U.S. Was Warned About Embassy Attacks; Obama Too Busy Golfing, Fundraising, And…Ignoring Netanyahu!

According to Glenn Beck’s Radio program, yesterday, the Obama Administration had been forewarned about attacks on our embassies in Egypt and Libya…  Here’s more proof coming down the pipe:

Report: Egyptian Intelligence Warned of Embassy Attacks as Early as Sept 4


Israeli sources have revealed that Egypt’s General Intelligence warned jihadists were planning attacks on U.S. and Israeli embassies as early as a week before they occurred on the anniversary of Al Qaeda’s 9/11 terror attacks.

The report indicated that the group behind the attacks was Global Jihad. This group is now supsected in the deaths of 16 Egyptian border guards in Sinai — deaths for which some Egyptian officials originally blamed Israel.

A letter from Egyptian intelligence warning of pending attacks was circulated to all Egyptian security posts on September 4th.

U.S. President Barack Obama has not attended a daily intelligence briefing since September 5th.

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15 Comments on “U.S. Was Warned About Embassy Attacks; Obama Too Busy Golfing, Fundraising, And…Ignoring Netanyahu!”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Like I said, it was setup. Thanks for posting this, it confirms the conclusion I drew.. ie ..common sense.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    Our ‘Dear Leader’ and his international ‘peace and appeasement brigade’ are still clinging to the false notion that groveling, aid (i.e. bribery), pandering, and some form of diplomacy will eventually win over even the hard line Islamists. If it has not worked in 1400+yrs. what makes them think it will work at all. These inbred mutants in dirty nightshirts only understand one thing a good ass kicking applied without mercy.

  3. tgusa Says:

    It’s the Carter on steroids policy. Uncle Sam Becile.

  4. dukenuker Says:

    Same plan for the homeland. Warnings but no defense. Border guards are also not properly armed. Probably because the “57 states” of Islam are on his Sunni mind instead of the 50 states of America.

    Obama’s touch turns another situation into camel dung. No ‘golden touch’ here.

  5. dukenuker Says:

    Obama did nothing because as Dianne Feinstein stated this week, “they paid them billions” in jizya (Islamic protection money). She should have not skipped history class when taught Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson told the Islamists that the US would pay it only in airmailed lead. :- )

  6. Big Frank Says:

    The denial of what is occurring in the ME and the rest of the Islamic world by this administration and the liberal MSM is sickening. The Islamists can smell the absolute weakness of the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’. The Islamic world is aflame with vile anti American and anti Western hatred. Hell no, it is not the lame video defaming the ‘prophet’, this is a well planned all out jihad by a confederation of Islamofaschist groups, and has been building for a very long time. IMHO they see our western culture and way of life as a severe threat to the total control of the populace of Islam. Many of these so called leaders, especially our good ‘friends’ the $audi$ are playing both sides. It’s time to cut them off and let them wallow in their third world hell. However the Big money folks who benefit from arms and equipment sales will lobby to keep the international welfare flowing.

  7. Big Frank Says:

    In his wisdom our ‘Dear Leader’is cutting $129 million from embassy security, and $ 2 million from foreign missions . It looks like shortchange instead of ‘change’.

  8. vharlow Says:

    Reblogged this on And I Have Opinions and commented:
    And stuff like this just drives me nuts!

  9. Big Frank Says:

    Even as the true facts come forward, the MSM (i.e. the government media complex) is still reporting the ‘official’ version of the Bengazi attack and murders.

  10. cavmom Says:

    Doc, just checking to see if every thing is ok in your corner of the world. I tend to worry when I don’t see new posts.

  11. cavmom Says:

    Anyone heard from Doc lately?

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