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The Evangelical Vote is About to Pimp Slap the Left Back to Reality

2 November, 2012

Excellent article from Canada Free Press.  Well worth your time to read it over your morning cup of coffee.

Pray for America:

What If It’s A Romney Landslide?
J.D. Longstreet CFP

For the past few days, I’ve had a gnawing feeling way down, deep inside, where my intuition resides.  It has been growing in strength by the day. What is it?

It is a growing certainty that Romney is going to win the election and the Republican Party is going to clean the Democratic Party’s clock!

I’m a “news junkie.”  It is required if you are going to commit to the life of a commentator, or opinion writer.  I read newspapers, back to front, page by page, every day—plus broadcast news and Internet news—from all over the world—in a near ceaseless stream of input.

What do I base my sudden insight on the elections results upon?

Well, if you have listened to broadcast news reports over the past few weeks you have noticed how often the word “narrative” is spoken.  It has been used multiple times to describe the Mainstream Media’s slant on this election cycle.  And I do mean “slant” —as in bias.

A narrative is, simply put, a story.  The story can be true or false, indeed, the story can be anything you want it to be defined by the manner in which you string together events that comprise the story, or narrative, you are telling.

Throughout the current Presidential Campaign cycle, the Mainstream Media’s narrative has been that Obama is winning—in a landslide—and poor Romney is hopelessly doomed to lose the coming election.

It has bothered me for months that what I am seeing, hearing, and witnessing, simply does not align, with that which the media insists is the truth.  Either my eyes and ears are lying—or—the media is lying.

Early on in the election cycle, many republicans were hesitant to cast their lot with the Romney camp.  Much of that changed with the end of the primary season.  When Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate, many conservatives, who had been hanging back, interpreted that as a sure sign that Romney did, indeed, mean to make a bold assault on America’s economic problems and would do his utmost to get this country working and moving forward again.  They flocked to Romney’s side.

Then came the debates and the American public got to meet Romney.  What they saw was a man who looked and sounded Presidential and who was obviously very smart, capable, and able, and was not the least bit cowed by Obama’s rhetorical skills nor the President’s stage presence.  In fact, Romney outshone Obama on the stage and in the debates.

Slowly, the veil the MsM had drawn cross Mitt Romney was ripped and shredded and cast aside.  Suddenly, America saw a man who was not promising pie in the sky.  In fact, if anything, he was offering blood, sweat, and tears, much as Winston Churchill had offered many decades before to the Brits.  He convinced Americans that America could be saved and was worth saving and he would place himself in the front lines of the effort to rescue America and set her aright.  No grandiose schemes—just hard work with the payoff to come for our children and grandchildren.

Then there is the oft-discounted Christian vote.  Talk about “righteous anger!”  America’s vast community of Christian voters are angrier than I have ever seen them. They are holding nationwide prayer vigils—lasting forty days and forty nights—right up to Election Day.  What are they praying for?  They are petitioning The Almighty to help them send Obama packing and to place Romney in the Oval Office on January 20th.


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