Second Muzzie Arrested in Attempted Bombing of Federal Reserve Bank

What is interesting is that the FBI has arrested him on charges of child pornography.  My best guess is that they didn’t have enough evidence to get a clean prosecution on the terrorism charges:

F.B.I. Arrests Second Suspect in Bomb Plot Against Bank

The Bangladeshi man who was arrested Wednesday on charges that he plotted to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank of New York had an accomplice in San Diego, who was arrested later on unrelated child-pornography charges, a law enforcement official said on Thursday.

The man described as the accomplice, Howard Willie Carter II, was arrested after an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation found 1,000 images and three video files containing child pornography on a laptop and hard drive in the trash near Mr. Carter’s apartment, according to a government document. Officials used material stored on the computer to trace it back to Mr. Carter.

The computer also contained e-mails addressed to “Yaqeen,” a name that Brooklyn prosecutors said Mr. Carter had used in the plot to bomb the Federal Reserve building.


Of course, the New York Slimes attempts to conceal Mr. Carter’s professed faith:  Islam. 

However, a local ABC affiliate in San Diego has let the cat out of the bag,  thus confirming what we already  instinctively knew:

Local man possibly linked to plot to bomb Federal Reserve goes to court
Howard Willie Carter II faces child porn charges


For more than a month, Curtis Morehead was Carter’s roommate at the City Heights apartment. He told 10News FBI agents raided his apartment on Wednesday morning and showed him pictures of Carter.

“They said they were looking into … an organized terror front to America,” said Morehead.


Morehead said his roommate was a devout Muslim, regularly went to a nearby mosque and once made an interesting remark.

Funny how those “devout Muslims” are always the ones who go all Jihad and stuff, while, “devout Christians” just go all Amish on ya’…

“He said, ‘We will take out anyone who messes with us.’ That kind of struck me as, you’re one of those, OK,” said Morehead.

Morehead said Carter was jobless, had little money and claimed to be from Baltimore.

“He would be moody, mood swing-type of thing,” said Morehead.


Also of note, from the ABC affiliate’s link, there appears to be one or two more suspects who haven’t yet been arrested by the FBI:

The affidavit stated two other individuals wanted to participate in the attack, Including Yaqueen.


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2 Comments on “Second Muzzie Arrested in Attempted Bombing of Federal Reserve Bank”

  1. english rose Says:

    The Child pornography charge isn’t such a shock as these vermin worship a paedophile.

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