Amid Sandy’s Aftermath, Obama Supporter in Prius Steals Power From Victim’s Emergency Generator

Mrs. Bulldog was reading the comments to an article over at the Atlantic Journal when she stumbled across the following comment from a reader, Joe Doakes.  

I got a pretty good laugh from it and thought I’d share it with you all, as it’s just like an Obama supporter to think he has the right to steal, err, redistribute:

Comment #697471623:


Like most people in the northeast my power is out. But like some I planned ahead. My generator is humming along and it is doing it’s necessary work in keeping the food cold, the food frozen, and far more importantly my wife happy. I wonder how Mr. Biden manages to do this with that mouth of his. I’ve found the only two words in a marriage that are necessary are “yes dear,” and the only words I hear are my first name followed by noise. So this morning I wake up to find a plug in Prius in my driveway stealing my electricity, complete with an “Obama Sticker.” After a simple investigation I determined that this perpetrator had spent the night here stealing my electricity.

Could you just see the “Drudge Headline?” Joe Doakes whacks Obama voter while he steals electricity! I wonder if it would get the siren or the red thing? No matter. You see all this jacka$$ had to do was ask nicely and I would have said yes. Kind of like Mr. Bidens wife . . . 🙂 . . . I live by a few simple creeds, because real life is very hard. One of them is “Don’t steal, the government hates competition” I often wonder why people bother to steal, it such a waste of effort, and you put yourself, especially if you steal from me, at extreme risk. Now I have your plate number, make, model, and the location of your Obama Sticker . . . now I have a choice to make; would a liberal make the same one? It’s a good thing I did not give that guy the “whole load.”



Joe Doakes

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2 Comments on “Amid Sandy’s Aftermath, Obama Supporter in Prius Steals Power From Victim’s Emergency Generator”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    The democrat was entitled to that electricity.
    Joe didnt generate that electricity – the government did.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    The proper protocol in this situation would be to ask permission to hook up and offer cash for the fuel and use of the generator. My son powered 3 homes w/ his generator and his neighbors ( we live in an area where we look out for and support each other, no looking for or demanding all from the govt.) were only too happy to make a 60 mile run to PA for fuel. The real thought is that liberals still don’t get it, the cooperation and sharing thing, with them it’s all one way, They are entitled and shall receive.

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