paper, in no time the left would be demanding an end to the segregation. As a matter of fact we are already hearing rumblings of, they won’t let us play with them anymore, etc etc. In spite of their best efforts we still dominate their thoughts, they absolutely depend on our support. Well, its time for us the step up and exert our cultural influence. Join us or not but make up your mind now. This link puts my thoughts into words better than I ever could.

      “Barack Obama; the Man without a Country”

      “There’s something weird in the neighborhood
      Who you gonna call?”

      We ain’t fraid a no ghosts!

  8. Actually ‘brice’ am not attacking you but the pro-choicers and abortionists.

    pro-choicers & abortionists are not Christians neither support ‘organized’ religion.

    • Brice Says:

      I was responding to Brie. 🙂 Thank you for your support. Zoe is a very smart and strong young woman, eager to grow up and continue the fight for the unborn.

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