Obama Establishes Another Government Bureaucracy to Handle Global Warming Fantasy

Nope.  It doesn’t matter one iota to Obama and his communist buddies that, despite all the dire prophecies of doom coming from the AGW alarmist crowd, the Earth’s temperature has remained stable for the past 16 years… 

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!:

Interior Dept. creates climate change committee
By: Audrey Hudson – Human Events10/19/2012

The Obama administration is creating an advisory committee on climate change to advise the federal government on future operations.

The Interior Department announced the new bureaucracy in a recent federal registry notice along with a call for nominations by Nov. 19 to seat the 25-member board.

The notice specifically states membership will be comprised of state and local government employees, non-governmental organizations, Native American tribes, academia, individual landowners and business interests.

“In addition, the committee may include scientific experts, and will include rotating representation from one or more of the institutions that host the (Interior Department) Climate Science Centers,” the notice said.

The climate centers were created to provide scientific information to help land, water, wildlife and cultural resource managers to monitor and adapt to climate change on regional and local levels.


Yup, nothing like a bunch of New World Order, hippy charlatans posing as scientists!  This bad, VERY bad!

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One Comment on “Obama Establishes Another Government Bureaucracy to Handle Global Warming Fantasy”

  1. Pete Says:

    Enormous funds were spent decades ago on using computer models to predict weather. Then the climate scientists found out that weather was a chaotic phenomena and their efforts bore little fruit. Fortunately for their funding (and jobs) they changed the scope of their research and discovered that Co2 increases were catacylsmically warming the climate. Now that their most dire predictions of the last decade don’t seem to be panning out, either a new threat will have to be discovered or some other fall back predictions sufficiently scary must be made to keep the funding open.
    Sadly, I think the real scientific consensis is that your predictions must validate your funding.

    In a study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Norby et al., 2007), an international team of 19 researchers states that “experiments have unequivocally shown that plants can grow faster and larger in a CO2-enriched atmosphere. That means at 200 ppm plants will show signs of atrophy and world wide famine will be right around the corner.

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