Toys Я Us Submits to Progressivism’s Stupidity; Goes “Gender-Neutral” in Swedish Advertisements

Just sheer stupidity from an insane world of “progressive” Libtards. 

From birth, boys and girls are mentally wired differently—period!  

How can I be so sure?  

From day one, I have used our daughter as a test subject for scientific purposes:

Since her birth I have supplemented her “girlie” toys with a healthy smattering of footballs, baseballs, toy guns, GI Joes (with all those ultra-cool accessories!), microscopes, toy dinosaurs,  etc.   As for clothes?  Her clothes are a healthy mix of pants and dresses.  Her pajamas are 1 each Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Disney Princesses.  Furthermore, Mrs. Bulldog and I never pushed any particular color of clothing on her. 

What does she play with the most?  Her Monster High and Barbie dolls!  What’s her favorite color?  Pink!  When given a choice between blue-jeans and dresses, what does she pick 98% of the time?  Dresses!  Which pajamas see more down time in the sleeper drawer than actually on her at night?  The Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  What’s her favorite gaming website?!

Therefore, after more than five years of using our own daughter as a test subject (in as carefully a controlled environment as one can get with a child), whenever some Libtard claims that toys encourage stereotypes, I can confidently tell them they are full of crap!  

Even before we exit the womb, the brains of males and females are wired differently.  

Girls will be girls and boys will be boys!

Get over it, Libtards!   And, quit trying to push your gay agenda onto our innocent children!:

Sweden’s Dreaming of a Gender-Neutral Christmas
By Patrick Goodenough

( – Guns for girls and dolls for boys: Prodded by the country’s advertising standards watchdog, the Swedish franchisee for retail giant Toys “R” Us has adapted its Christmas catalogue to avoid accusations of gender stereotyping.

“With the new gender thinking, there is nothing that is right or wrong. It’s not a boy or a girl thing, it’s a toy for children,” Jan Nyberg of Top Toy was quoted as telling the Swedish news agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyra.

Top Toy, the franchise holder for both Toys “R” Us and BR Toys in northern Europe and Scandinavia, was scolded by Sweden’s advertising regulatory body in 2008 for gender stereotyping in its Christmas catalogues that year.

This year’s Toys “R” Us Swedish catalogue features a girl toting a toy gun and a little boy cuddling a doll. In neighboring Norway, however, the store’s equivalent catalogue shows a boy with the gun and a girl with the doll.

Similarly, BR Toys’ Christmas catalogue in Sweden shows a boy playing at hairdressing, while the same product is promoted in the equivalent catalogues in Denmark and Germany with a picture of a girl.

In other differences between the Swedish and nearby countries’ catalogues, a girl’s t-shirt was changed from pink to blue.

Nyberg said the company had received “training and guidance” from the ad watchdog about gender stereotypes.

Earlier this year Sweden stoked debate by adding to its official lexicon a new, gender-neutral pronoun, in a bid to bring language into line with progressive norms being promoted as early as preschool level.

The Swedish term for “he” is “han” and for “she” is “hon.” The newly-coined “hen” can be used to refer to a person without signifying gender.

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13 Comments on “Toys Я Us Submits to Progressivism’s Stupidity; Goes “Gender-Neutral” in Swedish Advertisements”

  1. Cora Says:

    Ah but look at what they are selling. Guns for girls and boys. What a hoot. Your girl is better off playing with guns.

  2. AgileBulletDodger Says:

    Don’t forget, in Sweden its mandatory each head of the household be armed, know how to use it and keep ammunition on hand at all times. So, teaching your daughter to shoot isn’t unusual. Don’t get the whole gender neutral concept though – like you said, more libtard, progressivism if you ask me.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Can these people just sell toys? Really, is that too much to ask?

  4. Big Frank Says:

    Just more political correctness (i. e. Marxism).


    “Don we now our gay apparel”

  6. Che Says:

    Thats when I totally agree with you, Doc! Nothing bad is in gender stereotipes/models or what so ever. A familiy is a cell of the society and its a union between a man and a woman. A man is warrior/protector and a hunter, a woman is a home keeper and a child raiser. And there is nothing bad in boys playing with guns and cars and girls – with dollies and toy kitchens. No problem if a woman wants to be pilot or an engineer, but this has nothing to do with that sweedish crap. All those eurodorks are pedofiles and perverts anyway…

  7. A girl who likes boy toys AND boys Says:

    Um Hi there straight female who likes boys, curling her hair, makeup, bows, and playing shooting games! Dude I went out to dig around for cool rocks as a kid. I had a microscope as well as American girl dolls I wanted both action figures and a makeup barbie and a whatsherface! I had a bitty baby and a tub of plastic dinosaurs as well as a handful of cherished hotwheel cars. The point of these ads is NOT to promote homosexuality (which is fine to be and none of your business). The purpose of this is that a boy should be able to like football AND know how to dress fashionably or like caring for kids and a girl should be able to like makeup AND kicking ass in a nerf gun war! The point is that a kid CAN like both. One little girl who follows the norm is not a scientific study.

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