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Now is the Time for the Tea Party to Regroup, Train and Educate

13 November, 2012

We need to reinvigorate the Tea Party more than ever, now. 

I urge all of you to find your local Tea Party chapters and become active members. If you don’t, then I don’t want to hear any of your insipid whining about how the Tea Party is dead, ineffectual, etc.

Besides the Almighty Power of God, the Tea Party is our last, best hope for preserving the America Our Founding Fathers fought and died for. The least you can do is sacrifice your time and energy to enlist and fight in the cause. America and future generations are counting on YOU!:

The Tea Party at Valley Forge
By Timothy C. Daughtry – American Thinker

The patriot movement had its Concord Bridge moment in 2010, and now it is facing its winter at Valley Forge. Both liberal and mainstream politicians are waiting to see what the patriot movement does during the harsh winter of a second Obama term.

Conservative opinion sites are buzzing with ideas about what to do now. One school of thought holds that the damage done to America in a second Obama term will be irreparable, and that the only sensible strategy is to let the system collapse under the weight of Obama’s policies, and then to rebuild afterwards. Another theme seems to be that patriots should endure, double down on our efforts, and fight on.

The first strategy hopes that a new birth of freedom will rise phoenix-like from the ashes of Obama’s policies. Ironically, that thinking can be seen as a conservative variation of the Cloward-Piven strategy that advocated the deliberate overloading of the welfare system. Out of the collapse of that system would emerge a popular demand for a guaranteed national income and fulfillment of other leftist goals.

The conservative strategy does not try to overload the system, but simply acknowledges that Obama has both the power and the plan to overload and collapse it. Liberal theorists and conservatives agree that Obama’s policies will bring our current system down; the big difference is in what we hope to see emerging from the ashes.

The phoenix strategy assumes that the dry rot of liberalism will so weaken the country after four more years that recovery will be impossible. Government control of healthcare is now firmly established, and not much stands between the radical left and control of every other aspect of our lives. The most radical regime in American history is about to make several Supreme Court appointments that will wield unchecked power for decades to come. The vote-buying spree will continue, the shrinking productive class will be taxed even more, and the national debt will go from dangerous to catastrophic. The far left controls our schools and most of the news media, so resistance to the regime’s agenda by elected patriots will be played as obstructionism and backwardness. Under that pressure, many will pull a Chris Christie and cozy up to the left for political cover.

The prescription for national collapse has been written, and the phoenix strategy suggests that we just wait for it to be filled.

The advantage of fighting to the end, on the other hand, is that patriots can always fall back on the phoenix strategy if we fail. Even if conservatives accomplish nothing more than slowing America’s decline, which is all we have really done for decades, our ideas and values will still be preserved by the conservative remnant when the reset happens.


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