From the “You Knew it was Coming” Files: Obama Taps Big Bird in New Ad Slamming Romney

Hey, Obama, here’s a tip:  Preschoolers can’t vote, but I can—and, I can’t stand that yellow-bellied commie!!!

Seems to me that if the viewers of Sesame Street want to keep Big Bird, they can shell out their own bird seed on him and stop using Ours to pay for more commie indoctrination of Our children!:

Kinda’ makes ya’ want to vote for Mitt, in my opinion! 

Yup, you know your campaign is in big trouble when you have to resort to using Big Bird as your campaign spokesperson!

Smooth move, Obama!  LOL!

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6 Comments on “From the “You Knew it was Coming” Files: Obama Taps Big Bird in New Ad Slamming Romney”

  1. cavmom Says:

    That is too silly of an ad to be taken serious. Is he trying to reach out to the 3-5yr old voters?

  2. Big Frank Says:

    With the millions of dollars in profit from all of the Sesame Street merchandise IMHO government funding is not needed for PBS it should sink or swim on it’s own,

    • Exactly!

      Also, if PBS’s viewers like Sesame Street so much, they can always dump a large cash donation on them during any one of a multitude of annoying PBS telethons!


      • Big Frank Says:

        For the life of me I cannot fathom these dupes and fools ‘donating ‘ to an entertainment entity which gets million$ of dollar$ from wealthy foundations ( with a political slant and agenda) and corporations. the top guy nets almost $700,000. a year. IMHO after digesting much of various ‘public television’s’ content I find a lot of leftist and socialist propaganda. Many of their so called documentaries are filled with opinion, half truths, and in some cases outright lies, seeking to manipulate the politics and thinking of their viewers.

  3. Jayne Says:

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