Multitude of Obama Supporters Clueless About Benghazi Attack

You know, it would be nice if we had some sort of multiple choice test—like you have in order to get a driver’s license—to weed out the politically ignorant before they’re ever, EVER allowed to vote:


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6 Comments on “Multitude of Obama Supporters Clueless About Benghazi Attack”


    And there you have it, my friends, our leaders for tomorrow and they vote today!!!

  2. Pete Says:

    When OOH when is the Romney camp going to push Benghazi-gate on obummer. It is obvious to even a blind drunken sailor that the obummer whitehouse has been trying to sweep this under the rug just like the Nixon whitehouse tried to sweep watergate under the run for Nixon.

    A republican congressman needs to go before an almost empty senate chamber with quite a few news camers (like harry reid) and accuse obummer of for political reasons of sweeping this incident under the rug and out of site of the American people. At the end of his speech simply state that as more and more information comes out about Benghazi-gate there are some democratic as well as republican congressmen (no names mentioned like reid) talking about the possibility of impeaching obummer.

    I do believe Romney will go up in the poles by about 30 points after this.

    • More importantly, if Obama supposedly thought it was an “act of terror” all along, as he now professes, then why did he spend so much time blaming a hitherto unknown YouTube video for all the violence—even going so far as to denounce the video at the UN? There’s a dead rat in that wall, I can smell it…



    “There’s a dead rat in that wall”

    I’d rather have that than a live one in the White House! But hopefully, voters are beginning to understand that!

  4. We need more or these responses and less of the above!! ———>

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