France to Become First Major European Country to Recognize Palestinian State at UN

Yup, this is what a Socialist government does; give a bunch of  muzzy squatters legitimacy.  The U.S. can’t be far behind:

France to recognize Palestinian state at UN
AP via

PARIS (AP) — The French foreign minister says France plans to vote in favor of recognition of a Palestinian state at the U.N. General Assembly this week.

Laurent Fabius has told parliament that France has long supported Palestinian ambitions for statehood and ‘‘will respond ‘yes’’’ when the issue comes up for a vote ‘‘out of a concern for coherency.’’


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7 Comments on “France to Become First Major European Country to Recognize Palestinian State at UN”

  1. coffeeandsleeplessnights Says:

    Reblogged this on A Lot Of Coffee and Sleepless Nights.

  2. tgusa Says:

    France still has the stench of Nazi collaboration on it. So I suppose the next step is deporting their Jewish citizens eh?

  3. Big Frank Says:

    No surprise here, the French seem to have an affinity with the concept of collaboration , namely the cowardly act of, turning in one’s, family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen to save one’s hide. IMHO this cozying up to the Palestinians could be a foolish attempt at more groveling, and butt kissing to gain favor with the French out of control Muslim immigrant community. This will fail, weakness only leads to more chaos and disorder.

  4. Steve Says:

    Good, then the French wont mind streamlining their travel & security procedures so those with PA passports & visas can travel more, and stay longer, in wonderful France!!! Think of all those PA dollars converting to euro-francs and buying lunch @ McDonalds France.

  5. english rose Says:

    Being English,I have no great love for the French and now I dislike them even more.I’m just surprised it wasn’t this spineless government we have over here that did it first.

    • Big Frank Says:

      Don’t worry Rose there are plenty of sycophants, lackeys,lapdogs’ apologists and useful idiots of Islam in the USA and the UK soon they will make themselves known.These feckless fools will grovel right behind the French. All of this effort however will be in vain, due to the indisputable fact that the only message that the inbred mutants in the ME understand is a good ass kicking firmly applied.

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