Romney’s Butt-Whoopin’ of Obama in Debate Begins Paying Off in Positive Poll Numbers

I’m still laughing my butt off over the Left’s meltdown after their messiah was exposed for the fraud he is on live TV!

Of course, you can bet that Obama’s handlers are busy toughening up Obama for the next debate.  I fully expect Obama to come out swinging in the next round.  Naturally, use of that tactic is a double-edged sword, because, if he gets too aggressive, he exposes his true nature; an angry, hateful radical in love with only himself:

Gallup: Romney tied with Obama after scoring historic debate Win
The HillBy Meghashyam Mali


A new Gallup poll released Monday shows that 72 percent of debate watchers picked Romney as the winner of the Wednesday face-off in Denver. Twenty percent picked Obama.

Gallup said the 52-point edge for Romney was the largest winning margin measured by the polling firm for a debate.


Romney also was pegged as the debate winner by independents, by 70 to 19 percent, and even by Democrats, who said his performance topped Obama’s by 49 percent to 39.

Gallup said the strong debate performance also helped push Romney into a tie with Obama, with both candidates pulling support from 47 percent of registered voters over three days after the debate. Those number show Romney’s debate helping him close a 5-point gap. In pre-debate polling, Obama topped Romney by 50 to 45 percent support.


Obama’s showing in the debate brought criticism from many supporters as well, who criticized his performance as subdued and said that president had failed to aggressively challenge Romney.

Post-debate polls have shown Romney closing the gap in many swing states, and a Rasmussen tracking poll released Sunday said the GOP candidate now held a 49-47 advantage over the president.

The Gallup daily tracking poll was conducted from Oct. 4 to 6 and has a 3-point margin of error.

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3 Comments on “Romney’s Butt-Whoopin’ of Obama in Debate Begins Paying Off in Positive Poll Numbers”


    I hope that it’s more than just a “tie” but I’m still concerned about Ohio.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    Since the days of FDR the DemocRATS have preached the gospel of entitlement. Many in the masses are lazy and brainwashed by the liberal establishment, are willing to sell their votes, for false promises of Utopia, ‘free phones’ , ‘government cheese’, any social program they can benefit from. No one should starve in this land of plenty, however abuse is rampant,(which IMHO is intentional) and there is little or no oversight. Any politician who wants only those who really are in need to be cared for and toss the cheaters and beneficiaries out of multiple programs is vilified by the MSM and is labeled as insensitive, or just greedy and cruel.

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