General Petraeus Resigned Because Our Dark Overlord Was Blackmailing Him?!!

After General Petraeus’s track record of Obamasuckupism in the whole Benghazi affair, I kept thinking to myself that the Obama administration had something big on Petraeus and was using it to blackmail him into toeing the party line. 

With General Petraeus’s public admission to an affair, along with his abrupt resignation, I’d say he is about to throw Obama under the bus…

Just my thoughts on it.  How about yours?

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8 Comments on “General Petraeus Resigned Because Our Dark Overlord Was Blackmailing Him?!!”


    “I’d say he is about to throw Obama under the bus…”

    I’d say that I sure hope he does! B.O. is nothing but a cheap thug! I’ll be surprised if [he] finishes this next term, unscathed.

  2. Chris Says:

    Did you see a picture of his wife? Straight, grey hair. Today, most women spend their pin money on looking their best. They always have competition, and his wife was not up to the game. Straying under those circumstances is not justified, but is understandable.

  3. peachesandkream Says:

    I can’t wait to see Obama go down. Petraeus just might be the man to do it.

    • Marie Says:

      The General beat obama at his thug game of “got something on you, think I’ll use it now”. Petraeus is going to win this one, as long as the thugs don’t kill him, pray for him. General Petraeus served this nation for 50 years. He was punked by this shameful woman.

  4. Big Frank Says:

    Hoping for the demise of our ‘Dear Leader’ is foolish , even I am just beginning to comprehend the lengths that the ‘enemy within’ will go to in the destruction of our nation and way of life as we know it.

  5. Big Frank Says:

    Let us keep in mind that the FBI which is run by the ‘Justice Dept.’ aside from being an investigative agency during the reign of the one and only infamous J. Edger Hoover was and still is IMHO used as a very powerful political tool to manipulate, pressure, and force many politicians’ appointed officials and citizens to ‘cooperate’ and ‘play ball’ with the administration against their will A rather powerful form of blackmail.. there is no doubt in my mind that our ‘Dear Leader’ is using all of the alphabet agencies FBI,TSA,IRS, EPA,DOJ etc. to rule rather then govern our country. It looks to me that the ‘Government of the People by the People through their representatives in the Congress and Senate is being tossed aside in favor of government by executive order or by decree, using the cabinet and government departments as the ‘politburo’.

  6. tgusa Says:

    WTH? No boundaries, that’s what we have been told is the proper way to go about life, right? So, its ok for presidents to do it but not anyone else? Doesn’t seem like a level playing field to me.

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