Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?

Well, it certainly wasn’t the butt-whoopin’ that Romney gave Obama, so there really was no clear cut winner.  I would have to honestly say that it was pretty much a tie.  Not bad for a youngster, Paul Ryan, to hold his own while going up against Joe Biden, a truly grizzled veteran of numerous political debates. 

So, where do we stand?  Well, if you are a DemonRat, you’re going to say that Biden won.  If you are a Republican, you’re going to say that Ryan won.  If you are an Independent, like me, I think you will probably agree that it was pretty much a tie.

Of course, if we scored the loser by who interrupted who during the debate the most times, I’d have to say the biggest loser Joe Biden was who  interrupted Paul Ryan 82 times!  That’s gotta’ be some sort of record!

What are your thoughts on the debate?

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3 Comments on “Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?”

  1. cavmom Says:

    …and if you include the number of times the moderator interrupted Ryan, well easy to say I am impressed he was able to get a word in.

    Any truth to the stories that Obama attended the wedding of the moderator.

    • The “official” count is that the moderator interrupted Ryan 34 times. Add that to Biden’s 82 and we’ve got 116 interruptions in the 40 minutes, 12 seconds of Ryan’s speaking time… That’s an interruption almost every 21 seconds!

      I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s like Ryan was forced to debate two people, not just one!


  2. Pete Says:

    What debate? More like a one sided laughthon, the only thing biden was missing was the big red clown nose.

    When biden said he means what he says, I was yelling at Ryan to harpoon biden’s statement with — for 4 years the middle class has been crushed, by you and obama, I know you meant it when you said that. When biden said in response to the attack in Benghazi, as the info from the intellegence agencies came in we changed our story. Ryan should have put another harpoon in biden with — so a 3rd world country with a barely functioning government has an intellegence agency that knew the attack was a terrorist attack and NOT a spontaneous demonstration with in 24 hours, and 3 weeks later you still say it was over a 45 min movie trailer.

    Looks like the obama administration has really eviscerated our intellegence agencies. My son Phil finally said they can’t hear you dad, so sit down, calm down and have a beer. When it comes to politics and religion I some times get a little carried away.

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